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Jiang Miaomiao's injuries were very serious.


The skin around her neck and shoulders was cut by glass with small wounds.
The debris got stuck in her wounds.
Lu Qiming used a flashlight and cleaned it up for more than an hour.


There were more than a dozen blisters on her arms that had been burned by hot oil.
He heated the pin and burst them, making her grit her teeth because of the pain.


Before the end of the world, Jiang Miaomiao had hoarded some simple medicines like band-aids, antipyretics, disinfection water and so on.


Lu Qiming helped her with the bandage while looking at those unbearable wounds with a serious expression.


“It's not enough to just stick a band-aid.
There are too many wounds and the weather is getting hot again, it will get inflamed.”


Jiang Miaomiao was lying on the bed and was annoyed, “What to do?”


“I will go and look for medicines.”


He said that he was leaving and she quickly pulled him.


“Are you crazy? Now that the zombies are so fierce, isn't it looking for death if you run outside?”


“It's okay, I'll wipe the blood of golden half buttocks on my body.”


Jiang Miaomiao thought about it but still disagreed.


Although she also hopes that her injuries will get better soon, but now the zombies are formidable and the frightening pictures just now are still vivid.
In case he went out and was bitten, she would be left alone in the Villa.
Isn't that a dead end for her then?


It's better to stay, at least they have each other to rely on.


Thinking of this, her hand that was grabbing on Lu Qiming's arm exerted more force.


“Don't go, just stay here and don't go anywhere.”


Lu Qiming couldn't help smiling when he heard her words.


“You're not letting me go because you can't bear to part with me, right?”


Jiang Miaomiao was too lazy to argue with him, so for the sake of saving his life, she merely said: “Anyway, you're not allowed to leave.”


“Okay, I won't go.
I'll pour water for you.”


He pushed her hand away and went to the living room to pour cool water on a white cup then he started walking back.
As he passed by the window, he heard more and more movement outside.


After drinking water, they were both a little tired after the previous fight hence they dozed off.


Lu Qiming was lying on the edge of the bed and Jiang Miaomiao was lying on the bed.
Even in her sleep, she refused to let go of his arm for fear that he would run away.


She was so sore and tired that she slept for three or four hours before waking up.


The windows in the room were sealed and it was impossible to tell whether it was day or night.
Jiang Miaomiao wanted to find a watch to see the time, but found that her hands were empty.


Where's Lu Qiming?


She was so nervous that she endured the soreness of her body to look for him around the house but she found no trace of him everywhere.


Has he gone to find her medicine? Or did he already leave?


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Jiang Miaomiao hurriedly ran to golden half buttocks' room and saw that it had more wounds and she became increasingly uneasy.


At this time, there was a zombie climbing to the wall again, eagerly trying to hit the glass.


She picked up the mop and watched it in despair.


There was a movement coming outside the door and Jiang Miaomiao's scalp went numb.


She was already choked up with one zombie and if both of them came in at the same time, she's definitely done for.


Woo woo…
what to do?


The door lock clicked, and like a frightened rabbit, she ran up the stairs.


Behind her came a familiar male voice.


“You're awake?”


Jiang Miaomiao turned back and saw Lu Qiming walking in from the outside and locked the door.


“It's you…”


She was relieved and her tight body relaxed as she slowly sat on the floor.


Lu Qiming glanced at the window that had been hit.
He pushed a cabinet over to block it and then pulled her to the bedroom.


He had a plastic bag in his hand filled with various emergency medicines.


He found the anti-inflammatory sprays and painkillers, and poured a glass of water.


“Take this medicine.”


The other party's body was covered with golden half buttocks' blood, exuding a bad odor.
But now, Jiang Miaomiao can't take care of that much anymore.
She obediently followed his words and took the painkillers.


Lu Qiming sat behind her and sprayed her with the anti-inflammatory spray.


She couldn't help but ask: “How's the situation outside?”


Lu Qiming paused and sighed.


“It’s not good.
The number of zombies has increased by at least one-third and they're obviously more aggressive than before, almost recognizing me several times.”


Jiang Miaomiao was worried, “What should we do?”


