The original female lead didn’t like this concubine sister much.
The original heroine had no ambitions, and all her good luck was due to the character’s halo. 

But, this concubine sister Xiao Shu was different, she was smart since she was a child, and was loved by Mother Xiao. 

If Xiao Shu wasn’t a concubine, this wealth would surely be her.

So at this moment, when Xiao Yan yelled at Xiao Shu, no one doubted her.

Because of her shout, Xiao Shu was taken aback.
She didn’t dare to go any further near the bed.

Instead, she took three-four steps back from the bed and squinted her eyes to look at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Shu curled her lips and said, “Eldest sister has a big temper.
I know I shouldn’t come and disturb your rest.
But sister, please tell me where A’Li is and I will leave immediately.”

Mother Li also took a few steps forward and walked near the bed, but when she was about to speak, she heard Xiao Yan’s indifferent voice.

“He ran out crying.”

“Crying??” Mother Li’s face turned ugly, and she stared at Xiao Yan with a look of slight sorrow. 

Mother Li wanted to ask a few more questions to Xiao Yan, but she was afraid that A’Li might have an accident, so she hurriedly turned and left the room.

Xiao Yan had often made moves on A’Li, and Mother Xiao didn’t stop her.
So, Mother Li had no other method but to search for A’Li quickly before Xiao Yan could make a move.

That’s why she was so anxious to find him today.

Xiao Shu still wanted to persuade Mother Li to search this room, but the other party was anxious and worried.

So before Xiao Shu could say something to convince her, Mother Li had turned around and left.

Xiao Shu glanced at the quilt and stared at the strands of black hair scattered on the bed that clearly didn’t belong to Xiao Yan, and warmly said, “Then I won’t disturb you.
The eldest sister, you can rest, and pray that there is nothing wrong with A’Li, otherwise maybe…”

After speaking, Xiao Shu left with a light “Hehe”.

Xiao Yan frowned and stared at her concubine sister’s back and suddenly understood why A’Li cooperated with her. 

After both the people left, Xiao Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

Now she had more time to maneuver on other things than being caught red-handed in the bed.

A weird silence inside the room, Xiao Yan was about to get up and leave.
When she abruptly felt a sudden pain in his wrist. 

When Xiao Yan looked down, she found A’Li was biting on her wrist with all his strength, probably wishing to kill her.

Xiao Yan sighed, and while enduring the pain she helplessly said, “Leave it.”

A’Li didn’t stop but bit more strongly, he wanted to bite off a piece of her meat.

Xiao Yan slowly squeezed A’Li chin with one hand, and looked at him with complicated eyes.

Seeing that he still didn’t let go of her wrist, Xiao Yan immediately moved her body and rubbed against him.

In a hoarse voice, she asked, “Or maybe…you  want to do it again??”

A’Li instantly stopped and looked at her fiercely, with a few drops of blood still hanging on his heavily bitten mouth.

Xiao Yan couldn’t tell whether it was her blood or his.

“I am not afraid of pain.” Xiao Yan sighed and spoke.

“You can blame me for this later, but at first, you should worry about your mother.
You can come and kill me afterward.”

A’Li suddenectedly started to hate her more after she said this.

But thinking of his mother who had loved me, tears trickled down from his eyes, and his body trembled.

He used to have a good life, but all of it was ruined by her.

A’Li was dumb, and can’t speak, but when he cried in despair with no sound and only tears, which kept flowing his eyes running into his hair, Xiao Yan’s heart trembled.

Xiao Yan’s heart seemed to be twisted into a ball and set on fire.
She didn’t know how many times she wanted to burn the original heroine. 

How could she be willing to force such a soft-hearted man?

If she had a chance, Xiao Yan would give up her resurrection and hope that such a clean and beautiful teenager would never be ruined.

“I am sorry.” Xiao Yan spoke in a little pale voice.

It was she who had done it! It was done after her resurrection.

Xiao Yan squeezed A’Li’s fingers and in a serious voice said, “I will make it up for you, you can do whatever you want to do to me afterward.
Even if you wanted to kill me, I won’t stop you.”

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