Originally, Xiao Yan and Xiao Shu’s position in the Xiao family’s industry was that they were competitors. 

At this moment, this had nothing to do with their family’s business, so the two actually cooperated tacitly to help each other.

Mother Xiao pondered for a moment but didn’t dare to agree directly

She euphemistically said, “It is useless for me to agree to this matter alone.
It mainly depends on the intentions of your Auntie…” 

Mother Xiao paused and said, “If you really want to marry A’Li, why don’t you go to your aunt’s place to talk about it?”

This was a hint that she should first please her future mother-in-law.

Xiao Shu also added, “Bring some nutritious things over there.
I saw that A’Li’s face was pale today.
Maybe his body is too weak.
You should send more nourishing things.”

Xiao Shu said this, there was really no other meaning.

But when Xiao Yan heard it, it was inevitable to think a little more. 

A’Li’s face was pale, half because he was tired, but mostly because of being angry.

Xiao Yan bowed her hands and stepped back. 

Following Mother Xiao’s suggestion, Xiao Yan asked the housekeeper to go to the warehouse to pick up the hundred-year-old ginseng and a lot of body nourishing things.

Then she went to the small courtyard where the mother and son lived.

Seeing Xiao Yan coming with so many things, Li Mu was quite surprised. 

Looking at the large and small gift boxes behind Xiao Yan, she subconsciously said, “You are here, what else do you need to say??”

Xiao Yan looked up and glanced at the yard but didn’t say much. 

She looked behind Mother Li but didn’t see A’Li coming out.

“I made A’Li angry today.
So the first I brought some things here to make amends, and the second was to thank my aunt for saving my life.” Xiao Yan respectfully saluted A’Li’s mother.

Maybe even more respectfully than when she was facing Mother Xiao.

Mother Li had long heard that “Xiao Yan” was lousy on weekdays.
She usually lay on the bed with a white face and didn’t have a good attitude.

When she was treating her, Xiao Yan was ill so she didn’t know her attitude.

Now, seeing her attitude, Mother Li was a little unsure.
She wondered if what happened today was really an accident??

Mother Li didn’t want to hit the smiling face so she said, “A’Li is in the room.
If I call him out.
It will be fine if the young people clear their misunderstandings face to face.” 

How dare Xiao Yan let A’Li come out to see herself?!

Xiao Yan hurriedly stopped Mother Li and asked, “Can I go in and see him??”

Afraid that Mother would object, she immediately bowed her hands and with a serious attitude said, “I will definitely not go overboard with A’Li.
Please don’t worry auntie.”

She had already slept with him, what else could be more extreme than this, right??

Mother Li was still a little worried, but now seeing Xiao Yan’s magnanimous attitude, she immediately patted Xiao Yan’s arm with a smile, and said, “Go.”

Xiao Yan asked Chang Sui to give the things to Mother Li and only took ginseng with her. 

The hundred-year-old ginseng was placed in the brocade box.
While holding the box in one hand, Xiao Yan knocked on A’Li’s door.

Thinking about it, there was nothing wrong with coming to A’Li home to apologize directly.

A few moments later, when no one replied, Xiao Yan pushed open the door and went in. 

A mass of things suddenly smashed on her head and face.
Thanks to her quick eyes and hands, she hurriedly grabbed it. 

When she saw that it was a mass of paper, Xiao Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

The person in the room was A’Li, and Xiao Yan would not be surprised if he had thrown a kitchen knife at her, but she was a little puzzled when she saw those non-lethal paper balls smashed at her.

A’Li was sitting at the desk by the window and didn’t even lift his head after throwing those paper balls.

He held a pen in his pale hand, and in front of him lay a sheet of unstained white paper.

Xiao Yan sincerely opened the ball of paper in her hand. 

A large and concise two words were written on it — Go away!

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