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Remaining battery, 8%.


Is there a mistake? It's been charging all afternoon and only this much? Using potatoes to generate electricity is faster than this.


8% battery.
What games could she play? What song could she listen to? What movie could she watch?


Jiang Miaomiao looked at the solar power bank like it's chicken ribs.
It's tasteless, but it's a pity to give it up.


Lu Qiming came over.


“Can I borrow your phone?”




“I need to look at the GPS.”


The GPS APP on her mobile phone has a cache so even if there's no internet at the moment, you can see the map of the city.


Lu Qiming found the nearest supermarket to the Villa and it was almost the same distance as Jiang Miaomiao had said before.
It would take seven stops by bus and about 20 minutes.
But the shortest driving distance is 2.5km and it only takes about eight minutes.


He was holding the phone while thinking and suddenly asked:


“When will your great aunt come again?”


All their previous stocks have been used up.


Jiang Miaomiao's mouth twitched, “You pervert.
What do you want to do? You want to use my blood to attract the zombies?”


Lu Qiming righteously said, “Since you're going to throw it away, it's better to use it.”


“No.” She felt disgusted just thinking about it.


“Aren't you afraid of staying here and starving to death?”


“If you die, you die.
I never planned to live until the next year when I decided to stay here in the first place.”


Jiang Miaomiao continued: “Anyway, I won't run out with you and take the risk anymore.
If you want to, go by yourself.
Don't drag me.”


Lu Qiming was speechless and threw the phone into her hands and walked to the dinner table to eat.


Jiang Miaomiao had eaten a pack of self-heating rice in the afternoon and her stomach was still full.
She ignored him and took the flashlight then went to the corner beside the refrigerator to check the bean saplings she brought back.


The bean sprouts are about half as high as her calf and the leaves are already coming out.
She estimated that it won't take long for it to bloom and form pods.


If she could eat a pot of fresh soybean stew before death then it's worth dying.


It's just that there are too few nutrients in the pot to meet her growth needs.
The bean saplings are obviously wilting and may die soon.


It must be planted in soil.


But this Villa was either covered with floor or cement.
Where can she find soil?


The yard has it.
She wanted to take a small bucket and sneak out to get some back, but she feared that golden half buttocks wouldn't agree.


Jiang Miaomiao was entangled.


Lu Qiming squinted at her, “I can help you get soil in the yard.”


She guessed his intention and immediately refused.


“I don't sell blood.”


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“Who wants you to sell blood? Just give me half of it when it grows.”


“Really?” This can be considered.


Lu Qiming spoke: “If you don't believe me then you can get it yourself.”


Jiang Miaomiao stood up, “Stop bragging.
I want to see what you got.”


He coldly snorted and left a sentence “wait and see” after eating and went upstairs.


In the evening, Jiang Miaomiao listened to two songs with her phone's pitiful batter and closed her eyes to enjoy the familiar song, but she suddenly missed her once dull life.


According to the plot of the original book, those who escaped should have established a base in Tibet while the male and female leads are still beating zombies outside to save people.


When the zombie outbreak was over, they will launch counterattacks with the government army, go through hardships and finally return to the city.


The whole phase lasted for more than ten years and there were countless casualties.
Those who survived were either lucky or had abilities beyond the normal range.


As a waste wood, obviously she couldn't make it.


Her mobile phone screensaver was a prosperous night view of the city.
She sighed and fell asleep.


The next morning, Jiang Miaomiao was woken up by the sound of banging downstairs.


She rubbed her eyes and went down the stairs to check.
She saw that Lu Qiming was holding a kitchen knife while dismantling a desk.
He picked up the table leg and cut it in a circle.


Jiang Miaomiao wondered, “What are you doing? Toothpicks?”


Lu Qiming didn't raise his head, “Making weapons.”


“What kind of weapon can this be used for? A salted fish spear?”


“No more sarcastic remarks.
Get ready.”


Jiang Miaomiao suddenly sobered up and silently stepped back.


“What am I getting ready for? I haven't had enough sleep.”


“When I lead those zombies, you take the opportunity to dig the soil.
Look at my instructions and you can come back as soon as you can.”


She decisively shook her head.


“No way.”


“You don't want to grow beans anymore?”


“Want, but I'll die before I can eat them.”


Lu Qiming was extremely speechless, “The attention of the zombies is all on me.
It's me who's in danger.
You won't have to worry about your life, do you understand?”


Jiang Miaomiao nodded.


Lu Qiming's expression eased a little.


“Then will you go?”


“I'll go.
Wait till I get back to my room and change.”


She said to go to her room, but after she entered her room, she immediately locked the door and shouted, “I don't want to die.”



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There are so many zombies out there.
How much is one Lu Qiming for them to chew? Won't they come at her after eating him?


She can't run fast and had little strength.
She will definitely die.


She won't grow beans anymore because she's already satisfied with bean sprouts.


Jiang Miaomiao stayed in her bedroom for a whole morning without going out.
At noon, Lu Qiming came to knock on the door.


“Are you really not going? Then I'll go.”


Jiang Miaomiao's voice came through the door, “You're going alone to attract the zombies and dig soil?”


He laughed, “If I'm lucky, I'll have a chance.”


Jiang Miaomiao stopped talking.
She looked at the door as if talking to herself.


“If I fail to return, you can eat those foods all by yourself.”


“No need to collect my corpse and if I also become a zombie, please don't give me a name as ugly as golden half buttocks.”


“When the government comes back to reclaim the city, remember to tell them that I sacrificed myself for a pot of soybean saplings.”


Jiang Miaomiao couldn't help but open the door, “I'll go.
Aren't we going?”


Lu Qiming put the bucket and spatula that he had already prepared into her arms and pushed her downstairs.


