it understanding of her and knocked on the door within a few minutes.

“Miao Miao, are you asleep?”

She wiped off her sweater and kicked off the quilt.

“Not yet.”

“Can I go in?”

Of course, if he doesn’t come, she wants to hug the pillow and go to the next door to find him.

Jiang Miao Miao jump

After getting out of bed and unlocking it, Lu Qiming came in and stood by the bed, looking preoccupied.

She sat cross-legged on the bed and asked puzzledly:

“Is something wrong again?”

“Are you willing to accept me completely?”


“If my past is not as bright and upright as you thought, would you still be willing to be with me?”

Jiang Miao Miao couldn’t help but swallow and ask worriedly:

“Why are you saying this all of a sudden? Could it be… is it really a death row prisoner who escaped from prison?”


“Oh, all right.”

She patted her chest and soon became curious, “What on earth do you do?”


He lowered his eyes as if he was reluctant to mention this matter but forced himself to speak out.

“I’m a mercenary.”

Jiang Miao Miao looked at him in surprise.


“I practiced Sanda since I was a child and was admitted to a sports school.
In my junior year, I was recommended by a friend and went to the Middle East to sign a mercenary company and worked there for six years.”

She stroked her chin thoughtfully, leaned over, and asked:

“What do mercenaries do? Help other countries fight wars? Or serve as bodyguards for top bosses?”

“As long as you give enough money, you can do anything.”

After Lu Qiming finished answering, he smiled bitterly and said:

“You should be very disappointed.”

Soldiers are the glory of the country and the heroes of the people.
When encountering danger, they will defend their home and country.
When encountering enemies, they will always rush to the forefront.

Mercenaries are different.

They have no national honor and no political affiliation.
They are just high-level security guards who work for money.

The two are completely incomparable.

“I don’t mind.
We’re all adults.
Who hasn’t made a little secret that you don’t want to tell others? And now that you’re willing to confess, it shows that you still have a good conscience.”

Jiang Miao Miao rolled her eyes and suddenly thought of something.

“The reason why you reject me repeatedly is because of this?”

Lu Qiming didn’t speak.

This is not the whole reason, but it is one of the reasons.

These reasons became a thorn in his throat whenever he wanted to be intimate with her.

He dared to fight zombies with bare hands but didn’t dare to take that step easily.

Jiang Miao Miao observed his expression and held his bandaged hand.

“You did well in school, why did you suddenly become a mercenary? How dangerous.”

If you stay in the sports school all the time and are lucky enough to participate in the world competition and win a championship, that would be great.


Even if the qualifications are mediocre, you can retire as soon as you graduate and still be a coach.
Isn’t it much better than leaving your hometown?

Lu Qiming was shocked in short.

“Because of a lack of money.”

His mother was seriously ill, his father’s company had problems, and the whole family was on the verge of collapse.

For this reason, he signed a five-year long-term contract with the company, received a large sum of money, and called home to treat their illnesses and pay back the debts.

Unexpectedly, the financial problem was solved, and the mother’s illness was cured, but the relationship between the parents was broken.

They secretly divorced in his third year abroad, and each started a new family.


He wandered around with a few teammates to complete the task, brushing shoulders with death countless times.

Luckily, he survived until the end of his long-term contract, but he found himself homeless.

The parents have a new family and no longer need him; the closest people are only a few comrades who have lived and died together.

He chose to stay, and his comrades died one after another, but he was still alive.

Originally planning to make another fortune, he went to a place where no one knew him and made a small living.

But unexpectedly, the last mission before leaving the job will completely change the rest of his life…

Lu Qiming fell into memory and didn’t move for a long time.

Jiang Miao Miao rubbed his face, “Okay, forget it if you don’t want to say it.”

His handsome face was deformed by her.
He raised his head and asked blankly:

“Aren’t you angry?”

“Why am I angry?”

Jiang Miao Miao fell back and lay on the bed looking at the ceiling.

“You are brave, strong, and responsible.
These alone are enough for me to admire.
As for what you were like before, it doesn’t matter to me.
I am also an ordinary person, I just want to eat well and sleep warmly.
If you are some kind of national hero with a difficult task, then I am ashamed to stay by your side and hold you back.

Lu Qiming was dubious.
She sat up suddenly, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him.

“Lu Qiming, I don’t mind your past, I like you, I want you.”

When the apocalypse broke out, she wanted to use limited resources to make her life more comfortable.

But now, she wants to cherish every minute and every second and stay with the person she likes.


She wants to be a happy salted fish, not to be aggrieved before death, and not to regret after death.

The two couldn’t help hugging each other tightly, rubbing their ears together.

The sheets were ruffled, and clothes were left on the carpet.

When there was only the last layer of barrier left, Lu Qiming suddenly let go of his hand.

“I’m going to get something.”

Jiang Miao Miao smiled, took out the small box from under the pillow, and shook it.

“Is it this one?”

Lu Qiming was slightly surprised, then hugged her again and bit her earlobe.

“I hope we never regret it.”

“I don’t regret it.” She opened the box with shortness of breath and handed him a piece, lying on the bed very nervous.

“But you have to be gentle, I’m afraid of pain.”

Lu Qiming kissed her from her fingertips to her chin, her eyes were blurred, but a firm light shone.

“Miao Miao, I love you.”


Jiang Miao Miao has read dozens, if not hundreds, of small yellow books, and she was so excited at night by their shameful descriptions that she couldn’t sleep.

(A little yellow book is Chinese slang for erotic literature.
Basically a porn book)

But when she experienced it herself, she realized that the description in the original novel was not as good as the real event.

Coolness is not completely cool, and pain is not heart-piercing pain.

The two are intertwined, making people wish they could merge with each other and never separate.


It was physical work, and she soon became exhausted.

Lu Qiming is full of energy, from gentle and patient at the beginning to the violent wind and rain after adaptation.
It is so long that she can’t see the end.

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