Chapter 52: Changes

Zheng Jue sat in the airport lounge, holding the plane ticket and passport that Susie had given him.
For a moment, he felt a bit lost.
He was traveling to the Caribbean, a vacation destination in South America.

Zheng Jue had never been to this place before, and he wasn't interested in tropical vibes.
Susie knew all of this, yet she still chose this location.
Perhaps even Susie had grown tired of him.
Zheng Jue chuckled bitterly.
He had witnessed Han Jin's kindness towards him, but this time, he had truly disappointed Han Jin.

Zheng Jue turned his head and looked out the window.
On the vast tarmac, planes soared into the sky.
Sitting in the waiting area, Zheng Jue could almost hear the roaring sound of takeoff.
He was really leaving this place.
Zheng Jue thought to himself, maybe leaving would be good for everyone.
Han Jin could wholeheartedly embrace his life as a wealthy heir, while Zheng Jue could pursue his own dreams and take the Zheng family to new heights.
It would be great if everyone could find their own place.

Before long, Zheng Jue's plane was about to take off.
He carried his luggage and walked to the security checkpoint.
Then, as if hoping for something, he glanced back at the bustling crowd, but the person he was familiar with was nowhere to be seen.
Zheng Jue bitterly smiled at himself, turned around, and entered the security area.

Han Jin sat in a wheelchair with a cold expression on his face.
From the VIP lounge on the airport's upper level, he watched as Zheng Jue walked in.
His assistant stood behind him, looking somewhat hesitant, and whispered softly, “Young Master Han, don't you want to go down and see him off?”

A layer of frost covered Han Jin's face, and a hint of pain flickered in his eyes.
He paused for a moment before saying, “No need.” If Zheng Jue wanted to leave, then let him go.

The assistant immediately breathed a sigh of relief.
Although he was Han Jin's assistant, he was still receiving a salary from the Han family.
Han Zizhang was also his boss, and now he found himself caught between the two, feeling quite conflicted.

Han Jin adjusted the cuff of his clothes.
He was still weak at the moment, even standing for a while was a bit difficult for him.
But he still wanted to catch a glimpse of Zheng Jue, to see how he would leave, and only then could he warn himself from this ridiculous past.

Han Jin's assistant saw Han Jin hanging his head in silence, and he felt a bit uneasy.
He cautiously asked, “Young Master Han, are you going back?”

Han Jin furrowed his brow slightly and raised his eyes to glance at his assistant.
In a cold voice, he said, “Let's go.”

Only then did the assistant step forward and push Han Jin's wheelchair, leaving the area.


Han Zizhang listened to the report from Han Jin's assistant and furrowed his brow.
“Has Han Jin returned to the hospital now? How is his mood?” Han Zizhang's voice sounded somewhat heavy.

The assistant hurriedly replied respectfully, “Yes, Young Master Han has already returned to the hospital.
His mood is okay, just a bit quiet.”

Han Zizhang nodded in response.
“It's good that he's not causing trouble, but make sure he doesn't stay alone.
Cheng'an should be quite free these days.
Give Zhou Shao a call and ask him to come and accompany Han Jin.”

The assistant broke out in a cold sweat upon hearing this.
Who did he think he was, ordering Zhou Shao around like that?

Perhaps Han Zizhang realized this as well and added, “I'll call Cheng'an myself.
You just take care of Han Jin and don't let him do anything foolish.”

The assistant finally breathed a sigh of relief and nodded in agreement.

As he watched the assistant leave, Han Zizhang's emotions became complex.
He had strongly opposed Han Jin going to see Zheng Jue today, but seeing Han Jin's stubbornness, he thought it might be necessary for him to see things clearly on his own.
So he allowed him to go.
But now…

Han Zizhang only heard about it from his assistant, but he could tell how much of a blow Han Jin had suffered.
Although he was 80% responsible for this blow, Han Zizhang himself felt uneasy.
In his mind, Han Jin should be that fearless, proud, and spirited young man, not the dispirited youth who had lost both his health and love.

At this moment, Han Zizhang suddenly had a hint of doubt about the decision he had made before.
Could it be that he had truly made a mistake?

But such thoughts flickered and disappeared in an instant.
In the next moment, Han Zizhang's mind cleared up again.
This matter needed to be dealt with decisively.
If not, Han Jin’s whole life would be ruined.

Han Zizhang took a deep breath and slowly picked up the document that Han Jin had signed on the table.
He picked up the phone and began giving instructions.


When Zhou Cheng'an received a call from Han Zizhang, he was genuinely surprised.
These days, he had been busy taking advantage of the vacuum left by Wen Hua'an's setback, and he hadn't had the mental capacity to care about the love-hate relationship between Han Jin and Zheng Jue.
Therefore, he had no idea about the purpose of Han Zizhang's call.

So when Zhou Cheng'an finished listening to Han Zizhang's narration over the phone, he was completely dumbfounded.
Yes, he had thought that these two wouldn't last long, but when this situation finally arrived, Zhou Cheng'an suddenly realized that he was completely unprepared for it.

Perhaps Han Jin's blind self-confidence had influenced him before, or maybe it was because he thought Zheng Jue was a decent person.
But now, it was too late for anything.
He understood even better than Han Zizhang the impact this incident had on Han Jin.

So when Han Zizhang requested him to comfort Han Jin, Zhou Cheng'an hardly hesitated and agreed immediately.

Han Zizhang felt greatly relieved.
When facing Han Jin, he inexplicably felt a sense of powerlessness.
Although everything he did was for Han Jin's own good, whenever they met, regardless of the matter at hand, the atmosphere was always tense.


