Chapter 2

Han Jin

Translated by Seafall (Cf411)


He met Lin Su when he just returned to Hong Kong to participate in the Hong Kong University Alumni Reunion.
At that time, she had just graduated from Hong Kong University and joined a beauty pageant.
She has also made several TV series.
Now, she is considered a big celebrity in Hong Kong.
Because Lin Su is beautiful and generous, this left an excellent impression on Zheng Jue.
Later, after the class reunion ended, Lin Su contacted Zheng Jue many times, but he didn’t take it seriously at first.
Since he started his business successfully, and although he wasn’t as rotten as those from aristocratic families in Hong Kong, there were still a few women around him who came and went.
He himself was a fun-loving person, and he didn’t know how many girls similar to Lin Su he had seen.


However, he never expected Lin Su to be better than those ordinary socialites.
Although Zheng Jue has some ability in business, he is stupid in terms of love.
So later… Zheng Jue sneered and answered the phone.


“Aaron, how are you doing?” Lin Su’s voice was still as gentle as water.


“Not bad,” Zheng Jue said coldly.


Lin Su probably noticed Zheng Jue’s indifference and felt a little uneasy for a while, “Aaron, are you… unhappy? Why does your voice sound weird?”


“Unhappy?” Zheng Jue raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled sarcastically, “How can I be unhappy, am I not okay?”


Lin Su still felt a little uncertain in her heart, but the expectations in her heart broke through this layer of unease as she said softly, “Aaron, will you be attending a charity dinner in the future? Have you invited a female companion?”


Zheng Jue sneered in his heart.
It was also at this time in his last life that she wanted to go to a charity dinner with him, but finally hooked up with Han Jin, the prince of the first family in Hong Kong, so he himself became the biggest cannon fodder between the two of them.


“Not yet, but I think I’ll take Susie there,” Susie is Zheng Jue’s assistant.


“Ah? You’ll bring Susie over there?” Lin Su’s tone suddenly stiffened.


Zheng Jue could almost imagine the current expression on Lin Su’s face.
She must be feeling overwhelmed with a trace of grievance mixed with it.
He had seen this kind of expression on Lin Su’s face countless times.
Every time she looked like this, it made him unable to endure it in his heart, so then he would let her get what she wanted, but now… Zheng Jue sneered in his heart, it would not be so easy now.


“Susie… Susie is pretty good, but I haven’t seen you for a long time.
Let me accompany you on this, okay?” Lin Su said a little aggrieved.


Zheng Jue played with the wine glass with one hand, with a playful smile on his face.
Since she wanted to go so much, he might as well fulfill her wish and let her see Young Master Han.
Without him holding onto her tightly, is it really possible for him to fall in love with her?


“Okay, you can go if you want.
I’ll ask Susie to pick you up in three days.” Zheng Jue said lightly.


Lin Su’s tone suddenly became eager, “Aaron, you are so kind to me.
I want to go out tomorrow to buy clothes for the dinner party.
Would you like to accompany me?”


Zheng Jue listened to her sweet and flattering voice, and after a while, feeling a little annoyed, he coldly said, “I have something to do with the company tomorrow, so you can go by yourself.”


Lin Su is a smart person who knows the principle of accepting everything when you see something good, so she immediately responded obediently, and then spoke caring words to Zheng Jue very thoughtfully.
After a few words from him, she finally hung up the phone before he ran out of patience.


The stock price of Liansen Real Estate really fell sharply the next day, until it fell to the daily limit.
The dazzling green on the market caused many people to die.
Alex called Zheng Jue in a cold sweat, “Aaron, fortunately, you shot early, Otherwise, I don’t know what will happen today.”


Zheng Jue just smiled, “In the future in the stock market, you have to be cautious and don’t take action lightly.”


Alex naturally responded with a smile.


As soon as this matter came out, the Hong Kong market’s evaluation of Zheng Jue went up to a new level.
Being able to take action in time before the big drop was indeed extraordinary.
The name of the golden boy of the stock market was indeed true this time.


At the present, Zheng Jue was calmer than in his previous life, and he was not moved by these false praises at all.
Comparing it to a really wealthy family, this was just like playing a family.
With the experience of his previous life, he has a deep understanding of this.


Three days later, the charity dinner came as scheduled.
Zheng Jue wore a three-piece Italian haute couture suit, a dark brown suit with cashmere mixed with silk, a dark blue striped tie, and meticulously combed hair, which made him look handsome and elegant.
The emerald platinum cufflinks made him even more low-key luxurious.


Zheng Jue folded his legs and sat leisurely in the hotel lobby, looking at his watch indifferently.
It had been an hour, and Lin Su still had not come yet.
Just when he was a little anxious, suddenly a hand was placed on his shoulder.
Because of this, Zheng Jue was slightly startled and turned his head around to look.
When he saw the person behind him, he could only feel that his heart was suddenly clenched all at once, and the blood all over his body boiled.