“Don't go out for now and try to protect ourselves as much as possible.”


This is the end of the world ah.
It's not going out for shopping.
How can we say that good protection can protect us?


Jiang Miaomiao thought that in the original book, the male and female leads experienced countless thrills.
They often meet life and death circumstances and she really didn't want to become like them, so when she ran downstairs after applying medicine, she hesitantly looked at the gas tank.


Let's turn it on! She would rather die comfortably than live and suffer.


She stretched out her hand and grabbed the valve of the gas tank.
When she was about to turn it on, Lu Qiming also went downstairs.
Seeing this, she immediately blocked it.
Her head was covered with black lines.


“What are you doing?”


Jiang Miaomiao spoke her thoughts:

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“I won't force you to join me too.
If you’re afraid that you'll inhale it by accident, help me move the tank to my bedroom.
I'll close the door before turning on the gas.”



Lu Qiming frowned, “Are you really going to die? Are you kidding me?”


“I'm not kidding, I'm very clear headed.”


He was too lazy to persuade her.
He raised his hand and flicked her head.


“Cheer up, we will not be in a desperate situation.”


Jiang Miaomiao covered her forehead and said indignantly, “Is there any other way? Tell me.”


“The walls of the Villa are still too thin to withstand their attack.
But we can move to the basement, just seal the exits.
I doubt if they can dig under the ground.”


When she heard this, her eyes brightened but within three seconds.
She then thought of the drawbacks of this method.


“How do we live in the basement? It must be inconvenient to come out.
When the food is finished, wouldn't we starve to death?”


Lu Qiming is quite confident about this.


“You don't have to worry about that.
The main purpose of the zombies is to go south to find food.
They will not stay in this city for too long.
Once we hold them out, we win.”


Jiang Miaomiao was half doubting him, but there was no other way than to believe him.
If worst comes to worst, she'd just do as he says.
Wait till the food is finished and then consider whether to die or not.


After all, it takes courage to commit suicide, so she cheered up.


Lu Qiming saw that she had no objections and was ready to start moving things into the basement.


Water was the first to bear the brunt.


After using it for so long, Jiang Miaomiao still had more than 100 buckets of water left in her supplies, which could last at least another month.


Lu Qiming was carrying a bucket on both of his shoulders.
When she was about to go to the basement, she suddenly screamed in a low voice.


“You're hurt!”


On his sturdy right arm, there was a big blister, almost half the size of a palm.
She never found it before because it was blocked by his clothes.


Lu Qiming glanced down, “It's okay, it will disappear by itself.”


“That wouldn't work, if you die of illness, wouldn't I have to follow your bad luck? You sit down.”


Jiang Miaomiao pressed him on the chair and used the anti-inflammatory spray and applied the scald ointment as carefully as he had taken care of her before.


A woman's fingers are thin and soft, and feel slightly cool when they fall on the skin.


Lu Qiming didn't know whether he was sleepy or embarrassed, he kept his head down and said nothing.


Jiang Miaomiao doesn't know how his skin looks and she was shocked upon seeing it.


The other party's body was covered with scars, scalded by hot oil, scratched by zombies and cut by glass.
After a careful calculation, it was more serious than hers, except that there wasn't much blood flowing out and it didn't look so exaggerated.


She was very worried, “You have wounds on your body and you wiped it with golden half buttocks' blood.
Will you get infected?”

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Lu Qiming wasn't worried about this, but he was rather curious about her reaction.



“What are you going to do if I get infected?”


She was tangled and distressed.


“I don't know.
When you become a zombie, I certainly can't beat you.
But it doesn't seem good to get out before you become a zombie.
Or… should we lock you up first?”


Lu Qiming hemmed and hawed, “What a cruel woman.”


Jiang Miaomiao helplessly said: “What are you saying?”


“We have known each other for so long, can't you at least let me have a good meal before I die? In ancient times, death row prisoners all had a meal before their heads got cut off.”


“It makes sense.” She put down the scald ointment, “Then should I go cook for you now? Just say whatever you want, don't be polite.”


Lu Qiming had a mental breakdown again.


