There was a “wait” from behind, and then a person jumped on his back, clamped his waist, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the cheek.

Everything happened so quickly that he didn’t even have time to turn his head.

Jiang Miaomiao patted his head, jumped off him, grabbed his things, and ran downstairs.

“Thank you!”

The voice was still in his ears, and the person had already run downstairs.

Lu Qiming couldn’t laugh or cry.
He touched his face, took off his clothes, folded them into a palm-sized cube, covered his mouth and nose, and turned and opened the door.

It took a full night for the smell to barely dissipate.

The two lived on the nineteenth floor for one night, and the next morning they mustered up their courage and came to the twentieth floor again.

They went up with their mouths and noses covered.
When they walked to the door, Lu Qiming released his palms and took a shallow breath.
He closed his eyes and felt for a moment.
After confirming that he was okay, he put down his hand and said to her.:

“All right.”

Jiang Miaomiao felt relieved, untied the clothes on her face and Jiang Meimu’s face, and looked inside.

The supermarket occupies an entire floor, and an entrance is outside the door.

Today the sun is as good as yesterday, and the light shines in from the window, illuminating everything inside clearly.

Countless tall shelves are full of goods, and the food area is the closest to them.

Jiang Miaomiao saw a lot of boxed bread at a glance and ran over excitedly.
After a closer look, she found that the bread in the box had long been moldy and rotted, shrinking into a black ball.

There are many pieces of bread, croissants, donuts, whole wheat bread, sandwiches… There are hundreds of servings of various flavors, and it just rots.

She was bleeding from heartache, and Lu Qiming followed.

“Don’t separate yet, check the environment here, and consider taking anything after making sure there is no danger.”



The supermarket has always been a crowded place.
If a few zombies are hiding here and not going out, it will be enough for them to drink.

They put down the things in their hands, took only chainsaws and flashlights, and wandered around the supermarket, not letting go of every corner.

The food in the fresh area and the quick-frozen area has been completely rotten and cannot be eaten.

The food in the seasoning area and snack area is still well preserved.
Only some of them are expired.

Most of the beverage area can be drunk normally, and boxes of mineral water are piled up into hills.

These things alone are enough for them to live for a year and a half.
In addition, there is a mother and baby area, which contains a lot of milk powder and nutritional products.

High-concentration liquor can be used for disinfection in the drinking water area, and low-concentration alcoholic beverages can replace it when drinking water is not enough.

The furniture area, tissue paper, pots and pans, blankets, and quilts can be used daily.

There are multiple nursing areas, countless shampoos, shower gels, and skin care products.
Not to mention the long shelf life, there are still many brands for them to choose from.

The products in the home appliance area are temporarily unavailable because there is no electricity.
It stands to reason that such a large shopping mall will always have a generator, but the two are new here and don’t know where they put it.

Jiang Miaomiao looked forward to them being useful because when she passed by, she glanced at the prices of the signature products, and her worldview was almost refreshed.

60,000 yuan for a single-door small refrigerator, 180,000 yuan for a 100-inch TV, and the Dyson hair dryer and vacuum cleaner that she has heard of for a long time but has been reluctant to buy.

The two walked for a while and found a magical place-the walk-in cold storage area.

The refrigeration function had been terminated when the power went out, and they walked in expectantly, only to see boxes of rotten eggs, blackened fruits, and vegetables.

The smell here is much stronger than in other places.
They didn’t dare to stay for a long time, just took a look and retreated.

Jiang Miaomiao shuttled among the huge five or six-meter-high shelves, looked left and right, and suddenly saw a round thing on the ground, stiff all over, grabbing Lu Qiming’s hand.

The latter asked in a low voice:

“What’s wrong?”

“It looks like… there seems to be a human head!”

Human head?

He narrowed his eyes and walked over with the chainsaw in hand.


Jiang Miaomiao followed closely behind him and turned on the flashlight.

The two came to the thing, looked at it carefully, and both breathed a sigh of relief.

Where is there any head? It’s just a moldy, leaky basketball.

Lu Qiming put down the chainsaw and patted her on the shoulder.

“It’s safe here, let’s stay here.”

Jiang Miaomiao had wanted to do this a long time ago.
During the one month, they were trapped by the flood.
They ate biscuits, candies, and lo mei every day.

It’s good to eat these as snacks, but if you eat them as a staple food for a month, the gods can’t stand it.

After Lu Qiming said that, she returned to the snack area to find something new to fill her stomach.

Butter cake, nuts, waffles… There are a lot of things, but what she wants most now is a warm meal.

Hey, there are noodles!

Jiang Miaomiao’s eyes lit up, and she took a pack but soon became depressed again.

What’s the use of having it? Without fuel, she can’t eat it.

Lu Qiming glanced at her and asked:

“You want to eat?”

She nodded, then shook her head again and put the noodles back.


“Forget it, let’s eat biscuits.”

It’s better to have something to eat than nothing to eat.
Now is the end of the world, and she no longer has the right to be picky.

Lu Qiming held her hand and took the noodles.

“You are very dirty.
There is a lot of mineral water here.
Let’s take a bath and wash your hair by the way.”

“That’s such a waste.
Keep the mineral water for drinking.
If I want to wash it, I can just wash it in the diving water.”

“Are you sure? If the sewer is broken, everything in it will leak into the water.”

“… Don’t be disgusting with me, can you? You swam yourself too.”

“Go take a shower, listen to me, be good.”

Lu Qiming kept telling her to bathe, which made Jiang Miaomiao very curious, “What exactly do you want to do?”


He squeezed his eyes, “You’ll know when you finish the shower.”

It was so mysterious.
She wanted to see what good things were going on.

Jiang Miaomiao carried a box of water, found a washbasin and towels, took a bottle of shower gel and shampoo, and went to the women’s toilet to take a shower.

Lu Qiming also took action.
He brought a shopping basket with various spices such as pasta, oil, and black pepper sauce.
He also took a full set of pots and pans, brought them to an open area, and then dismantled a small shelf.
Use iron wire to twist it into the shape of a bucket, big and small.

After doing this, he searched in the huge supermarket and moved all the cartons, packaging bags, and other things that could be used as fuel there.


Lu Qiming took out the lighter he was carrying, lit a pile of fire, buckled the iron shelf upside down on it, and then put a flat-topped pot on the top, which was just the right size.

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