Chapter 31

To Solve

Translated by Seafall (Cf411)


After Zheng Jue and Wen Huaan had been together for many days, Zhen Jue noticed that Wen Huaan’s emotions gradually began to become anxious.
When Wen Huaan invited Zheng Jue to dinner for the third time and Zheng Jue still declined, Wen Huaan finally could not sit still.


This afternoon, Zheng Jue was originally going to inspect the third phase of the project that was in cooperation with the Zhou family.
Unexpectedly, as soon as he got out of the building and got into the car, he received a call from Wen Huaan.
It was a personal call made by Wen Huaan himself.


Zheng Jue was also a little surprised when he saw the caller ID, but then he reacted again with a smile on the corner of his mouth.
After his phone rang thrice, it was only then that Zheng Jue finally answered the phone.


Wen Huaan, on the other end of the phone, was a little anxious, and as soon as the call was connected, he said directly, “A’Jue, are you free today?”


Zheng Jue raised his eyebrows slightly, then smiled, and said, “It turned out to be Uncle Wen.
What a coincidence.
Unfortunately, I’m going to inspect the construction site now.
Is there anything wrong with Uncle Wen?”


Wen Huaan’s voice froze before he laughed a few times, “It’s not a big deal, but your aunt heard that you came to Hong Kong and wanted to invite you.
Come and sit at home.”


He actually even used out his wife.
It seems that Wen Huaan is really anxious.
One must know that Zheng Jue has already been here for so long, but Wen Huaan didn’t have the slightest idea of ​​taking him into the Wen’s mansion.
Looking at him like this now, he’s afraid that he was being forced by Wen Yize to come here and explore the sound of the wind.


“Truly, I’m thankful to Aunt Wen for her invitation, but I’m afraid I don’t have time today.
I had probably let down auntie’s kindness,” Zheng Jue’s voice was gentle, thinking to himself that he still had to hang out with Wen Huaan.


As soon as Wen Huaan heard this, his voice changed, “A’Jue, business, you can do it anytime, but in the end, this is your aunt’s kindness.
Thinking back then, she had a very good relationship with your mother.
In the past few years, when something happened to your family, she has often talked about it.
Now that you have finally come back, you should come and see her, so that she can feel at ease.”


Zheng Jue sneered in his heart.
Although Wen Huaan said this gently, there is a hint of superiority in his tone, and even now, Wen Huaan still dares to use his parents as a raft, and really considers himself as his own elder.


“Since that’s the case, that’s fine, but Uncle Wen will have to wait for a long time.
I’m afraid I won’t be able to come over until the afternoon,” After all, he still shouldn’t corner him, or else, no one would know what he would do.


Wen Huaan was relieved when he heard this, and his tone became gentle in an instant, “It’s nothing.
It’s good as long as you’ll be able to come.”


Zheng Jue chuckled lightly and exchanged a few words with Wen Huaan before hanging up his phone.


However, when the call was hung up, Zheng Jue’s soft expression instantly cooled down.
Susie sat next to him and became surprised when she saw it clearly.
Despite that, she didn’t dare to ask any more questions and just whispered, “Mr.
Zheng, you have a dinner appointment with Young Master Zhou tonight.
Do you want to tell Young Master Zhou and modify your itinerary?”


Zheng Jue’s expression remained indifferent.
He turned his head and glanced at the street view outside the car window, his eyes showing a touch of desolation.
He pondered for a moment before he coldly said, “No need, I’ll personally tell Young Master Zhou when the time comes.”


Susie realized that Zheng Jue was in the wrong mood, so she didn’t dare to say more and just answered tactfully.


When Zheng Jue and his entourage arrived at the construction site, Zhou Chengan was already there.
He was wearing a safety helmet and was standing next to the construction site looking at the design drawings.
The project managers and engineering designers were all around him to chat with him.


Zheng Jue habitually glanced behind Zhou Chengan, but did not notice Han Jin’s shadow.
Zheng Jue’s heart felt slightly congested for a moment as he became angry.
When did he form such a habit?


Zhou Chengan finally saw Zheng Jue from a distance, so he greeted Zheng Jue with a smile.
However, when he came closer, he found that his expression was not good, so he was cautious and asked with a smile, “Why are you only here now? I’ve been there for a while and waiting for you.”


Zheng Jue curled up his lips reluctantly, “I’m really sorry.
There’s a traffic jam on the road, so I’m late.”


Zhou Chengan smiled and said that he didn’t mind.


Next, the two followed the project manager to inspect the entire construction site.
This project was very large.
Before, the first and second phases were medium-sized commercial houses.
Now, in the third phase, they have begun to build large-scale jump-story apartments, whose market is also aimed at the middle-income group and above, so no matter what kind of apartment designs there are, they all need to be done very carefully.


Zheng Jue followed around and felt very satisfied.
This project manager is a talented person.
He dug it from a big company with a lot of money, and he also brought in a group of partners.
Because these people have already cooperated for a long time, there is a tacit understanding between them, so the efficiency of doing things is also very high.
It has only been a month, but the basic design has already been completed.
Now, it is finally time for the construction to start.


Zhou Chengan was very satisfied when he saw it.
He is a knowledgeable person.
He knew at a glance that this project was probably better than the previous two phases.
Now that the middle-income population in Hong Kong is saturated, the demand for housing has also increased sharply.
Zheng Jue only took action when he saw this opportunity.
Moreover, he was also able to see the world with a keen eye.
With such a reliable team, future development would likely be limitless.
Thinking of this, the weight of Zheng Jue in Zhou Chengan’s heart has increased a little bit.


