Bang Bang Bang!

   The sound of smashing the door sounded, and Shen Chi looked at the door indifferently,  knowing that the zombies had begun to look for food; they could smell the odour of the living.
After turning into zombies, their strength and sense of smell were greatly increased.
At this time ordinary people were almost completely powerless to fight back in front of them, especially in China where the use of guns was prohibited.


  He remembered that in the United States at the beginning of the apocalypse, many families equipped with guns banded together as a community, but they saved a lot of people.
Meanwhile, China and India, which were large population countries, were the countries with the most casualties as well as the highest density of zombies.
However, because of this density and death toll, China became the country with the highest number of ability users in the world, and it became more obvious later on.
Except for the first group of awakened ability users, many of the later awakened ability users were in absolute distress.
The potential is stimulated by the harsh environment, which brought not only disaster but also evolution.


  The zombies were hard to kill unless you cut off their heads, shoot them in the head or hit them right between their eyebrows, but for Shen Chi, this was not a problem, because his crossbow causes special damage to the zombies.
It was completely deadly for them, just like fighting those poisonous corpses in the game.
Under the game skills, zombies were not zombies, and they were not much different from ordinary monsters.


  Bang Bang Bang!


  The sound of smashing the door became more and more violent.
Shen Liu Mu, who was burning and confused, shivered.
Shen Chi patted his back soothingly and stood up.


” ”

  It’s not a problem for this door to stop those zombies for one night.
Shen Chi knew, as long as this night passed, Shen Liu Mu who had awakened the ability would be fine even if he was injured by the zombies.
The ability users were different from ordinary people.
Ordinary people would be infected as long as they were bitten by a zombie, but the ability users would not.
Likewise, Shen Chi himself would not, his body was more special than the ability users.
His recovering ability was amazing, and as long as he doesn’t die, he can soon regain his health; the wounds on his body would heal instantly.
The poison of the zombies were of no use to him, and even after a decade or so, he doesn’t age at all.


  Ability users could also delay ageing, just like those “companions” in his previous life, after more than a decade, they were obviously already 30 or 40 years old and still look young in their twenties, but it is different from his completely unchanged appearance.


  Shen Chi looked back and realized that there were too many flaws in his body, no wonder he aroused their suspicion, and no wonder, he made Dr Yu so fanatical, that he even paid a huge price for them to willingly betray himself (SC). 


  Although the thickness of the heavy door should not be destroyed too fast, Shen Chi still went to the door to set up a Qian Ji crossbow in case of an accident, this night was too important to Shen Liu Mu, he would not allow any accident to happen.
He didn’t know what happened to Shen Liu Mu in his previous life, that later his personality became so radical and insidious, and he had a permanent scar on his cheek.
Shen Chi still remembered that moment when he (SLM) smiled and said to himself, “This is a souvenir left behind the night of my awakening.”


  Without him, Liu Mu could still go to that stage, but every step was dangerous, full of blood.
Shen Chi did not intend to protect Liu Mu tightly, he just hoped that in this apocalypse, his suffering could be lessened, it would always be easier to walk together than being alone, Shen Chi had picked a sharp blade, waiting for Shen Liu Mu to wake up tomorrow, the first step he wanted to teach him was how to use a knife.


  In the previous life, although Shen Chi had game skills.
But after more than ten years of mixing in the apocalypse, he became more or less familiar with many other skills, and he knew better than anyone about abilities.
He didn’t intend to give up the advantage of rebirth.
From the beginning, he had to go faster than others! Of course, the same went for Shen Liu Mu.


  A withered claw reached through the crack of the door, it was the hand of a zombie.
The black nails were long and sharp, and the nail crevices were filled with dark red, semi-dried blood.


    Without blinking, Shen Chi raised the knife in his hand, and directly cut off the claw.
Outside the door came a sharp, piercing howl.


  Although the zombies outside could not enter, the putrid smell on the zombie’s body had begun to spread.
Fortunately, the temperature was now very low, so it would not be too unbearable for people.
However, for Shen Chi, he had long been used to this smell.
It did not take long for humans to get used to it.
In the apocalypse, where one could pay attention to so much.


  Shen Chi was sitting on the seat by the door.
Shen Liu Mu was curled up beside him, burning with dizzy red cheeks and hair that had long been wet.
In this cold weather wearing wet clothes on his body makes it easy to get sick, so earlier Shen Chi stripped Shen Liumu naked and covered him directly with an adult down jacket.


  When he took off his clothes, he discovered that Shen Liu Mu’s body was covered with large and small bruises.
Only his face was smooth and white.
It seemed that he didn’t lie.
The people in the orphanage were in fact not good to him at all. 


  Bang Bang Bang!


” ”

  Shen Liu Mu was feverish for a day and a night, hazily hearing that violent smashing sound continuously.
When he opened his eyes, he saw that handsome and cold face.
That man with long eyebrows was looking at him with concern, and for some reason, his heart was at ease.
He called out in a hoarse voice, “Dad.”


  Shen Chi smiled and stroked his head.
Shen Liumu felt his heart thumping louder than that smashing sound in his ears.


