as connected to a small gravel road, and a hundred meters away was an artificial lake with inexhaustible water.


It's a paradise!


Jiang Miaomiao was so excited that she couldn't hold back and she hugged Lu Qiming and kissed happily on the cheek.


The latter froze.
A faint blush floated on his cheeks.


Lu Qiming coughed twice and wanted to speak, but Jiang Miaomiao had already released him and couldn't wait to walk towards her new “home”.


He had to follow.
Thinking of the touch and temperature of her lips when he entered the door, he couldn't help touching his cheek.


The courtyard door of the villa was locked.
Jiang Miaomiao tried it but couldn't open it.
She took two steps back and looked at the towering courtyard wall with worry.


“Should we… “


Before she finished speaking, a light breeze blew around her.
Lu Qiming had climbed onto the courtyard wall, crouched there, turned to her, and held out his hand.


 Dumbfounded, she gave him a thumbs up and then grabbed his hand in an effort to climb up.


 Lu Qiming dragged her up like a burlap sack.




She could hardly stand still and looked up to say thanks, the other party had already jumped down and landed firmly on the ground.


Jiang Miaomiao: … long legs are terrific.


She grabbed the wall and clumsily climbed down.
Lu Qiming held her armpits and carried her to his side.


He withdrew his hand and lifted his chin in triumph.


“If I hadn't come back, you wouldn't even be able to climb over this wall.”


The gratitude in Jiang Miaomiao's heart suddenly dissipated.
She gave a middle finger and lifted her feet towards the gate.


Halfway to the door, she looked at the closed door and suspected that it was also locked, so she turned around and went around to the back of the window and climbed in through it.


 Lu Qiming followed her and laughed lightly.


“Finally grew some brains.
Children can be taught.”


Jiang Miaomiao could not stand it anymore.
Squatting on the windowsill she turned back to say.


“You either shut up or find your friend and go.
Choose yourself.”


She hoped to stay with a competent partner, not a pesky fly spirit.

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Lu Qiming sneered.
“You are too faint-hearted to allow others to speak criticism.”


She glared at him, looking like she wanted to gnaw on someone.


He made an OK gesture, carried her in, propped himself up on the windowsill with one hand, and easily tumbled into the house.


Jiang Miaomiao was already fantasizing about her wonderful life in the new house.
Who knew that after going in, she looked around, and it was like she splashed with ice water and her excited heart was poured cold.


why is there nothing here?”


Turn around there were only four white walls.
Let alone luxurious decorations, even a small bench can not be seen!


Lu Qiming said, “It should have just been built not long ago, so there was no time to decorate.”


She sat dejectedly on the ground, very disappointed.


There was electricity here, but there were no appliances, so what is the use of having electricity?


Lu Qiming looked at her with downcast eyes, “Don't you like it?”


Jiang Miaomiao said weakly, “No, I don't.”


“So should we move here?”


“How can we live here? No bed, no table, no chair, no stove.
How can we live?”


Lu Qiming already had a plan.
“Let's settle down for two days and we can go around during that time.
There are houses next to us and supermarkets are close by, so if you need anything, bring it back.
It won't take long to meet the normal needs of life.”


She gave an ah.


“Go directly to someone's house to get it? Isn't that stealing?”


The food in the supermarket will go bad even if you don't eat it, so it's better to accept it in your heart.
Going directly to someone's house to carry things like this always feels weird and goes against what she’s been taught for so many years.


Lu Qiming said, “It depends on what choice you make.
You can go back to the basement to grab food with the rats, and you can sleep on the floor here.
Or you can do as I say and take whatever you want.”


She struggled in her heart.
On the one hand, it was difficult to break through her moral bottom line, and on the other hand, she really yearned for a life with electricity.


A few minutes passed, the latter defeated the former, and Jiang Miaomiao got up and said.


“Listen to you, go get it now?”


“No hurry.
Let's go back now and bring back all the useful things.”


Especially the small zombie, with poor physical strength and low aggressiveness, is most suitable for staying around as a blood pack.


The two went back again, and Jiang Miaomiao calmly reached out to him when he stepped over the wall.


Lu Qiming helped her over the wall.
Words couldn’t hide his smugness.


“Is it not possible to leave me?”


She snorted lightly and dusted off her clothes.


“Be a ladder and see what makes you happy.”


Lu Qiming suddenly felt like eating poop and he didn't want to say anything.


Jiang Miaomiao successfully smashed him, and on the way back, she was in a good mood, her steps much easier than when she came.


The two returned to the basement.
The small zombie laid on the ground twisted like a mud loach.
He was even more restless when he saw someone coming.


They didn't care about it, they pushed out the carts they brought back from the supermarket, and put everything they needed in.


Naturally, you have to bring food, no one will produce it after the end and you have to eat a little less.
Even a slice of potato chips is very precious.


Water was too heavy to carry, but the good thing is that there was a lake next to the new home.
There should be no shortage of water.


The quilt and clothes hadn't been washed for a few months and it was terribly dirty.
She would rather freeze to death than wear it on her body.


Collecting and picking up half an hour, the food was loaded in half a cart.


Lu Qiming looked at their entire household goods, incredulous.


“That's it?”


“Yes, flashlights, rechargeable batteries, paper and pencil… and food.
All that can come in handy.”


Well, fortunately, they are moving immediately, otherwise, their quality of life would not even be comparable to that of beggars before the end of the world.


Jiang Miaomiao pushed the car, her eyes fell on the small zombie.


“How will it be brought? Tied to the cart?”


Lu Qiming shook his head, tore off a strip of cloth from the cover, tied one end to the rope tied to the small zombie, and held the other end in his hand.




He tugged on the cloth, and the little zombie stumbled forward two steps.


