s soon as there is a problem, okay?”

She has always wanted to have a dog, but unfortunately, she didn’t have a chance before.

Now that it’s the end of the world, when she meets such a dog while still alive, it’s almost God helping her realize her wish.
It’s a pity not to seize the opportunity.

Lu Qiming’s attitude was committed and his tone indifferent.

“Don’t raise it, let’s go home, or I’ll go back by myself.”

She didn’t dare to walk through so many zombies back to the villa alone, so she had to give up the dog and reluctantly glanced at it several times before turning around and leaving.

The puppy’s whining came from behind as if to keep them.

Jiang Miaomiao’s heart seemed to be pressed against a big stone, depressed and dull, so depressed that she was not even in the mood to find mung beans.

Lu Qiming has been peeking at her, and after a while, he asked:

“Do you really want to raise it?”

She nodded and then said:

“What to do now? just forget it.
You won’t let me take it back anyway.”

Lu Qiming flipped through the shelves next to him, found a roll of garbage bags, tore off a long strip, and pulled her wrist back.

Jiang Miaomiao was full of mist, “What are you going to do?”

He didn’t speak and walked straight to the corner just now.

The puppy was still squatting there, shaking even more when it saw him coming.

Lu Qiming let go of his hand, unfolded the garbage bag, put a hood on the dog, and lifted it up.

The puppy fell into the bag and crawled out in panic.

He moved his hands quickly, put on several more layers, and then handed it to Jiang Miaomiao.

“Don’t touch it before you wash it.”

Jiang Miaomiao was surprised.

“You agreed to let me take it back?”

“Otherwise?” He said angrily: “If we don’t take this dog back, I’m afraid that someone will show me their ugly faces for several days.”

She originally had this plan, but after being exposed to him, she was embarrassed, touched her nose, and laughed dryly.

“Where is that exaggeration?

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Lu Qiming curled his lips and walked forward.”

Jiang Miaomiao hugged the dog and followed him.

The puppy struggled at first but felt her body temperature and slowly calmed down.

The bag was not airtight.
She was afraid the dog would suffocate, so she opened a small hole.

The puppy’s big eyes observed her.
The eyes were smart, obviously not infected.

Lu Qiming put everything in the stroller and tied the stroller to the back seat of the bicycle with a climbing rope.

In this way, as long as he steps on the pedal in front, the cart will follow along, saving a lot of trouble.

“Come up.”

He patted the back seat.

Jiang Miaomiao sat up and focused all her attention on the puppy.

The little thing is so pitiful.
The puppy has definitely not eaten well during this period of time, and it is painful to be thin.

What should she feed it when they go back?

Isn’t it good to feed bacon? But Dogs seem to get sick easily if they eat too salty food.

Jiang Miaomiao patted the dog’s head and let out a scream.

Lu Qiming asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I knew..
I should return with dog food just now.”


When they got home, Jiang Miaomiao’s first thing was to take off her protective suit.
The second thing was to take the dog into the bathroom and bathe it.

Lu Qiming was completely ignored, and he was in a bad mood.
He lit a cigarette and leaned against the bathroom door, talking quietly.

“You haven’t been so active in bathing yourself.”

“You think it’s dirty, of course I have to clean it up.”

Jiang Miaomiao put the puppy in a large washbasin and put water in it.

Unfortunately, there was no water halfway through the shower.

She shook it, and it was useless, then looked at Lu Qiming for help.

The tap water stopped early, and water use in the villa is a troublesome matter.
It is necessary to bring water from the lake and pour it into a large bucket on the top floor to supply domestic water for bathing and cooking.

This kind of physical work has always been done by Lu Qiming.
As compensation, she will also wash off his clothes while washing clothes.

The two have always complemented each other, but today Lu Qiming quit and deliberately pretended to be stupid.

“See what I do?”

“There is no water.”


“Can you go fetch water?”

“No time.”

He turned his head and left.
Jiang Miaomiao chased after him with her wet hands and stopped in front of him.

“The food has been taken care of, there is nothing to do today.”

“I want to play a game.”

“Can you play at night?”

“No, I want to play now.”

Jiang Miaomiao was discouraged and took the initiative to show weakness.

“What do you want me to do before you are willing to fetch water?”

Lu Qiming’s gaze unconsciously fell on her blushing and soft lips, and he was distracted for a while, then quickly moved away and said with a straight face.:

“Nothing, just take care of the dog you brought by yourself.
Don’t bother me.”

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He went upstairs with hands in his trousers pockets, ignoring Jiang Miaomiao, who was stomping on her feet in anger behind him.

Deserve it, huh.

That dog is ugly like a ghost.
What does she like?

Like it because it’s alive?

He is still alive.
Why don’t you come and bathe him?

Lu Qiming decided to leave them alone, sitting in the room and turning on the old laptop to play solitaire.

After just playing two games, he couldn’t help but go downstairs to search for something to eat, and he glanced in secretly when he passed by the bathroom.

The person who he wanted to see was not there, only a stupid dog lying in the basin in a daze.

He walked to the window and looked out and saw a small figure through the railing of the anti-theft window.

Jiang Miaomiao, wearing a protective suit and carrying a bucket of water in her hand, walked laboriously from the artificial lake.

The bucket is not very large, and Lu Qiming can usually carry it home easily with one hand.

But when it came to her hand, it was as heavy as it could break her wrist.

The more he looked at it, the more irritable he became.
He bit off the braised duck neck in his hand and returned to the room with a cold face.

At 11:30, it’s lunchtime.

Lu Qiming went downstairs and saw Jiang Miaomiao sitting on the living room floor, holding a little white dog and kissing and rubbing it.

“This is the dog?”

“Yeah, it’s cute, it’s so white after washing, there are no wounds or skin diseases on the body, and it’s healthy.

Jiang Miaomiao touched its round head and lowered her head to talk to the puppy.

“It’s just too thin, you have to grow more meat.
What’s your name? I’ll call you Meimu from now on, okay? Jiang Meimu, Hehe, do you like the name?”

Talking to animals is purely mentally handicapped behavior.

Lu Qiming rolled his eyes and was about to cook.
He opened the pot lid and saw that the noodles were already cooked inside.

Jiang Miaomiao stood up, holding the dog, and patted its ass.

“I have already cooked the meal, let’s eat it.”

“Have you eaten yet?”

“No, wait for you to eat together.”

The word ”wait” warmed his heart, and the unhappiness he had accumulated in the morning was resolved a lot.
He took the initiative to give her noodles.

But soon, he was even more disappointed.

Jiang Miaomiao hugged the dog, clamped the noodles with chopsticks, and said very gentle:

“Puppy, open your mouth.”

The silly dog opened its mouth and ate the noodles she fed, his tail wagging happily.

She continued to feed, Lu Qiming couldn’t sit still, and put down the chopsticks:

“It’s a dog.”

Jiang Miao is puzzled.

“I know.”


“Then you raise it as a son?”

“I don’t necessarily have a chance to have children in my life.
What’s wrong with being nice to it.”

She looked at his bowl, thinking that he was afraid that the dog would have an infectious disease, so she took the dog to the balcony to eat alone.

Lu Qiming was so angry that he finished eating the noodles with a stuffy head, threw the dishes and chopsticks into the trash can, went upstairs, and played games.

He made up his mind unless the woman took the initiative to apologize.

Otherwise … let her go with the dog!

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