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It's over.
Is she going to die?


She doesn't want to become a zombie woo…


Is it too late to turn on the gas now? Should she just drink the diesel directly?


Right now, countless thoughts flashed in Jiang Miaomiao's mind and while she was measuring how to die quickly without pain, Lu Qiming suddenly went out.


She quickly grabbed him.


“What are you doing? There are zombies below!”


“I'll go look at the situation first.”


Lu Qiming walked to the stairs and looked down.


Jiang Miaomiao didn't dare to stay alone in the room so she followed him out.


In the living room, golden half buttocks was wandering and was looking for the enemy's figure.


Lu Qiming whispered, “There's only one…”


“Isn't one enough? How many do you want?”


Lu Qiming suddenly untied the bed sheet.


Jiang Miaomiao asked, “What are you trying to do?”


“Grab this.”


“What? You're crazy!” She couldn't help raising her volume, but she quickly lowered it again for fear of being discovered by golden half buttocks, “How can you hold it? You saw how his hands can move and that monster isn't afraid of pain.
Don't go and die!”


“Who said I'm going?” Lu Qiming poked her shoulder and smirked, “I'm tired.
You go.”


Jiang Miaomiao shut up and left.


He stretched out his hand and dragged her back.


“You don't need to do too much.
Do you see that staircase? Just stand on it and call it.”


The corners of her mouth twitched, “Call it? Do you think I'm a professional horn?”


Lu Qiming said: “Listen to me.
If I can't catch it, I will chop off my head and make it your stool.”


Jiang Miaomiao rolled her eyes, “I don't want your stinky head.
Let go.”


“You're really not going? It would be done in three minutes at most.”


“What done?“


She's going to drink diesel now.
Three minutes is enough to poison herself.


Jiang Miaomiao pushed away his hand and turned towards her room.


Lu Qiming murmured a word of apology behind her back.
Then her entire body rose in the air.
She was hugged and thrown onto the stairs.


She felt pain in her buttocks and wanted to rush back to fight with him desperately.
At this time, she saw golden half buttocks at the corner of her eyes and shouted hard.


“Golden half buttocks!”

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Golden half buttocks wouldn't naturally agree, but when he found her, he stretched out his arm that was pierced by the chair leg and ran towards her.


He was a flexible fat man.
He can run faster than a dog and he was under the stairs in a flash.


Jiang Miaomiao couldn't even run away from him.
She thought she was dead.
However, she saw the bed sheet falling over and covered golden half buttocks.
Lu Qiming sped into the air like a huge bird spreading his wings.
He jumped down the stairs naked and threw the zombie to the ground.


“Go look for a rope!” He struggled to hug golden half buttocks and shouted.


Jiang Miaomiao had no time to think about anything else.
She did what he said and rushed into the basement to find a rope.


She found a rope, it's the plastic skipping rope that she was going to use to keep fit and kill time.


She took the skipping rope and returned to the living room.
Golden half buttocks was too strong and Lu Qiming couldn't hold it anymore.




Lu Qiming took the skipping rope and quickly tied it to golden half buttocks.
The skipping rope was originally 2.8 meters long, but when it was tied to him it looked like four or five meters.


After confirming that the other party's head was wrapped under the bed sheet and his hands and feet were also tied up by the skipping rope, and that he couldn't move anymore, Lu Qiming wrapped the skipping rope around golden half buttocks and tied a dead knot.


Lu Qiming was sweating while he lay on the floor.


Jiang Miaomiao rushed to close the door to avoid the zombies in the courtyard from coming in.
She piled up the furniture one by one to block the door.


She was almost exhausted after getting these all done, but there was one more important thing that she hadn't done yet.
She ran in front of Lu Qiming and started beating him!


“Asshole! Son of a bitch! You actually threw me down!”


Fortunately, she wasn't bitten, otherwise she would be a zombie by now!


Lu Qiming was exhausted and held her hand softly.


“Stop beating, you can't hurt me.”


It makes sense.


She picked up a chair as her weapon, “Will this hurt?”


Lu Qiming turned over and got up to explain.


“I swear if I have something else as a bait, I wouldn't throw you down and if I wasn't sure it would succeed, I wouldn't do it.”


“Don't fight back.”


“It's not an excuse.
Really, I swear! If it's a lie, I will be gnawed by the zombies with no bones left, is that okay?”


Jiang Miaomiao hesitated when he swore that poisonous oath.


In just two seconds, she accidentally saw the guy hanging down from him.
She was so frightened that she dropped the chair and quickly turned her face away.


“Wear your clothes.”


Lu Qiming escaped.
He ran back upstairs and put on his dried floral panties.
He washed his face again then went downstairs.


The head of golden half buttocks was completely covered with the bed sheet which couldn't be seen or heard his roars.
He was lying on the ground while twisting like a big fat insect.


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Jiang Miaomiao stood beside him, feeling helpless.
Seeing Lu Qiming coming down, she said, “Hurry and throw it out.”


Lu Qiming opened a bottle of coke and leaned his head on the table while drinking.


“Why throw it out? Let's keep it.”


“Keep it and let it eat you?” She didn't want to be in a room with a zombie and had to worry about it every minute.



Lu Qiming put on the bottle cap and blinked at her.


“Keep it for a big purpose.”


He went to find tools and found a roll of scotch tape.
He tied it to golden half buttocks for a few times then kicked open the door of the utility room behind the kitchen, threw it in and locked the door.