Jiang Miaomiao repeatedly asked before opening the door.


“Are you sure you have a chance to come back alive? If you're bitten, I won't care for you.”


Lu Qiming grabbed the several sharp table legs that he cut and moved the last barrier behind the door.
He held her shoulders when she was about to open the door and said:


“Close your eyes and silently count five seconds before you go out.”


Jiang Miaomiao took a deep breath and did as he said.
She closed her eyes and heard the rhythm of her heart beating.












Go out!


Jiang Miaomiao rushed out holding the bucket and spatula.
She squatted down to dig where there was soil.
She didn't dare to waste time looking back.
The screams and roars of zombies keep coming from behind.


She didn't know how long she had been digging.
It could only be a dozen seconds or maybe a few minutes.
She couldn't tell the passage of time because she was so nervous.


Finally, Lu Qiming's voice rang out.


“Go back!”


Like a horse that was stabbed with a knife in the butt, she immediately jumped up and ran with the bucket.


Halfway through, Jiang Miaomiao couldn't resist her curiosity and secretly looked back.



It was okay if she never looked back, but she saw the bloody mouth of golden half buttocks less than half a meter away from her! She almost fainted from the nasty smell.


With this scare, she took a step back and golden half buttocks stretched out his fat rotten left hand to grab her shoulder.

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Jiang Miaomiao screamed while thinking that she's going to die.


However, a spear flew from behind and pierced the left arm of golden half buttocks with great accuracy.
It penetrated from his shoulder to his wrist and the sharp tip of the spear scratched against Jiang Miaomiao's skin.


Golden half buttocks reflexively released his hand and screamed loudly.


Jiang Miaomiao forced herself to cheer up and seize the opportunity to run into the house.
After entering, she immediately turned back and called Lu Qiming to hurry up.


Lu Qiming's body was successively drowned by the zombies and his voice came from afar.


“Close the door!”




Golden half buttocks came again and Jiang Miaomiao had no time to hesitate, she slammed the door, locked it and piled up the furniture to block it.


Her series of actions were mechanical and completely instinctive.


She didn't care to see how much soil she had dug back.
She had only one thought in her mindㅡLu Qiming was going to die.


It's normal for people to die in the apocalypse.
There are hundreds of well known cannon fodders that died in the original book.
The number of Lu Qiming is nothing.


But when she thought that the other party was dying for her soybean saplings, she felt guilty that she's about to vomit blood.


What to do? Can she help? But what can she do?


Jiang Miaomiao ran to the basement and found the diesel oil that was originally intended for the generator.
She held it in her arms and moved away the things behind the door.


Diesel can burn.
She could splashed it on the zombies and ignited it to save Lu Qiming.


Looking at the doorknob, her legs softened.


Woo, she is afraid…


Jiang Miaomiao pinched her thighs and told herself: Even if she dies, at least she has eaten and drank enough.
She has lived more than a month longer than the original host.


Her thighs were pinched until it turned purple.
She tried to rush out, but heard a voice from the second floor.


“Is anybody out there? I need help.”


This voice…
It's Lu Qiming?


Jiang Miaomiao even forgot to put down the diesel and ran upstairs.


In Lu Qiming's room, he was stuck in the ventilation duct.


She stared at the blood stained man.


“You're not dead?”


“Who said I'm dead?”


“But you clearly…”


“Give me a hand.
I'm getting fat these days and I can't get down.”


Jiang Miaomiao nodded and put down the diesel.
She jumped to pull his hand.


Lu Qiming frowned, “Go find a stick…”


Before he could finish his words, she jumped hard to grab his hand and pulled him out with all her might, and they fell to the ground together at the same time.


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Lu Qiming was so heavy that she felt her ribs getting crushed by him.
Her eyes were black with pain, but she was happy.


Lu Qiming touched her chest, “Don't use your back to poke me.”


She was dumbstruck and raised her leg, “Get off from your grandpa.”


After the kick, she regretted it because Lu Qiming left his apron in the ventilation duck when he fell down and the thin fabric was dangling with the airflow.


It means that he was…


Lu Qiming turned over in pain and covered his lower body while rolling on the floor.


“You're more vicious than zombies.”


Jiang Miaomiao's cheeks were reddish and she pretended that nothing had happened.
She got up and took out the bed sheet then threw it to him and asked:


“You were clearly surrounded by zombies.
How come you came back alive?”


Lu Qiming sat cross legged on the ground and wrapped himself into a ball with the bed sheet.


“Who knows, maybe they think I'm handsome.”


She thought of another strange thing, “How did you throw that stick? It was so accurate.”


“I practiced shot put when I was a kid.”


“Is this really the reason?”




She was answered by a question.


She originally doubted whether he was a peerless master hidden in this world or a powerful figure like the special forces.
But looking at the way he got stuck in the ventilation duct, it's probably from practicing shot put.


Jiang Miaomiao shrugged and planned to go downstairs to block the door, but Lu Qiming grabbed her wrist as she passed by.


“Are you in love with me?”




“You thought I was going to die and couldn't bear it so you would rather risk your life to rush out with the diesel oil to save me, right?”


He patted the diesel barrel beside him and smiled proudly.


Jiang Miaomiao whispered, “Stop being narcissistic.
I'm going to make a fire to cook.
Who cares about you?”


She grabbed the diesel barrel and walked downstairs.
Lu Qiming slowly stood up and arranged the sheets on his body while thinking whether it's better to wrap it around his waist like a bath towel or to wrap it around his shoulders.


After a few seconds, Jiang Miaomiao came back again with a frightened look on her face.


“Oh no! It's coming in!”




“Golden half buttocks!”


The roar of golden half buttocks sounded downstairs and her scalp felt numb.


T/N: yo Lu Qiming what's wrong with being flat chested?!

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