Several people did not finish the whole project until after eleven o’clock.
The project manager proposed to go to dinner together.
Zheng Jue thought that there were still some things to explain, so he agreed with the project manager’s proposal.
Zhou Chengan watched Zheng Jue go and naturally followed along.
It’s not good for him to act special by himself.


This project manager is not only a talented person but also a good person.
He knows that the two people in front of him are the investors in this project, but to be honest, Zheng Jue is his actual boss, so after he agreed, eight out of his ten sentences are about flattering Zheng Jue, even though it is the kind of silent flattery.
Even if Zheng Jue’s heart is currently sinking, he can’t help but be amused by his attitude.
He really is talented indeed, also doing this kind of work very well.


When all the people had finished eating and were full of wine and food, Zheng Jue opened his mouth and talked in detail about some of the issues of the project, though he actually spent more time telling the project manager that they must not rush themselves for this time.
Although the demand for housing in Hong Kong is large, the key is still ensuring their quality and quantity.


One of his remarks for saying these remarks is because of Zheng Jue’s conscience, and the other is because Hong Kong has been severely cracking down on this aspect.
In his previous life, several companies had withdrawn from their projects because of substandard construction materials.
Hence, Zheng Jue definitely didn’t want to end up like that.


Although the project manager was surprised at Zheng Jue’s insistence on this aspect, he must know that in many cases, some real estate developers have really a low sense of responsibility.
Besides that, since he is a part-time worker, naturally, he will not compete with his boss’s three views.
For this reason, he responded very enthusiastically, he slapped his own chest and looked as if he could not wait to pull out his heart.


Zheng Jue looked at him and felt a little relieved.
These people are better than foxes.
They all know who can offend and who can’t.
He said what he said so clearly, so if he wanted to be a sensible person, then he should know what to do.


When they finished their lunch, Zheng Jue and Zhou Chengan left together.
As soon as they got into the car, Zhou Chengan no longer had the gentleness at the dinner table and smiled very meaningfully, “Mr.
Zheng, what news did you know about what you said just now?”


Zheng Jue knew that he couldn’t hide it from Zhou Chengan, so he didn’t hide it and said directly, “It’s just that people will be very strict in this regard after hearing about it.
I’m naturally timid so I won’t dare to make mistakes.”


“Timid?” Zhou Chengan raised his eyebrows slightly, “It’s good to be timid! Such a cautious mentality gave Mr.
Zheng his achievements today.
However, Aaron, the Zhou family has not received any news about this matter until this day, so how did you know? Just like the previous land before.
Are you a prophet, or…” Zhou Chengan put away his teasing face, and his expression changed slightly, “Mr.
Zheng, do you have any way to go up there?”


Zheng Jue only knew that Zhou Chengan was a smart person before, but he didn’t know that he was this smart.
He had already thought so much from such a few words.
It was probably just a stopgap measure for him at that time to make him believe that was lucky in the past.


Zheng Jue curled up the corners of his mouth slightly and his eyes showed a bit of interest, “Young Master Zhou thinks too much.
Sometimes there are some things that are just so coincidental.
Young Master Zhou is a smart person, so he should understand in his heart that some words can’t be said too much.”


Since Zhou Chengan mistakenly believes that he has a backer behind him, then let him continue to think so.
It was still better than letting him know that he had experienced rebirth.


Zhou Chengan’s eyes flickered when he heard what Zheng Jue said but didn’t ask any more questions.
After that, he changed the subject and talked about Wen Huaan and Lin Su.


Speaking of this, Zheng Jue had something to say, “Young Master Zhou, I’m afraid tonight’s dinner will have to be canceled.
Wen Huaan invited me to be a guest at the Wen family mansion.”


Zhou Chengan smiled when he heard this, “So soon? He can’t bear it that much?”


“He naturally couldn’t help it, since you and Wen Yize cheated him a lot.
However, didn’t he have the leverage to threaten you?” Zheng Jue was also very puzzled.
At that time, Zhou Chengan came to him and told him It was Wen Huaan who had this leverage.
Because of this, he thought that he needed to act low profile because of this, but he didn’t expect Zhou Chengan would act in the most high-profile manner.


Zhou Chengan snorted lightly with a cold smile on his face, “The leverage must have room to threaten before it is called leverage.
I paid a lot of money to buy 5% of the Wen family’s shares in the retail market and sold it to the Wen brothers at a low price.
Naturally, I will get what I want in exchange.”


Zheng Jue was a little surprised when he heard this.
He was moving so fast.
No wonder Wen Huaan couldn’t sit still.
One must know that although the Wen brothers were out of power, there were still a few people in the Wen family who supported them.
Furthermore, with Zhou Chengan’s generous efforts to win over them, it seems to have become a big deal.


Seeing Zheng Jue’s expression changed slightly, Zhou Chengan put on a gentle expression again.
He smiled and patted Zheng Jue’s shoulder, then said in a low voice, “By the way, I almost forgot to tell you, Vi asked me to tell you something.
He stumbled on something today and couldn’t come over together, so he wants to invite you to a tea tomorrow.
Aaron, what do you want to do?”


After he heard these almost teasing words, Zheng Jue’s face immediately darkened.





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Recently, encoding words often required hard work.
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