Jiang Miaomiao really couldn't understand.
Why does he have to leave a zombie in the house? What if it came out and bit them one day?


By the way, he's been fighting with them just now.
Did he get hurt?


Lu Qiming noticed her inquiring eyes and immediately squatted on the ground and screamed.


“My body hurts.”


“Ah? Where did you get bitten?”


Is it too late to get out now?




He stretched out a hand.


Jiang Miaomiao looked left and right, “There's no wound.”


“It was hit by a chair.
Of course, there's no wounds, all are internal injuries.”


Then she reacted, got up and kicked him.


“You deserve it.”


After she said that, she sat on the chair.


Lu Qiming crouched on the ground and pretended to be pitiful.


“My head hurts, did I have a concussion?”


“I'm so hungry.
I don't know if anyone is willing to cook a bowl of noodles for me.”


“Oh, it's so hard to be human, but it's even harder to be a man.
I've obviously done so many things, but was still rejected.”


Jiang Miaomiao couldn't bear it anymore.
She suddenly stood up and threatened him fiercely.


“If you talk again.
I will die with you!”


Lu Qiming shut his mouth wisely and made a zipper movement on his lips then looked at her innocently with a pair of big eyes.


Jiang Miaomiao went upstairs expressionlessly, walked inside her bedroom and locked the door.


After the fight just now, she was so tired.
She went to the bathroom and poured half a basin of cold water, wiped herself with a towel, got into the bed and closed her eyes before going to sleep.


Not sure how long when Lu Qiming came to knock on the door.

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“I made fried rice with ham sausage.
Come out and eat.”


Jiang Miaomiao opened her eyes and her nose was sour.


He's so annoying when he talks that it makes people want to pour dung into his mouth, but sometimes he was good to her.


How could there be such an annoying guy in the world? It's a pity that the author didn't let him be the protagonist.


Lu Qiming silently went downstairs and came back after a while.


“Can I go in? I'll help you with your meal.
Let's go to bed after eating.”


Jiang Miaomiao sneaked past on tiptoes and unlocked the door.
She slipped back inside the quilt and said coldly, “Come in.”



Lu Qiming opened the door while holding the fried rice in his hand.
His expression was very gentle.


“You're also tired during the day, you need to replenish your energy.
You can't let your body starve, get up and eat.”


She sneered and turned away from him.


“I won't eat what you cook.
This vicious lady isn't worthy.”


“Since it's been cooked already, might as well eat it.
I'll be sad if you won't eat.”


Lu Qiming softly persuaded her and even tried to spoon feed her.
Jiang Miaomiao had no choice but to sit up and eat the fried rice he made.


She has to say that his cooking skill is really top notch.
Obviously, the fried rice was made with the same ingredients, but his was more fragrant than hers.


Lu Qiming sat next to her and took care of her.
He poured her water to drink like a little wife while reminding her from time to time.


“Eat slowly and don't choke.”


Jiang Miaomiao remained calm, but she was deeply surprised.


Is it possible that she had beaten him hard that it made him succumb?


Violence really works.


Halfway through the meal, Lu Qiming began to talk.


“Is it delicious?”




“Aren't I good to you?”


“Not bad.”


“We only have each other now, right? And we share the same life and death.
If I get sick, it's not good if I pass it on you.”


She cautiously raised her head with a grain of rice stuck to the corner of her mouth.


“What do you want?”


Lu Qiming helped her remove the rice grain and sighed.


“My bed sheet was used by the golden half buttocks and the summer cool quilt is also dirty.
It's so cold these past few nights and the heater isn't working.
Can you…
give me a bed quilt?”


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Jiang Miaomiao never thought that someone would live with her so she only prepared a few quilts.
Aside from those that were given to him, only two bed quilts were left.


No mattress, no bed cover and there's no extras.


If there's only one bed sheet left…
How cold it is at night.


She immediately refused, “I can't.”


“I knew you wouldn't agree.
It's too cold to sleep in.
How about we sleep together? I promise not to touch…”


Before finishing his speech, Jiang Miaomiao interrupted.




Lu Qiming talked in a good way for a long time, only to get such a comment.
He felt unhappy.


“Who would play rogue on a tablet?”


Jiang Miaomiao covered her chest and her eyes darkened with anger.
She shoved the remaining fried rice on his face.


“Get out!”


Lu Qiming turned his head and left.


She wasn't full yet, but her stomach was full of anger.
She continued to sleep and wrapped herself in a warm quilt.


Late at night, the cold air silently struck.


Jiang Miaomiao got up in the bed and went to the bathroom and found that the person next door didn't seem to be sleeping in his room.


Did she scold too much that he left?


She lightly walked out of the room and saw a man in the living room making a fire with an iron barrel.
He sat naked next to it with his back curled up, looking very pitiful.


He had no clothes and a quilt.


And he cooked food for her.


Jiang Miaomiao's heart softened and called him out.
She walked into the room without closing the door.


Lu Qiming came in quickly and stood in the dark while saying:


“I'll only sleep a little bit.”


She didn't answer, but moved aside.


“Thank you.”


He lifted the quilt and went in with the cold air in his mouth.


Due to the considerable weight, the mattress obviously sunk.


He's really a pig…
Jiang Miaomiao ridiculed him in her heart and accidentally touched his arm and found that it was as cold as ice.
She silently kicked the quilt towards him.


T/N: tablet – flat chested

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