With the threat of the Titan now presumably null, Connor felt some weight off his shoulders. In his opinion the Titan was the most dangerous creature around and as for the castle in the distance, even if those things managed to leave the ruin they will take some time to reach the ship, which he would gain some minutes as they traveled over and were occupied with massacring the passengers to escape when shit hits the fan.

Although Connor managed to figure out what the Titan was doing, the passengers on the ship didn . After seeing the boat being crushed by it they started to panic. They thought that it was but only a matter of time before it was their turn, which caused a herd of these people to head to the captain. Connor didn join, noticing later that 4 other people didn as well. 1 was a woman while the other 3 were men, they looked at each other for a bit before each went his own way.

”At least there are people with a brain on this damn Ship! ” Connor muttered, looking at the port once again. He had been doing this for a bit and noticed that there was no way he could get there safely.

His first plan was to use one of the boats that the cruise had hanging on its side, but that would not lead him anywhere. The boat was too small and even if he reached the port, he would not be able to climb up unless someone sent down a rope for him.

His second plan had a bit of a chance, but without any knowledge of the surroundings and what he would face, Connor decided to think about it more. What he wished to do was grab a boat and just row until he reached land that he could get on easily.

Just as he was in the middle of his thoughts, Connor felt the boat move, slowly leaving its spot. It appeared that the captain was trying to do what Connor thought about doing. Just go around until there is safer land.

”That flock of idiots managed to threaten the captain into acting.. ” Connor thought. ”Being with a group of people who are easily affected by their emotions made him worry. They were a threat to his survival and he was not about to stick around them for long.

Connor watched, alongside some others as the port was left behind while they made their way around. After what felt like hours, there was finally some proper land to use. The Walkers there were not as many, plus the many bungalows were a good hideout. A giant hotel stood not too far away, worrying Connor a bit.

”If theres a hotel, then there are guests.. Many guests! ” He thought. ”Hiding in a bungalow might not seem like a good idea, but its better than staying with these people ”

The hotel and the area around looked like heaven. There were many trees and flowers everywhere with pools all over. It reminded Connor of a game he used to play called… What was it called again? Death island? He was unsure.

Connor was not afraid of the Walkers. They were a threat at the beginning of the apocalypse, but in an environment where no one was pushing the other, where there were not that many of them and their slow jog was easily suppressed, he knew full well that they would be something to worry about and fear but not die to. Connor knew that many people easily survived this and that at one point he might have to deal with them.. or maybe something else would get them?

Connor never understood how in every zombie show or movie the government gets overwhelmed and falls, but some hillbillies and untrained civilians can survive for years. He knew that in the near future, the threat would be eradicated, or at least contained, but that was not the real threat of the whole event, and shit was just getting started with the ruins.. Or maybe it already has? Since the captain lost contact and noticed lesser and lesser military helicopters, Connor could only assume the worst.

The captain seemed to have managed to calm the passengers down, getting them back in order. He left that area the cruise was at to keep them shut while easing the tension. To be honest even he felt unsafe and terrified by the Titans existence and the ruins not too far away. He found some land, but he had no plans to dock. The ship was the safest option and as for the supplies, they can set up Scavenging teams to get some.

The captain broadcasted his idea and many agreed with him, but some people frowned. They liked the thought of staying on the ship but as they heard Scavenging teams they were worried. Even Connor found it a smart option but a base that had no escape routes and counted greatly on the imaginary supplies that the Scavenging teams would procure was a little risky.

After finding a safe route around the Walkers, that got him to a nice looking bungalow, Connor resolved himself before he decided. ”Ill make my move tonight! ”

Staying on the ship and maybe joining a Scavenging team would be a good option, but Connor was not a nice man. Why in the hell would he risk his life and bring back loot for these fat **s to live leisurely? He would rather survive alone in the middle of everything then be their little doggy.

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