  ”Quickly put on your clothes.” Shen Chi had already prepared clothes for him.
Shen Liu Mu then found himself naked, wrapped in a large down jacket, his face instantly turned red. 


  Shen Chi didn’t notice, “Liu Mu, your hair is too long, I will help you cut it short, OK?”


  Shen Liumu was scrambling to put clothes on his body, when he heard the words and replied, “Okey.”


   He got dressed and sat down on the seat, only to find the long-deformed door and the chain lock that was already about to split.
He immediately froze with wide eyes.


  Shen Chi took the scissors to help Shen Liu Mu cut his hair.
Clusters of black hair fell to the ground.


  ”…… Dad, what’s that?”




  Shen Liu Mu didn’t dare to move, feeling a little dry in his mouth, “What is a zombie?”


  Staring at the half missing horrible head and the dark nails reaching for the door, Shen Liu Mu felt his fingers shaking a little.
His nose had smelled the smell that made him sick.


  Shen Chi’s hand was very steady.
His skill was actually impressive.
In the apocalypse, such simple work like haircuts almost everyone can do.


  Shen Liumu’s hair was very soft, fine and straight, not as hard and spiky as many men’s hair.


  ”Don’t be afraid, Liumu, we can get rid of these weaklings.”


  The zombies at this time were really weaker than later.
They had not yet evolved.
They were just a little stronger than humans.
In terms of wisdom and speed, they were far inferior to human beings, but because of their horrible appearance, they made human beings psychologically cowardly and made human beings retreat in defeat.


  In the apocalypse, the zombies were never the most frightening; the most frightening ones were the humans.


  ”All right, LuiMu, come on.” Shen Chi patted the broken hair on Shen Liu Mu.
After his hair was cut short, Shen Liu Mu showed a jade-like lovely face.
Although he was still young, Shen Chi could vaguely see a familiar outline.
A pair of beautiful big eyes were particularly attractive.
No matter who saw such a child, they would have a little bit of fondness.


  In the orphanage, if Shen Liu Mu did not have that long and short messy hair covering half of his face, perhaps he would have been adopted a long time ago?


  ”Dad.” Shen Liu Mu raised his head and looked at Shen Chi, who handed him the knife.
Shen Chi gave him a faint smile, “Take it, Liu Mu.”


  Shen Liu Mu silently accepted the knife that was longer than half of his arm and did not panic like a normal child.
Only his small face revealed a little nervousness.


  He comforted himself, it’s okay, it’s just some monsters, he’d seen worse than this, don’t back off, there’s–Dad here.


  ”Liu Mu, step back!” Shen Chi slashed down, and the chain lock that was about to break suddenly broke in half!


  The zombies rushed in!


  Only a small part of these zombies still maintain the appearance of a complete human.
Most of them were either missing half of the head, with white brain matter flowing all the way, or else missing an arm which was forcibly torn.
The torn gash was rotten and purulent, looking incredibly disgusting.
Some were simply crawling on the ground, only half of the body remained.
The ground was covered with dark red blood, Shen Liu Mu clearly saw a zombie’s mouth filled with blood, and teeth stained with disgusting minced meat.


  Under the Tang man’s heaven-defying bizarre heart method, there are many group attack skills, such as poisonous shrines, Tian Juedi, hidden killing intent, heavenly maiden scattering flowers, peacock plume.
The zombies outside the door rushed in, Shen Chi stood calmly.
Without even moving his eyebrows, in an instant, these zombies fell one after another.
The gear of Tian Juedi kept turning, Shen Chi’s body leaned back, the heavenly female scattered flowers bursting out Qian Ji Xia fell to the ground, and exploded!

(T/N: Umm… rough translation.
I’m not sure what’s happening in the first part 唐门的天罗诡道心法之下,群攻技能很多,毒刹、天绝地灭、暗藏杀机、天女散花、孔雀翎

If anyone knows what this means, please let me know)


  Shen Liu Mu was dumbfounded.
The knife in his hand almost fell to the ground.


  With the powerful group attack skills, even if there were more zombies, it’s of no use.
Now this kind of low-level zombie was too easy for Shen Chi to deal with.
Any casual concealed weapon could kill them! Soon, only three or two of the zombies that came in were left.
They were blocked by the bodies of those in front of them, but they still walked forward blindly and senselessly.


  ”LiuMu,” Shen Chi said. 


  Shen Liumu looked at Shen Chi with an extra bright gaze, “Dad!”


  ”I will leave this to you, you cut their heads off with the knife in your hand.”


  Shen Liumu was stunned.


  Shen Chi put away Qian Ji Xia, took the knife and jumped up.
Snow cold knife flashed brightly, and a zombie’s head rolled down.


  ”Don’t be afraid, they are actually not that scary.
They are slow.
You can reach this zombie on the ground.
Come on, cut off his head.”


   Shen Liumu stepped forward in silence.
There was no need for Shen Chi to teach a second time.
With a stab, he severely chopped off the head of the zombie crawling on the ground without any hesitation! Red blood spurted out, stained his shoes and clothes, and even splashed on his face, but his face was calm.


