The fact that Zhang Kaiyi could make it so far shows that he is not a stupid person.
In the apocalypse, abilities were not omnipotent.
He was a strength type ability user.
He was good, but not powerful enough to sweep all directions.
Later, more and more powerful ability users came.
Especially when the nature-type abilities were the ones who led the way, the strength-type abilities became weaker.
Zhang Kaiyi, however, was able to stand firm in Beijing under such circumstances, and the fact that he was recruited by that person is itself a testament to Zhang Kaiyi’s strength.


  In addition to his cold temperament and pragmatic selfishness, Zhang Kaiyi’s mind and strength were considered good, and in the early days of the apocalypse, a strength-based ability user like him was very useful.


  Shen Chi decided not to clean him up so quickly.
Now, at this time, the lone wolf was too eye-catching.
He needed to find a proper position for the time being.
For example, let Zhang Kaiyi stay in a more visible position than himself.


  ”Shen Chi, Shen Liu Mu.” Shen Chi pointed to himself, and then Shen Liu Mu in his arms, “Since they are all survivors, there is no need to beat around the bush.
I don’t think you will be able to get out of this playground alone.”


  Not waiting for the evil thoughts of the young men around Zhang Kaiyi to grow, Shen Chi said bluntly.


  Zhang Kaiyi raised his eyebrows.
He was right, if it wasn’t for the fact that he couldn’t walk out of the playground by himself, how would he be here with these old and weak women and children mixed together!

” ”


  He stood up.
His tall body was full of obvious explosive power.
He grabbed the solid wood back of the chair next to him with one hand and broke off a piece of wood with a flick of his wrist, without using much strength at all, “You’ve also changed after that night?”


  Shen Chi raised his eyebrows and smiled slightly.
Zhang Kaiyi’s move was meant to intimidate.


  Shen Liu Mu pouted his lips., “Humph, what is it? Dad can also do it! Just a little bit of skill and an amazing appearance……’


  ”My change is very special,” Shen Chi hugged Shen Liu Mu.
He did not put him down.
He looked at the hall, his eyes rested on a ceramic vase in the corner, and his hand gently raised, “pa”, the vase instantly shattered to the ground.


  The banquet hall was silent for a while.
The young man who spoke in Zhang Kaiyi’s ear before covered his cheek, which was swollen by Zhang Kaiyi’s beating.
His face went black for a while, and he couldn’t stop the fear in his heart!


  Zhang Kaiyi’s face changed, and he narrowed his eyes slightly, “What is this, a concealed weapon?”


  Shen Chi smiled and said, “It seems that brother Zhang has some eyesight.
I myself came from the Sichuan’s Tang Sect – ha, don’t think this is a novel, there is indeed Sichuan’s Tang sect.
With the decline of ancient martial arts, we also have to hide in the city.
We don’t show our skills at ordinary times.
However, the number of people in our sect is getting fewer and fewer.
Up to now, there are only me and Liu Mu, father and son left.”


  That’s right.
After the end of the world, some of the ancient martial arts sects and families that did not usually appear in the world also began to emerge.
Compared to the ability users, their power may be limited, but once one of them has awakened abilities, they would be much stronger than ordinary people’s combat power.
After more than a decade, almost all the ancient martial arts sects and families have stood in front of people, but there was no Sichuan’s Tang Sect.
In fact, the only so-called sects left were Wudang and Emei.
Not that tourist destination Wudang Mountain and Emei Mountain, rather, the real hidden sects.
Wudang’s Taoist priests, and Emei’s nuns, were quite powerful experts/masters.
The rest were family systems.
There was an ancient martial arts family surnamed Tang, but the Tang family specializes in palmistry.
They were not that Tang family.

  ”Of course, I did have some changes that night.” Shen Chi looked at Zhang Kaiyi, “Eagle Eye.
To be precise, it just made my hit rate much higher than before,” his voice took on a hint of helplessness, “I didn’t have the ability to hit a hundred shots and penetrate a hundred steps like that before.
The decline of our Tang Sect is because the concealed weapon crossbow technique is too difficult to practice.
In modern times, computers and television are too hurtful to the eyes, and the requirements of our sect are too high, so…”


  A hundred shots and a hundred steps!

(T/N: To shoot with great precision)


  There was already an enthusiastic smile on Zhang Kaiyi’s face as he took a step forward to hold the hand that Shen Chi was not holding Shen Liu Mu with, “That’s great! Shen Chi, as long as we cooperate, we can definitely get out of here!” His gaze was bright, and he even touched Shen Liu Mu’s head affectionately.


Shen Liu Mu turned his head away in disgust.


  Almost instantly, everyone in the banquet hall called out “Brother Shen” one after another.
Their cautious faces carried the desire to live.


  ”Uncle, can you take us out?” A little boy asked timidly.


  Compared to several other children, this little boy’s face was wiped clean by his mother.
A pair of beautiful black grape-like eyes were shining.
If it was in peacetime, I’m afraid that anyone would have to pinch twice to praise him for being cute.
His mother was next to him.
Obviously, her messy hair was still covering half of her face, but now she pulled it back to reveal a jade white, beautiful face.
Compared to those young female high school students and mediocre-looking waitresses, she was the most beautiful woman here.



  But the problem was, she seduced the wrong person.


  In his previous life, Shen Chi faced too many embraces/beauties, not only because of his strength, but his appearance alone was enough to make many women follow suit.
Not to mention the mother in front of him was not very prominent and beautiful.
He had seen several women who could be counted as the most beautiful women, as well as the big stars who could only be seen on TV on weekdays.
In the apocalypse, the value of appearance was not as high as imagined.


  ”Uncle,” the little boy’s eyes were slightly red, looking particularly lovely and pitiful.


  Shen Chi smiled mockingly.
This mother was really smart.
Seeing that he was carrying his child, she used her child to win sympathy.
Unfortunately, after spending so many years in the apocalypse, Shen Chi had already lost this sympathy. 

No matter how pitiful the child was, there was still no ripple in his heart.


  Zhang Kaiyi just glanced at that mother, and then looked at Shen Chi, “Shen Chi, let’s discuss the countermeasures, here it’s far from the gate of the playground ……”


 ”Dad, I want to come down.” Shen Liu Mu suddenly said.


  Shen Chi put him down, patted his head and said, “Be careful, don’t run around.”


  Shen Liu Mu nodded obediently.
He was smart enough to understand what Shen Chi meant, “Don’t worry, dad.
I won’t throw the whip in front of these people.”


  ”Hao Hao, hurry up and go play with the children!” The mother said hurriedly as she pulled over her crying child.


  Shen Liu Mu smiled innocently, “Come on, let’s go there to play!”


  That little boy was obviously used to being pampered.
As long as he looks like he’s going to cry, anyone will satisfy his wish, but this time it didn’t work, and his mother even made him play with others! What a nuisance! But there was no other way …… he touched his flat stomach.
These days he only gets to eat a little.
If not for a few pieces of chocolate still hidden in his mother’s bag, he would’ve starved to death.
He curled his lips.
As long as he went home, he would let dad beat those who bully Hao Hao to death, humph!


  The little boy reluctantly accompanied Shen Liu Mu towards the dim corner, “Hey, what do you want to play?”


  Shen Liu Mu suddenly smiled at him.
The boy didn’t know why he shivered.


  ”Hey what! I have a name.
My name is Shen Liu Mu.”


  The boy said naively, “Oh, my name is Cao Ninghao.”


  Shen Liu Mu stared at him, “Your eyes are so beautiful.”




 ”When you looked at my dad, those eyes were so beautiful,” Shen Liu Mu repeated.


  That boy suddenly felt a chill.



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