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On the 3rd day of the apocalyptic outbreak, most of the citizens retreated and the urban public system was frozen.
Buses, subways and high speed trains are no longer in operation.


On the 10th day of the apocalypse, everyone had escaped from the city and only zombies could be seen wandering on the streets.


On the 20th day of the apocalypse, the electricity and water systems were frozen.
Food and corpses began to rot, the temperature increased and the air became nasty.


On the 30th day of the apocalypse, the suburban chemical factory exploded and a large fire broke out due to lack of maintenance.
The fire spread to the downtown and burned nearly half of the houses in the city.
It wasn't extinguished until the next day when it rained heavily.


On the 40th day of the apocalypse, nearly ten million zombies roamed the dilapidated city, some were still searching for survivors and some had gradually spread towards the periphery of the city.


At ten o'clock in the morning, Jiang Miaomiao woke up from her sleep.


She took off her eye mask and earphones, and opened the curtains to let the sunlight go in.


There are three zombies wandering under her window and haven't left for several days.
She wondered if they could smell her through the air vents and was trying to come in.


Jiang Miaomiao ignored them and walked into the bathroom.
She took a glass of purified water from the bucket and began to brush her teeth.


The apocalypse has already begun for almost a month and a half.
According to the plot in the original book, other cities should be similar to here right now.
The survivors followed the army and fled to a safety zone.
There are about 600,000 remaining healthy human beings around the world.


Her food consumption is slower than she imagined.
So far, she had only used 10 buckets of purified water, 80 buckets of tap water, 20 boxes of instant noodles, 10 boxes of hot pot soup base, 10 bags of bread, 6 bottles of chewing gum, 8 boxes of tissue paper, half a bag of rice and a number of snacks.


These things add up to only one tenth of her total inventory.
The only thing that she relatively consumed fast was fuel.
She knew that the natural gas pipeline would be damaged so she stocked up some gas cans, but she was afraid that if she bought a lot it would lead to an explosion, so she only bought three.
She needs to cook every day at home and now she has already used up one can.
After all of them are used up, they could only be replaced with alcohol and diesel.


But even so, her situation is much better than she expected.


These days she doesn't treat herself badly, she eats what she wants and drinks what she wants, but it only took her a little amount of food.
This showed that a person who wants to live in this world doesn't need too much resources.


Life without work and school is also very comfortable that she wakes up naturally every day.
After her meal, she would read books beside the window or look at the zombies to pass the time.


She made a mistake in the generator that she spent 3,000 yuan.


Previously, she only thought that it would be very hard without electricity and forgot that the sound of the generator is very loud when it's working.


The zombies in this world have a strong sense of smell, hearing and are very fast.
Except for their appearance, other human aspects are enhanced versions, which made them difficult to deal with.


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The circuit was damaged more than half a month ago.
When she first started the generator, the noise attracted nearly a hundred zombies.
She feared that the thin walls of the Villa couldn't persist for three hours under their siege.
She was so scared that she immediately turned it off and added a few bottles of 84 disinfectant liquid to a bucket of tap water then poured it out of the window.
It took a long time for the zombies to gradually disperse.


Since then, she no longer dared to use the generator and the 3,000 yuan big guy just left idle, making her heart ache.


What's more difficult is that the Villa has run out of electricity since then and she has no backup power source due to economic restrictions.
After the few chargers have been all used up, her mobile phone and computer turned into furnishings, as well as the refrigerator and the air conditioner.


She threw the meat, fruits and eggs from the refrigerator directly out of the window, so as not to pollute the air in the house when it rots.


There are still two useful electronic products left at hand.


One is a solar flashlight with super power storage capacity and the other is the Kindle that she didn't care much about before.
There are a bunch of e-books downloaded from Kindle that she started to read after she ran out of electricity and couldn't charge her mobile phone and computer anymore.


She only reads half an hour every day and turns on the flight mode.
Now she still has half of the battery.


Since she's not dead then she should continue living.


Jiang Miaomiao went downstairs after washing up.
In order to reward herself for living another day, she specially cooked a bag of river snail rice noodles and added two braised eggs.


The scent wafted through the gaps in the window, leaving the zombies a little further away.


After eating the river snail rice noodles, it was so spicy that her mouth turned red.
She was sitting in a chair drinking water while arranging today's time table.


She took out her pen and paper and practiced calligraphy in the morning.


She made fried rice with ham sausage at noon.
The fresh vegetables are gone, but there are dried ones that could be soaked in water and added to the fried rice.


She has plenty of time in the afternoon so she read an e-book for half an hour then played solitaire.


It's unbearable at night.
Without the sun, the zombies would be more active and it's horrifying to listen to their strange howling in the neighborhood.


Before, Jiang Miaomiao used her phone to listen to songs while wearing her earphones to ignore the zombies outside.


Now, she couldn't listen to songs anymore or make any noise.
If she wants to ignore them, she could only rely on her own concentration.


When she went shopping at the supermarket before, she bought some paint.
So after dinner, she squatted in the living room and practiced painting.


She has no talent for painting and if she doesn't have any reference, she wouldn't be able to paint anything.

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