“Fool, I'm afraid you won't have a chance to do it in this life.
Perhaps in the next life.”


Jiang Miaomiao had a stomach full of anger because of him.
She wanted to fight back, but looking at his bruised body, she felt bad.


After applying the medicine, Lu Qiming started to move things without rest.


Jiang Miaomiao also wanted to help, but he thinks that she has too little strength, so she was asked not to intervene and just figure out what to move and what not to move.


Thus, she wandered around the Villa.


The space in the basement was limited, too much can't be put and Lu Qiming can't move large things alone.


Therefore, things such as beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs were first abandoned.


Secondly, it was difficult to move the heavy ones, such as the gas tank.


In the end, those ones that are useless were not moved, such as air conditioners, the washing machine and the refrigerator, and that fraudulent generator.


After walking around, she made a list.


Water, food, clothes, quilts, fuel and flashlights.


They are all necessities of life.


Although it has been simplified and reduced, more than a hundred buckets of water are enough to move.


Jiang Miaomiao saw that Lu Qiming was injured and still working, so she had no face to stay idle.
She caught a glimpse of the cart that had been pushed back from the supermarket and she had an idea.


When Lu Qiming came out of the basement and was about to continue to carry the buckets, she pushed the cart.


“Let's put the buckets inside and push it down together.”


The cart can hold at least four buckets of water at a time, which is much easier than carrying it on his shoulders.


Lu Qiming cast her a rare look of appreciation and put the bucket that was on his shoulder into the cart.

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The two of them worked together and it took almost a day to transport all the water to the basement before stacking them neatly on the wall.


They had no energy to cook and each ate a box of self-heating rice and lay down to sleep for several hours.


After waking up, regardless of whether it was day or night, they continued to work and finally moved all the items on the list.


The movement of the zombies outside is getting bigger and bigger.
Golden half buttocks inside the utility room was particularly violent.


Occasionally passing by the door, Jiang Miaomiao could clearly hear him howling.


Their next step was to seal the door.


The entrance to the basement is located next to the kitchen of the Villa and is a small wooden door.


After opening, it was downstairs.


The quality of the wooden door was average and was made with the most common composite material.
Those with more strength can easily kick it with one foot and it's unrealistic to expect it to hold the zombies.


Lu Qiming looked in the Villa and his eyes fell on the bathtub in the master bedroom.


The bathtub was made of cast iron and its surface was covered with a layer of ceramics.
It's quite strong and can bear the weight of four people at the same time.


Moreover, it is resistant to fire and blisters.
It can be said that unless the excavator was deployed, it will be difficult to break it.


Of course, it also weighs a lot.
Lu Qiming weighed it and it was at least more than 90 kilos.


But its height and area are exactly the same as the small door, which is the best alternative.


The cart couldn't be used.
He found a bundle of ropes, tied it to the bathtub and dragged it out.


Jiang Miaomiao also came to help.
They tried their best and exhausted their sweats then finally dragged the bathtub to the basement.


Lu Qiming demolished another door to block the corner.


He stood by the door and asked, “Do you have anything else to take? If not, I will seal it now and it can't be opened until the zombie wave is over.”


She thought about it carefully and took everything she needed, so she shook her head.


Lu Qiming was about to seal it but thought of something, he ran to the living room and brought the water bottle with the peach blossoms in it.


The peach blossom had a strong vitality.
After being folded down for so long and only kept with water, it unexpectedly stayed alive and even grew some small flower buds.


Jiang Miaomiao took the water bottle and said in surprise, “What are you going to do with this?”


Lu Qiming's mouth slightly raised.


“Because it looks good and smells good.
Don't you like it?”


They are about to live a real isolated life and they can't even see the sun.
It seems pretty good to have this peach blossom beside them to remind them that the spring outside is shining brightly beautiful at this moment.


Jiang Miaomiao sniffed the flower and put it on the bucket.


Lu Qiming finally looked out and retracted his gaze.
He put the bathtub up to block the door, nailed it with the wooden strip removed from the door.
He painted and then sealed it, leaving only a gap narrower than a finger for ventilation.


The basement was dark and the sound of the zombies was as distant as it was from another world.

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