Chapter 37


Translated by Seafall (Cf411)


Zheng Jue left Zhou Chengan’s villa under Han Jin’s watch.
He sat in the car, thinking about the kiss that Han Jin gave him just before he got in the car.
Although it was not as intense as Zheng Jue’s first kiss with him, it still made him remember Han Jin’s appearance very clearly.
Han Jin’s closed eyes and slightly trembling eyelashes made his heart tremble.


Zheng Jue clenched his fists and closed his eyes, trying to suppress the throbbing in his heart.
He turned his head to look at the street outside the car window and suddenly felt a little vigilant in his heart.
The relationship between him and Han Jin has now become very delicate.
If he wants to achieve his goals, then he must control the generation of such dangerous emotions as much as possible.




The next day’s noon, Han Jin asked Zheng Jue out for lunch.
Zheng Jue originally had a business lunch to attend, but he didn’t want Han Jin to kill Zheng Jue’s company directly, leaving Zheng Jue with no choice at all.
In the end, the business lunch with his company executives was canceled.


Zheng Jue felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart, but he didn’t say much when he saw the great interest on Han Jin’s face.
He naturally knew about Han Jin’s character from the beginning.
Since he had chosen this path, then some things had to be endured.


Han Jin deliberately chose a restaurant that was very close to Zheng Jue’s company.
However, Zheng Jue didn’t care about it anymore.
His original plan today was already interrupted by Han Jin, so it doesn’t matter how far or near it is.


The restaurant booked by Han Jin was a Western restaurant.
As soon as Zheng Jue walked to the seat Han Jin reserved, he felt that the atmosphere was not right.
In broad daylight, there are still candles on the table.
Moreover, there was also a violinist who stood beside him, and when he saw them coming over, he put the violin on his shoulder.


Zheng Jue only felt that his temples were pumping up and down, and the blue veins on his forehead were about to burst out.
He stopped walking and also stopped Han Jin, who was about to walk forward, then said in a low voice, “What are you doing? Hurry up and let them all withdraw.
Do you think I’m a 16-year-old underage girl?”


Han Jin was obviously taken aback for a moment, then pretended to raise his eyebrows gracefully, and leaned on Zheng Jue before he also said in a low voice, “Although you are not an underage girl, I have always paid attention to the quality of my meals.
I also specially invited this violinist from Hong Kong’s no.
1 orchestra.
Aaron, don’t let this situation let you down!”


Zheng Jue’s right eyelid twitched slightly as he glanced at Han Jin in disbelief.
In his opinion, eating and sleeping are the most basic needs of human beings to survive.
Listening to the violin while eating is no different from watching monkeys while eating.


Zheng Jue rubbed the bridge of his nose, endured the strangeness in his heart, and sat down.
As soon as he sat down, the beautiful sound of the violin was heard, and the waiter stepped forward in time to deliver the menu.
Han Jin didn’t even look at the waiter and just looked at Zheng Jue, who was looking down at the menu, with a gentle face.
Zheng Jue’s scalp felt numb when he saw it, though he felt even more strange in his heart.


It was in this atmosphere that the two of them ended their meal, and by the time they finished their meal, two hours had already passed.


When the last dessert was finally eaten up, Han Jin put away the knife and fork, then picked up the napkin and tucked the corner of his mouth slightly.
His movements were graceful, and he became more and more appearing well-bred.


Meanwhile, Zheng Jue was not so particular about it.
He just followed the table manners from start to finish, not as smooth and silent as Han Jin.


“Aaron, you don’t have to worry about my father’s birthday gift.
I have prepared it for you,” After Han Jin finished speaking, he took out a box from the table and handed it to Zheng Jue.


Zheng Jue frowned slightly, but still took the box.


“What are you doing? I can still do this well,” Zheng Jue whispered.


Han Jin smiled with a hint of pride in his eyes, “Of course, I know you can do it well, but the old man is very picky, and you won’t find what he likes for a while.
This calligraphy happened to be the one we took the last time we went to Caltex.
You can take it as an emergency.”


Zheng Jue squinted slightly and looked at Han Jin in front of him.
If he remembered correctly, the price of this calligraphy is already seven figures.
It was so easy for him to give this to him as a favor.
Taking it to him as a favor.
The son of this family is really different from him, just a nouveau riche.


Zheng Jue pushed the box back to Han Jin with a hint of coldness in his voice, “No, I’ve already prepared the gift.
Since this calligraphy was especially taken by you for Mr.
Han, then I’ll leave it to you to send it.”


Seeing the slight change in Zheng Jue’s expression, Han Jin was a little puzzled for a while but then suddenly remembered what Zhou Chengan said.
He couldn’t help but be taken aback and hurriedly said, “I don’t mean anything else.
I just want to do something for you.”


Wanting to help him solve all the hardships ahead and let him go all the way magnanimously, Han Jin always couldn’t help but think like this and couldn’t help but do it.
However, it would also end up being a self-defeating action every time.


Zheng Jue just smiled and said in a low voice, “I know what you mean, but I have already prepared for this.
You should take this painting back.”


Han Jin took a closer look at Zheng Jue’s expression.
Finding that there was nothing wrong with him, he breathed a sigh of relief and responded.


Zheng Jue and Han Jin exchanged a few more words before they left the restaurant together.
Han Jin wanted to send Zheng Jue back to his company, but Zheng Jue politely refused.
If it was the usual, Han Jin could still play a bit of his trick.
However, he seemed to have stepped on the landmine just now and felt a little guilty, so he didn’t dare hold onto him any longer.


