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It was early in the morning when she was awakened.
The man took a shower until dawn.


Jiang Miaomiao decided to ignore him and went to the living room to figure out what to eat for breakfast.
He came down with a large towel around his body.
The soft white cloth was tied around his thin and strong waist.


Apart from that, he doesn't have any piece of clothing.
He's half naked and barefoot.


Jiang Miaomiao almost had a nosebleed.


“You, where's your clothes?”


The man didn't speak, but walked in front of her and pulled the towel.


Damn it, this is so imposing!


She covered her eyes and wanted to scream, but was afraid of attracting the zombies so she made a series of strained noises.


What to do? Is she going to be forced?!


But after some time, the other party didn't touch her.
She opened her eyes curiously, the man calmly turned in a circle in front of her and his posture was still very lively.
He raised his arms and stretched his long legs.


Jiang Miaomiao: “…What are you doing?”


“I don't have any wounds so you don't have to worry about me becoming a zombie.”


So it's for this…
She was greatly relieved and leaned back on the chair, like she was paralyzed.


“Great, I thought…”




He tied up the towel again and asked lightly.


Jiang Miaomiao's face was hot, “Nothing.
Where's your clothes? That's my bath towel.”


“Too dirty.
I threw them away.”


He answered in a terrifying way and asked, “Is there any men's clothes here?”


She subconsciously shook her head, “No.”


After she saying that, she regretted it because she exposed herself.


The man chuckled when he heard her reply, apparently mocking her from lying to him before.


If there are men at home, how come there are no men's clothing?


Jiang Miaomiao covered her forehead and blamed herself for being a fool.
But soon she decided to let herself go and asked a crucial question.


“When are you leaving?”




“This is my house.
You're not planning to stay here forever, are you?”


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The man spread his hands, “You can open the door now and drive me out.”




Are you a rogue? There are zombies outside.
Won't they rush in, if she open the door?


But when she thought about it, there really seems to be no other way.
The windows were all equipped with anti-theft barriers and the air vent was sealed.
If she knew this would happen, she should have blocked the opening in the room when he climbed out so he couldn't come back.


The man said: “Since you don't plan to drive me away, give me clothes.”


Jiang Miaomiao had no choice but to go back to her bedroom and turn over her wardrobe.


She didn't bring much clothes, only three or four sets.
Since she didn't plan to go out after the apocalypse and didn't care about her image when she's going to die anyway, she only brought the most comfortable pajamas.


She lived a life without wearing a bra for more than a month which was very chic.
But these clothes aren't suitable for that person to wear.


Jiang Miaomiao looked at the set of short puff sleeve strawberry printed pink pajamas in the far corner and an evil thought came to her mind.


Two minutes later, she went down the stairs and handed her clothes in front of the other party.


“Here, these are my only extra clothes.
Wear them.”


The man: “…Are you kidding me?”


She put her hands on her hips while looking daggers at him.


“It's good to have something to wear.
Stop being choosy.
Look at the situation right now.
Do you think you're a president of a country?”


The other person took a deep breath, pulled off the towel and put on the clothes without any expression.


He didn't wear the shirt because his broad shoulders couldn't fit into her small shirt and only wore her shorts.


He has a narrow waist and could wear it, but the size is still too small for him and it made him look like he's fat.


The shorts wrapped tightly around his hips and long legs while his wide shoulders and sexy abs were exposed.


Jiang Miaomiao suddenly discovered that she was actually torturing herself.


The man folded the towel and threw it back to her, he said: “Because of the warm weather, there would be a large wave of zombies going south next month.
I'll at least wait until they leave the city before leaving.”


Jiang Miaomiao was shocked: “That means you'll stay here for at least a month?”




“No way!”


Her supplies are all for her own and she never thought of sharing them with others.


The man raised his eyebrows, “Do you think you can survive that wave of zombie attacks without me?”


“If I couldn't make it then you couldn't make it too.” Jiang Miaomiao gritted her teeth.
“If I was really bitten and turned into a zombie, the first person I'll eat would be you!”


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The other party scornfully grunted.


With her small body, let alone becoming a zombie and even if she really becomes a zombie plus the enhanced version, he's not her opponent.


Jiang Miaomiao rolled her eyes.
She decided to ignore him and live her own life.


She got up and went to the basement while saying:


“You can stay, but you can't touch my things casually.”


Of course, if he uses force then there's nothing she could do.


By then…
Forget it.
She didn't want that to happen, because that would be death.


Jiang Miaomiao came out with a bucket of sauerkraut beef noodles then she started boiling water and served it as her breakfast.



When she was eating her noodles, the man watched intently, but she didn't see it.


“This house isn't yours.
You must have just moved in.”


“There's no cosmetics in your room and no shower gel in the bathroom, but there's so much food and water, and they were only put here before the zombie outbreak.”


“You don't have a family.
Granted that you don't get along with them, but you should have gone to them at this time.
At least try it instead of hiding here alone.
You don't have any friends or a lover and you have an introverted personality, indicating that you grew up in a bad environment.
Probably due to your emotional experiences or some matters.”


He grabbed her hand and pinched it.


“Your arms are thin, but have some muscles.
Based on its shape, it's not because you go to the gym, but as a result of frequently carrying heavy objects.
You were a waiter?”


“You have a callus at the first joint of your right middle finger, which is slightly deformed.
You should write a lot of words all year round so you're working while studying?”


He touched his chin and his black eyes lit up.