He is tall and slender, with delicate facial features, handsome eyebrows, and a pair of peach blossom eyes with a slight hook that seems to bring endless charm.
He wears a black double-breasted haute couture suit, which made him look solemn and elegant.
The dark black pattern tie adds a little more personal touch.
Han Jin stood behind him with a smile, looking at him with a raised eyebrow as he asked in a frivolous tone, “Who are you waiting for?” He leaned over, “Tell William that I am very satisfied this time.”


The warm breath surrounded Zheng Jue’s ears.
However, even though he finally narrowed his eyes slightly and calmed his expression, he still felt his heart almost jumping out of his chest.
It was this person who drove him from heaven to hell back then.
It was him also who let him know what it means to be out of his league and what it means to hit the stone with an egg.
It destroyed his self-esteem, destroyed his career, and destroyed his self-righteous love.
Now, looking at this impeccable man in front of him, all the cells in Zheng Jue’s body are only telling him one thing, conquer him! Let this extraordinary man, forever and ever, can only look up at him, and these kinds of thoughts almost swallowed him.


Zheng Jue smiled slightly and took a step back, “Young Master Han, you admitted the wrong person.”


Han Jin’s frivolous expression suddenly subsided, then his brows slightly furrowed, and hooked his lips indifferently, “Sorry, who are you?”


The smile on Zheng Jue’s face became gentler, “Young Master Han forgets things a lot, so naturally he doesn’t remember me, a little person.
My name is Zheng Jue.
I had a rare encounter with Young Master Han at the Zhou family’s cocktail party before.”


It’s true.
The Zhou family, like the Han family, are both old families in Hong Kong, and the relationship between them is also very good.
Han Jin naturally went to the Zhou family’s cocktail party.
Zheng Jue had just returned to China at that time, and it was when he was in good spirits that he also received an invitation, however, a person of Han Jin’s level would naturally not talk to a small person like Zheng Jue, on the other hand, when Zheng Jue heard someone talk about this person, he once glanced at Han Jin from a distance, but it was such a long distance.
Zheng Jue couldn’t even see what he looked like.
He really met Han Jin in his last life, or at this cocktail party, but for some reason, now it is different from the last life.


“Zheng Jue? It turned out to be Mr.
I heard Liang Xu talk about you.
I’m really sorry today,” Han Jin completely put away his frivolous expression, and put on a dignified expression as if he had become the eldest son of the Han family who was high above him before.


Zheng Jue smiled, and before he could say anything more, Lin Su’s voice came from behind, “Aaron.”


Zheng Jue’s expression slightly stiffened, but in the next instant, he regained his previous gentle expression.
He turned around to look at Lin Su, who is elegantly dressed in a light purple Dior dress, behind him.
He slightly curled up the corners of his mouth and said with a smile, “You’re here.”


Then he bent his arms in a gentlemanly manner, and when Lin Su put her hands on his arm, he turned to look at Han Jin and smiled, “Young Master Han is very polite.
Today’s incidents are all misunderstandings.
My girlfriend is here.
I have to go, so I won’t waste Young Master Han’s time.”


Han Jin looked at Zheng Jue, his eyes narrowed slightly, with a hint of laziness in his expression, “Is Mr.
Zheng going to a charity dinner?”


Zheng Jue nodded slightly, “Do I have any other orders from Young Master Han?”


Han Jin chuckled a few times, and his originally serious expression softened all of a sudden.
Han Jin was originally beautiful, but his usual cold and arrogant appearance always gave people a feeling that it was difficult to approach, but at this moment, his smile made him suddenly feel uncomfortable, as if it suddenly came to life, like a glacier turning into a warm spring river.


Zheng Jue couldn’t help being stunned for a while and then lowered his head to look at Lin Su habitually, but her eyes were full of longing that she couldn’t hide in time.
That’s it, with such a face, such a family background, how could a woman like Lin Su miss it?


Zheng is very kind, but I’m going to the charity dinner today.
Why don’t I go with Mr.
Zheng?” Han Jin put his hands in his pockets, his expression is unfathomable.


Zheng Jue frowned slightly and hesitated for a while, but Lin Su, who looked surprised for a moment, smiled and shook Zheng Jue’s arm, then said softly, “Aaron, since we’re on the way, let’s go with Young Master Han.”


Zheng Jue looked at Lin Su tenderly but thought to himself that Han Jin was the crown prince at the top of the business circle in Hong Kong.
If he wanted to make a difference in Hong Kong, contact with Han Jin was inevitable.
Since it is inevitable, he is not his opponent now, and it would be also helpful for him to use his power to enter the top-level social circle in Hong Kong so that he will have the opportunity to show his strength here.


Thinking of this, Zheng Jue put on the most standard polite smile on his face and said solemnly, “Since Young Master Han is willing to appreciate my face, then it would be the best, please.”


Han Jin looked at Zheng Jue’s gentle and distant smile, then narrowed his eyes slightly and smiled again, as he stretched out his long legs and went out with Zheng Jue.




The author has something to say: I just started to work, and I was a little uncomfortable.
I originally said it was posted yesterday, but I fell asleep as soon as I got home yesterday, sorry!!!





1. Haute couture refers to the high-end clothing made by the leading fashion houses (Wishpond-Partners, 2021).

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