Fucking, careless!!

But reality left no room for regret.
Julian stood up slowly with one hand gripping Zheng Wei’s throat, as easily as holding a doll.

Zheng Wei’s toes slowly left the ground, his face turning red from lack of oxygen.
He had to reach out and tightly grip Julian’s arm to make himself feel less miserable.

But even so, Zheng Wei still felt dizzy due to lack of oxygen.
Just when he thought Julian would slowly strangle him, he felt his vision spin.
Zheng Wei’s back slammed into the wall heavily, and Julian pressed against him.

“Cough, cough, cough.” The pressure on his neck disappeared, and the sudden influx of air caused Zheng Wei to cough uncontrollably while bending over.

Before he could recover, a hand grabbed his hair, and the tremendous force made him involuntarily stand straight, his back against the wall and his head tilted back.
This posture also left his vulnerable neck completely exposed to Julian.

“Ah.” The pain in the back of his head made Zheng Wei moan weakly, his head throbbing, and his vision beginning to blur.

Julian started humming the song he had never heard before again.
The joyful melody was hummed by him in a hoarse voice, revealing an indescribable strangeness.

Then, Zheng Wei felt something cold sliding up and down around his neck.

“It’s a Knife.” Zheng Wei immediately concluded from the touch of metal, his brain constantly on alert, but he had no way out.
He could only raise his hands and weakly lean against Julian.

I’m going to die, I’m definitely going to die.
This was the only thought in Zheng Wei’s mind.
The scene he saw on the stairs kept replaying in his head, but this time, the person with the blood spilling in the air had become himself.

The knife sliding on his neck suddenly stopped.
Julian seemed to remember something and stopped.

Zheng Wei saw him use his left hand, which was holding the knife, to take something out of the pocket of his shirt.
It was the doll that Zheng Wei had used to hit him before, and also the “gift” that Julian had given to Zheng Wei.

Julian stuffed the doll into Zheng Wei’s shirt collar and looked satisfied as the little figure smiled stupidly and lay on Zheng Wei’s chest. 

Zheng Wei saw his pink lips opening and closing, hoarse and grating.


As the word ended, Zheng Wei caught a glimpse of Julian raising the knife in his left hand.

No! Strong survival instinct made Zheng Wei widen his eyes.
He didn’t have time to think.
He leaned forward and coincidentally, his lips met with Julian’s.

Julian’s left hand, held high, froze stiffly in midair.

Feeling the sensation on his lips, Zheng Wei was stunned.
Subconsciously, Zheng Wei licked his lips twice, feeling that his lips were pressed against something soft.

Feeling the warmth that belonged to humans, Zheng Wei was stunned after realizing what he had done.
He widened his eyes, staring at the blue eyes that were so close, his whole body stiff, not daring to move.

The two of them remained frozen with their lips touching, and after a while, the blue eyes staring at Zheng Wei blinked.
Long eyelashes swept over Zheng Wei’s face, making his heart tremble.

The hand grabbing Zheng Wei’s hair slowly loosened its grip, and the lips pressed against Zheng Wei’s mouth tentatively pursed.
Then they quickly parted.

Julian raised his face and pulled away from Zheng Wei.
His right hand was still behind Zheng Wei’s head, but the left hand holding the knife had been put down at some point.
He looked down at Zheng Wei, trapped between himself and the wall, and his eyelashes trembled like the wings of an injured butterfly.

Julian’s gaze was fixed on Zheng Wei’s face, carefully scrutinizing this eastern face as if he were looking at an alien.
His icy blue eyes did not blink, surveying every inch of Zheng Wei’s face as if he wanted to firmly remember the position of every mole and every hair on his face.

After watching for a while, he extended his left hand that still held the knife, and started tracing the contour of Zheng Wei’s face with his index finger, starting from his forehead.

Zheng Wei’s mind went blank, and he didn’t even dare to breathe.
His body was pressed tightly against the wall behind him, letting Julian do as he pleased.

The knife, which had just been stained with fresh blood, swayed back and forth near Zheng Wei’s cheek, and he felt a nauseating smell of blood in his nostrils.
Zheng Wei looked at the flashing blade with a sidelong glance, and the shadow of death once again enveloped his heart.

He couldn’t wait to die like this.
Zheng Wei’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he forced himself to look at Julian’s face.
Julian met his gaze, lowered his eyelids, and his fine eyelashes covered his eyes, making it difficult to see where his focus was.

Perhaps he was considering where to cut himself.
Zheng Wei thought, feeling that he had already seen the grim reaper smiling at him.

It’s a matter of life and death, and he had to take a chance.
Zheng Wei made up his mind, gritted his teeth, and suddenly reached out to embrace Julian’s neck, pressing his lips against his.

This kiss was different from the previous one, it was a real kiss.

The two lips pressed together and Julian stopped moving.
He stood there, letting Zheng Wei take the lead.

A long time ago, when Zheng Wei was watching horror movies, especially those with decent-looking villains, he had this thought, “What would happen if the protagonist kissed the villain when the knife was about to pierce their body in the corner?”

The villain would be stunned, right? Then the protagonist could seize the opportunity to fight back.

With a sense of determination, Zheng Wei closed his eyes and kissed Julian, enjoying the moment.
Whether it worked or not, he didn’t lose out with Julian’s appearance.
Zheng Wei chuckled to himself.

In the messy room, the two of them kissed like a pair of soulmates who understood each other’s hearts.
With his guidance, Julian gradually relaxed.
He reached out and gently wrapped his arm around Zheng Wei’s waist, starting to respond to Zheng Wei’s movements.

Julian’s lips were very soft, deceptive like his appearance.
His kiss carried a cool freshness that reminded Zheng Wei of dewy grass in the early morning and pine needles bathed in the moonlight at night.

Zheng Wei’s kissing skills were not particularly impressive, but they were still better than Julian’s.
Moreover, in a life-threatening situation, Zheng Wei was particularly devoted to his kiss.
He held onto Julian’s neck, tilted his head, and their lips continued to entangle, exuding a taste of death and romance.

Julian was also captivated by the atmosphere, he gently closed his eyes and gradually immersed himself in this beautiful and charming moment.

Suddenly, Julian’s body stiffened, and his eyes opened wide.
Zheng Wei, who was kissing him, pushed him back two steps.

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