“A female college student with no family, has an introverted personality with poor economic conditions, just hoarded a lot of supplies right before the zombie outbreak, say…”


Jiang Miaomiao's scalp went numb.
She turned back and shouted: “What do you want?”


He withdrew his profound look and frankly said: “I'm hungry.”


The corner of her mouth twitched then she pointed to the basement.


“The fourth box in the third row, go take it yourself!”


The man took a bucket of instant noodles and poured it with her boiled water.
He lifted the lid, inhaled its aroma and finished the noodles in three mouthfuls then drank the soup in one breath.


Jiang Miaomiao: …A pig broke into the house!


The man went to take another bucket then the third and fourth bucket, and stopped after eating his fifth bucket.


“I haven't eaten in three days.”


He probably felt embarrassed and wanted to explain.


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Jiang Miaomiao uttered, “Really? I thought you hadn't eaten in your entire life.
You look like a ghost who died of starvation.”


“I'm sleepy.”


After the man finished the last sip of soup, he wiped his mouth with a tissue then went into the bedroom and fell asleep.


Jiang Miaomiao passed by him to throw the garbage.


Jiang Miaomiao swept the floor while passing by him.


Jiang Miaomiao jumps rope while passing by him.


He's still sleeping soundly without changing positions.


He's really a pig.


She shouldn't let some eccentric person affect her life pace.


This was what she thought.
She took her pen and paper in the living room and continued to practice her calligraphy.


At noon, after she's done copying two pages of the pig raising manual, Jiang Miaomiao washed the rice and cooked it.
She opened a can of braised pork and cut a few pieces of meat from a piece of ham then served it with soaked dried vegetables to make herself a “big meal”.



When she took the meat out of the pot, the man smelled its aroma and came out.


“Make me a copy.”


“Call me dad.” She said casually.


The other party immediately called out: “Dad.”


Jiang Miaomiao: …Shameless!


“Will you make my share now?” The man asked.


“Don't get in the way.
Stop staying here and get out.”


Jiang Miaomiao threw him out of the kitchen and closed the door.
However, she put two more spoons of white rice in the pot.


The fragrant white rice is more precious than gold in a world where zombies are rampant.


The man went to the living room and sat in a chair then saw her pig raising manual.
Ten minutes later, the fragrant fried rice came out of the pot.


Jiang Miaomiao came out with two plates of fried rice.
She wanted to ask him to give up his chair then realized that she didn't know his name, but still has to feed him.


“That's my chair.”


The man didn't resist.
He gave her the chair and sat cross legged on the wooden floor.


“My name is Lu Qiming.”


Lu Qiming…
It seems that she hasn't seen this name in the book.
Is he also a cannon fodder?


Jiang Miaomiao curiously stared at him for a few times and her eyes inadvertently swept over his waist then she quickly withdrew her gaze.

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“I was with my friends before I accidentally got lost.
When the zombies leave, I'll go and find them.”




“Thank you for the meal.”


After Lu Qiming said that, she only felt a gust of wind when a plate of rice was emptied after two or three bites then it was pushed in front of her.


“I want more.”


Jiang Miaomiao was full of black lines, “No way.
Go cook for yourself.”


She soon regretted saying this sentence.


Cooking requires materials and many of them are in the basement.
Lu Qiming slowly searched inside with a flashlight and found her treasures.


River snail rice noodles, turkey noodles, hot pot soup base, egg yolk crisp and pork chop…
Jiang Miaomiao wasn't afraid of dying fast, but she's afraid of not eating well before dying so she has prepared dozens of foods she liked.
She planned to eat them slowly.
However, he ate one third of them in one afternoon.


Looking at the empty packs on the coffee table in the living room, her heart was bleeding.
She decided to fight back and took a written agreement in front of him.


“Sign it!”


Lu Qiming raised his head with half a piece of pork chop in his mouth, “What's this?”


“It's a roommate agreement and you must meet the above requirements in order to stay.”


He read it word by word.


First, due to limited non-renewable supplies, Party B must control his food intake.
No more than 500 grams of food and no more than half a bucket of water a day.


Second, due to limited space, Party B must respect Party A’s privacy and shall not enter or leave the bedroom and bathroom at will.
The living room is shared, but furniture such as coffee tables, TV, cabinets, chairs and bookshelves are all personal items of Party A.
When she's not using them, Party B could temporarily borrow them.


Third, Party A only lets Party B stay, but is not responsible for taking care of him.
Party A will provide Party B food and drink every day.
As compensation, Party B shall undertake all the housework and heavy physical labor in the Villa, like sweeping the floor, wiping the table, throwing the garbage and moving the furniture.
Party B must be proactive and doesn't need Party A to remind him.


Fourth, due to the special circumstances of the apocalypse, Party A’s physical conditions are limited.
If the zombies broke into the house, Party B should fight with them.
Party B should bear the responsibility of protecting Party A and drive the zombies out of the Villa.


Fifth, if food and water are gone, Party B will automatically give up the right to use them and consciously leave the Villa.




The regulations are densely packed, but could be summed up in one sentence: eat less, do more and shoulder the danger.


Lu Qiming held the agreement and raised his eyebrows.


“Don't you think that you're squeezing me?”


Jiang Miaomiao shrugged, “You could leave directly so I won't be able to squeeze you.”


He smiled, shook his head and signed his name in the blank space after the two words of Party B.


Jiang Miaomiao's mood improved.


Anyway, she has a lot of supplies so it's okay to allocate some.
As long as the other party really obeyed their agreement, she would have an obedient dog and someone to chat with to pass the time.

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