Zheng Jue stood at the door of the restaurant and watched Han Jin’s car go away.
The gentle smile on his face faded away.
He calmly watched Han Jin’s car go away and suddenly felt a little irritable in his heart.
They were originally people from the two worlds, but they were pulled together by force.
Even if he really liked Han Jin, he was afraid it wouldn’t last long.
What’s more…


Zheng Jue looked at himself through his reflection in the window and suddenly became a little hesitant.
He was a little unclear about the relationship between him and Han Jin.




During the next half month, the relationship between Han Jin and Zheng Jue became more and more intimate.
They had dinner together, went to the opera together, and went to the seaside villa for a vacation together.
They were like the most ordinary couple in the world.
They did everything that can be done between lovers over and over, except for the last bottom line…


Among them, there were also a few times when thunder and lightning struck the earth and made a fire, but in the end, it was stopped by Zheng Jue.
Even though Han Jin was puzzled, Zheng Jue could only smile bitterly.
If he failed to break through this bottom line, then he could tell himself that he did this to take advantage of Han Jin.
However, if he indeed breaks through, then the relationship between them would become more complicated.


Fortunately, Han Jin also thought that Zheng Jue had only been a straight man all his life and would still have some heartache for a while, so he didn’t delve too much into it and he still looked like an idiot when facing Zheng Jue.


This kind of Han Jin made Zheng Jue more and more unable to resist.
He felt so complicated that he could almost twist this feeling into a few more twists, but he still had to look indifferent in front of others.
It was only Susie who could get a glimpse of his true mood, however, Susie only thought that it was because of a conflict of his with Han Jin and didn’t think much about it.


At this time, work has become Zheng Jue’s best safe haven.
The editor-in-chief of Xingyu Weekly was exposed to an extortion scandal with a group of bigwigs involved.
It just happened an hour ago, and like a whirlwind, a huge storm was set off in Hong Kong.


The evidence circulating on the internet caused the people of entire Hong Kong to have a rush of adrenaline when the extortion letter has also been proved to be completely true.
Yesterday afternoon, the editor-in-chief was invited to the police station.
If he wanted to come out, one could only be afraid that this would take some effort.


As for Lin Su who was implicated in this storm, she didn’t have a good end.
He heard that the photos of her drinking accompanying the wine were circulated for some reason, and her reputation in Hong Kong was getting more and more ugly.


This day’s afternoon, Zheng Jue just received a call from Han Jin.
Han Zizhang’s birthday party is tomorrow.
Han Jin wanted to tell Zheng Jue a few words for fear that Zheng Jue would be tricked by Han Zizhang.
Zheng Jue felt helpless, but he could only follow him.


Zheng Jue got off work early because of this, but as soon as he got out of the building and before he could even get into his car, someone suddenly rushed out to slash him.
Zheng Jue became slightly startled and took a step back.
On the other hand, when Susie courageously blocked it, Zheng Jue clearly saw that it was Lin Su.


At this time, Lin Su was not as gentle and elegant as when Zheng Jue met her for the first time, nor did she look as pure and quiet as when they met last time.
Currently, Lin Su was more like a desperate lunatic with messy hair tied behind her head and was wearing a somewhat messy dress with a terrifyingly pale face.


She lay on Susie’s arm and waited for Zheng Jue.
Her lips were slightly trembling as if she was saying something.


Zheng Jue frowned slightly when he saw it and took a few steps closer to hear it.
She kept mumbling, “Let me go… Let me go… for the sake of our past relationship.”


Zheng Jue suddenly felt that It was kind of funny.
When Lin Su harmed him, she didn’t remember the relationship between them at all.
Now, she wants him to look at their relationship in the past.
It’s ridiculous.


Zheng Jue waved at Susie who was still doing her best to stop Lin Su.
Although Susie was puzzled, she still loosened her grip on Lin Su, and Lin Su rushed to Zheng Jue all at once.


It was just that when she really arrived in front of Zheng Jue, she did not dare to pounce on Zheng Jue.
She almost scratched her hair nervously, clenched her hands slightly tremblingly, and whispered, “Aaron, I know it’s you who did this.
Do you really hate me so much?”


Zheng Jue actually laughed at this moment, the coldness from his eyes spread all the way to the corner of his mouth, and then a cold smile was drawn.
He slightly nodded, then leaned his lips to Lin Su’s ears and slowly said, “I wish you were dead!”


He wished he could tear off her hypocritical mask and let the world know her true face.
He wished he could dig out her heart to see if it is still bright red.


In his previous life, Zheng Jue showed himself entirely before Lin Su’s eyes, but what he got was a betrayal without hesitation.
This betrayal made Zheng Jue more uncomfortable than Wen Huaan’s calculations.


He once lost his family, the only warmth of his in this world, so he always yearned for happiness.
He once regarded Lin Su as his salvation and as the seed for him to gain warmth again, but he never thought it would end like that.
Hence, he really hated Lin Su, without the slightest hesitation at all.






The author has something to say: Jinjiang seems to be a bit sloppy these days.
I am about to doubt my life because of my data, so I am also in a very bad mood.
In addition, there are relatives at home today.
I feel like a thief when sneaking myself to codeword one more chapter today.



Seafall (Cf411)'s notes:

Here’s a bonus advance chapter since I’m in a good mood today~   Han Jin’s lunch date today is so cringe.
( >︹<) Hahahaha.
There’s something I also noticed from what Zheng Jue had said.
I wonder if these old-fashioned lunch dates between a man of their age and 16-year-old underage girls still happen?   About HJ’s generosity of paving a flower path for ZJ, I can somewhat understand.
It’s like spoiling your cat, except that ZJ is a human and is his lover.
He just can’t help but spoil him since he has the ability to do that.   Lastly, who said men can’t also be dramatic and vengeful? I honestly can’t blame ZJ for hating Lin Su to death.
She didn’t even deserve ZH’s attention to be honest.
The man deserves to be happy with all his heart.

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