  Shen Chi: “…” It is indeed Liumu, that bloody method using LiuMu. 


  A child who looked only five or six years old, carrying a knife, and his hand did not even shake.
This time Shen Chi was completely convinced that he could walk through the apocalypse alone ……


  ”Dad, I said it,” Shen Liumu felt a little timid when he saw Shen Chi’s expression.
He lowered his head and said in a low voice, “I’ve seen… I’ve seen my mother holding a knife—dad, in case I’m like her……”


  Shen Chi’s hand fell on his head and rubbed his hair fiercely, “Liu Mu, no matter what you become, you will be my son in this life, understand?”


  It took a long time for Shen Liumu to make a vague “mmm”, but with a little cry.


  He knew from a long time ago that maybe he was a little different from other kids.
Last year he broke the head of the Xiao Shitao that was always bullying him in the orphanage.
Although he himself was severely beaten by the Director afterwards, not only was he not afraid but also a little excited when he saw Xiao Shitou’s head bleeding.


  He thought that maybe he liked watching people bleed as much as his mother, who cut his father into pieces? Many nights he was so frightened by this thought he couldn’t sleep.


  He was afraid that his new Dad would also dislike him because of this.
This Dad’s chest was very broad and reassuring, moreover, his Dad smelled good, his Dad was good-looking, and his Dad was very gentle to him.
Dad also gave him a big teddy bear.
In the orphanage, there was only one dirty teddy bear.
It seemed to be a gift from a college sister the year before, but he never had a turn to play.


 Shen Liu Mu did not want to make his Dad hate him because of this.


  Listening to Shen Chi’s gentle voice, he hugged Shen Chi’s leg and gradually calmed down.


  ”Liu Mu, watch it.” Shen Chi patted Shen Liu Mu’s back, signalling to let go of himself.
He took the knife and cut open a zombie’s head at once.
After searching for a while, he found a rice grain-sized, seemingly transparent water droplet-like thing. 


  These primary zombies have only such rice grain size crystal nucleus.
And because they were too unnoticeable, at first no one even knew about them, until later zombies began to evolve.
After the evolution, the crystal nucleus in B-class zombie’s head had pomegranate seed size–still not many people found about it until the emergence of C-class zombies.
The grape-sized nucleus only attracted attention two years later.


  Crystal nucleus can enhance abilities, but it is difficult to preserve them.
The nucleus in the heads of these zombies are equivalent to their hearts, and once they die, the nucleus will turn into water after half an hour at most.


” ”

  ”Dad, what is this?”


 ”Liu Mu, take it.” Shen Liu Mu took the crystal nucleus in a puzzled manner.


  ”Do you feel it, a hot air stream inside your body?”


  Shen Liu Mu didn’t understand.


  ”It’s probably in this place.” Shen Chi’s long and slender finger poked Shen Liu Mu’s lower abdomen, and although the seven-year-old child didn’t quite understand what was going on, he was still embarrassed instinctively.
He instantly blushed, “Dad!”


  Shen Chi laughed, “Kid! This is called Dantian!”

[T/N: Here Shen Chi called Shen Liumu 小鬼 xǐao gǔi, which is a term of endearment for a mischievous child]


  Shen Liu Mu stared at him without speaking.


  ”Feel if there is a hot air stream in your Dantian and lead it to the palm of your hand.”


  Shen Chi saw Shen Liu Mu’s small palm suddenly covered with a layer of green shimmer, which was very beautiful, and the small crystal nucleus soon melted like water, absorbed by his palm and disappeared!


  This is a wood ability.


  In the whole world, the nature-related abilities are a valuable asset, they are the smallest in number, and the wood ability is the smallest of all of them.
Shen Chi remembered that until he entered the Institute in the whole world, there was only one wood ability user that was LiuMu.
This is the reason other people dare not offend Liumu completely.
Wood ability represents life.
No one knows whether one day they will need Liumu to save their lives. 


  Liu Mu is that indifferent to life, his methods are bloody and cruel, but he is the only wood ability user in the world.


  Therefore, Shen Chi believes that there must be a soft place in the heart of such Liumu, the kind of vibrant green.


  ”Dad, what is this?” Shen Liu Mu looked at his hand in shock.


  ”This is a crystal nucleus, something that will make Liumu’s ability more powerful.”


     “Will it get better?”




 ”Better than Dad?”


  Shen Chi froze, then smiled and stroked his head, “Dad is also very good, and in the future, Liu Mu will become as good as Dad.”


  Shen Liu Mu gave an “Oh,” then said firmly, “I will become more powerful than Dad in the future.”


  Shen Chi ignored such a childish declaration, he still had many zombies to deal with, and these crystal nuclei could not be wasted.


  In fact – it was a long time before he knew that he could also absorb crystal nucleus, only at that time, his own power was already very strong, and in order for them to evolve and improve themselves faster, he always gave the crystal nucleus to them to use, and the result was that.


  ”I will become more powerful than Dad so that I can protect him.”


    Shen Chi was stunned and felt something in his heart was pricked, slightly painful and itchy.

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