When Zhou Cheng'an arrived at the hospital, Han Jin had been lying in the same position for a long time.
He only moved his eyes slightly when he heard the assistant say that Zhou Cheng'an had arrived.
Looking at Zhou Cheng'an standing by the bed, Han Jin spoke expressionlessly, “Cheng'an, he left without any hesitation.”

Han Jin hadn't called him by name like this in a long time, and Zhou Cheng'an suddenly felt a pang of pity for him.
This emotion, which hadn't appeared in him for a long time, now surfaced upon seeing Han Jin in this state.

“Vi, you knew what kind of person Zheng Sheng was from the beginning.
He always prioritizes his own interests.
Despite his gentle appearance, he is more decisive than both you and me.
You should know the reason for his departure.” Zhou Cheng'an half-squatted by Han Jin's bedside, stroking his hair as he spoke.

Han Jin, who had been keeping his eyes wide open, squinted them slightly now.
After a moment's pause, he finally said, “Because I'm not strong enough.
I can't give him what he wants, and I can't protect him from my father's threat.”

Zhou Cheng'an's expression paused as he listened, and he sighed, “Since you know that, you should understand what you need to do at this moment, rather than giving up on yourself like this.
Are you really willing to separate from Zheng Jue like this?”

Upon hearing these words, a glimmer suddenly appeared in Han Jin's eyes, and he seemed to be ignited with some kind of strength.
He sat up abruptly, his aura slightly unstable.
“I'm not willing! Who is he to decide! Why! Why did he leave even though we…
we were…”

We were so good together.
I would give up even my life for you.
Why did you still choose to leave me?

Han Jin stared at Zhou Cheng'an almost crazily, as if he could draw some strength from him.

Zhou Cheng'an sighed softly and finally said, “Vi, you need to stay calm.
Although Zheng Sheng has left, the Zheng family's assets are still in Hong Kong.
Sooner or later, he will return.
I suspect his departure might be your father's idea, an attempt to break your determination.
Right now, you're not capable of dealing with your father, so you mustn't lose your composure!”

Upon hearing these words, it seemed as if Han Jin had acquired some kind of secret technique or martial arts.
He suddenly became alive.
“You're right.
I can't lose my composure.
Zheng Jue will come back, and when he does, I won't let him leave again.” As he spoke, Han Jin's tone even carried a hint of ruthless determination.

Zhou Cheng'an furrowed his brow slightly, feeling that the situation seemed somewhat off.
However, since Han Jin had already regained his spirit, he didn't feel it was appropriate to say anything further.
He said, “It's good that you have a plan.
The most important thing now is not to dwell on Zheng Jue's departure but to quickly grasp the power of the Han family.
Only then can you avoid being controlled by your father.”

Han Jin looked at Zhou Cheng'an, his eyes filled with unfathomable darkness.
He curled his lips into a smile and lowered his face.
“Cheng'an, don't worry.
I understand what you mean.
I won't continue like this.
Letting Zheng Jue slip away was my carelessness.
It won't happen again.”

Zhou Cheng'an couldn't see Han Jin's face, but he couldn't shake the feeling that there was a hint of coldness in his words, causing his hair to stand on end.

“Han Jin, don't go astray,” Zhou Cheng'an said with some concern.

Han Jin raised his head and glanced at Zhou Cheng'an, his eyes seemingly carrying a trace of amusement.
“I won't, Cheng'an.
Don't worry.”

Zhou Cheng'an couldn't explain why, but after Han Jin said those words, he couldn't help but feel that something was amiss.
However, he didn't have anything more to say, so he left with a furrowed brow.

As Han Jin watched the direction in which Zhou Cheng'an left, his originally smiling eyes turned completely cold.
He stared at the door for a long time before suddenly bursting into laughter.
“Zheng Jue, you better stay away for a while longer…”

No one could understand the unfinished meaning behind Han Jin's words, but the chilling laughter in his eyes was cold and somewhat terrifying.


Afterwards, Han Jin seemed to truly fulfill his promise to Zhou Cheng'an.
He ate well, slept well, cooperated well with his medical treatment—everything was just normal, or even more normal than usual.
Han Zizhang was very satisfied, and he even called Zhou Cheng'an to thank him.
However, Zhou Cheng'an felt increasingly uneasy.

He knew about Han Jin's feelings for Zheng Jue and understood Han Jin's stubbornness.
It was impossible for him to recover within such a short period of time.
Moreover, looking at Han Jin now, Zhou Cheng'an always had a sense of insecurity.

Zhou Cheng'an had considered reaching out to Zheng Jue, but Zheng Jue's contact information had long since become invalid.
When he called Zheng Jue's company, they only gave him perfunctory answers.
Zhou Cheng'an's uneasiness grew stronger.

But Han Jin, on the other hand, seemed to be becoming more and more normal.
Apart from his normal speech and actions, his physical recovery was also going well.
After waking up, he spent a month in the hospital and then underwent two months of rehabilitation.
He had fully recovered.

As soon as he was discharged, he went directly to Han Corporation.
Previously, he held the title of Market Department Manager at Han Corporation, but as a privileged young master, he never really worked a nine-to-five job.
He had secretaries and assistants taking care of things on a daily basis, and he would only appear during major events.

But now, everything is completely different.
Han Jin started showing up for work on time, adhering strictly to company hours from nine to five, and never arriving late.

Han Zizhang felt that Han Jin had finally grown up and become sensible, but Zhou Cheng'an felt that Han Jin was becoming more and more abnormal.

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