It hissed, obviously not satisfied with this treatment.
But his head was so tightly draped that he couldn't bite anything, couldn't see anything, and could only follow the rhythm of the cloth strips and walk forward like a headless fly.


Jiang Miaomiao pushed the cart.
Lu Qiming held the little zombie, dragging the family out of the basement, before dark to the new home.


T/N: 拖家带口 (idiom): literal meaning is dragged down by having a family to feed.
In this context, it refers to being inferior.


The night was the most dangerous time in the city.
Zombies didn't have to endure the scorching sun and have the strongest perception.
They can easily detect their presence.


So once inside, Lu Qiming unlocked all the windows and put the little zombie in a separate room.
While he and Jiang Miaomiao went to sleep in a small room without windows on the second floor.


There was no stove or fuel in the house, and dinner was two pieces of dry noodles for one person.


The weather had become hot, so it wouldn’t be cold without a quilt.
But the floor was too hard, and Jiang Miaomiao's wounds were scabbed again.
No matter how she slept, it was all awkward, and it was very uncomfortable to turn over and over.


Lu Qiming listened in the dark for a long time, then suddenly got up, took off all his clothes and pants, leaving only his underpants, and said:


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“You sleep here.”


She touched it, surprised.


“Aren’t you wearing clothes?”


“I'm hot.”


Was the temperature that high?


She touched her shoulders, thinking that it is better to have something to cushion them rather than nothing, and laid down.


Lu Qiming laid naked on the cold floor, and soon there was a slight snoring sound.


Jiang Miaomiao used to think it was noisy, but now the more she listens, the more at ease she is, and soon she also feels sleepy.


Her upper and lower eyelids gradually closed, and when she almost fell asleep, she suddenly felt a heavy body come over her.


The man's sturdy arm rested on her chest, breathing so close to her ears that her ears became hot because of the warm breath.


Jiang Miaomiao was frightened and instantly awake, asking alertly.


“What do you want to do? Are you playing a hooligan?”


She was answered by a series of light snoring sounds.


His skin was cold, like tomatoes soaked in well water in summer, and he was very comfortable to lean on.


Since he was smeared with zombie blood and was in no condition to bathe, he smelled bad.
But Jiang Miaomiao also stank, the two had 50 steps to 100 steps, who can not dislike who.


T/N: derived from 以五十步笑百步 (metaphor): A person who has retreated fifty paces in battle ridicules a person who has retreated a hundred paces.
Meaning one has the same shortcomings and mistakes as others, only to a lesser extent, but without any self-awareness to ridicule others. 


It was uncomfortable without a pillow.
She touched his arm and found that it was a very good substitute.
She tiptoed to change her position, slept like his arm was a pillow and pulled his other arm over, and put it on her waist, covering the belly button, and then fell asleep in peace.


The next morning, Lu Qiming woke up.


Through the faint light coming in through the doorway, he saw the girl lying in the crook of his arm, sleeping sweetly, with her red lips opening and closing slightly as she breathed.


He held his breath and gently leaned over.


Jiang Miaomiao suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling for a long time, as if she remembered where she was, stretching her waist like a kitten


Lu Qiming hurriedly closed his eyes and pretended to still be sleeping.


She sat up and patted his face, “Wake up wake up, are you a pig? Sleep early and wake up late.”


Only then did he open his eyes slowly and looked at her and said.


“Did you secretly chop off my hand in the middle of the night?”




“Why else would I not feel its presence?”


Jiang Miaomiao's thick-skinned face flushed and she stammered:


“Maybe it's because you're sleeping in a bad position.
I'm always like this too.
Let me rub it for you.”


She diligently moved over and hugged his long arm and rubbed it hard.


The blood gradually circulated, and Lu Qiming clenched his fist, his muscles hardened.


The two opened the door and walked out, deliberately pausing at the corner to listen to the movement outside.


Luckily, the windows and doors were intact, and the zombies didn't come in during the night.


Lu Qiming went to check on the little zombie, Jiang Miaomiao laid on the cart, finding food for breakfast.


All the good food had been eaten, the rest was either cookies or instant noodles.


Seriously, usually, as a snack to eat is okay.
But a few months in a row to eat, she now wanted to vomit when she looked at it.


She found two bags of braised beef noodles and two bags of scallion-flavored soda crackers, which were barely meaty and vegetarian.


The two of them sat cross-legged in the empty living room and finished eating this dry breakfast


Jiang Miaomiao clutched her neck in pain, “My throat is about to be cut…”


She should have brought half a bucket of water yesterday.
She’s so stupid.


Lu Qiming also tried very hard to eat, but he couldn't swallow the remaining half of the crackers.
He threw it aside and stood up and said:


“Let's go.


“Where to?”


He looked around, locking his eyes on a villa not far away, and lifted his chin.


“Start there first.”


Jiang Miaomiao wiped her mouth and replenished a bit of zombie blood to her body first, then followed him to the destination.


Unlike their new home, that house was occupied, and they were probably in a hurry when they left.
The door was unlocked, wide open, and there was a white BMW X5 parked in the garage.


Lu Qiming went to see the car first, looked around, and didn’t find the key.
He sighed with regret.


He turned around and found that Jiang Miaomiao had already entered the house and followed her in.
He saw her standing expectantly in front of a double-door refrigerator, her eyes bright as if filled with stars.


The next second, she opened the refrigerator.
She was stunned for two seconds then bent over and vomited wildly.


The refrigerator had been out of power for a month or two, and the eggs, bread, meat, fish, shrimp, fruits, etc.
inside were stored in a refrigerator comparable to a greenhouse, and they had long begun to rot.


The stench had not been dispersed, it was held in it, the more it was held, the more it smelled, and the moment it was opened, it rushed out… 


The smell, so extreme!


Jiang Miaomiao regretted that she had grown a nose.

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