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She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner! 1

Rei Taylor

“I can’t believe a lowly commoner would have the gall to line her desk alongside mine, know your place!”

In response to my reprimand, the commoner gave but a bewildered stare.
As though unable to grasp her current situation, she restlessly examined her surroundings before returning her gaze to me.
How absolutely disrespectful.

It took all I had to reign in my irritation.

My name is Claire François, a proper lady, hailing from one of Bauer’s most distinguished noble families.
My father, Dor François, serves as our kingdom’s Minister of Finance, overseeing the national treasury.
Overall, our family’s influence was only eclipsed by the kingdom’s royalty and the prime minister.
In effect, our household was distinguished even among other nobles as the third most powerful within the kingdom.

So, it should go without saying that I don’t attend some run of the mill establishment, but rather the Bauer Kingdom Royal Academy―a place that only a handful of elites should rightfully attend.
The academy however, was currently facing a crisis… An influx of commoners, much like the one before me now.

“Ah, Claire…?”
“My! To think that you’d address me so casually!”

As a noble standing among the kingdom’s top, I could not stand to be addressed so casually by a mere commoner.
As though to emphasize my point, my friends, Pipi and Loretta, stood beside me with their elegant brows standing on end.

As though it she had yet to fully grasp the situation, the commoner met my gaze and said,


Finally, she spoke in a manner befitting of the gap in our status.
Goodness… the kingdom had only just graced them with the opportunity to attend this academy and they’re already so cheeky! This is exactly why commoners are…

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“Yes, much better.
Commoners must address those above them properly.”
“Do you know my name?”

She asked as though she was looking to confirm something.
Normally I’d never go out of my way to remember the name of a commoner, but it also wouldn’t sit well with me if she were to belittle my memory.

“Are you trying to make a fool of me? Rei Taylor.”

Yes, Rei Taylor.
She was this year’s valedictorian among students who entered from outside.
She was but one of the commoners that had managed to slip into our esteemed academy, solely because her abilities were recognized.

As previously stated, the Royal Academy is a prestigious academy meant solely for heirs of distinguished families.
However, status alone was not enough.
Only the elite among the elites who passed through the rigorous examination process were allowed to enroll.
In spite of all that, the current king, King Rousseau, introduced new policies favoring ability and competency, ultimately allowing some commoners to mix in.
It’s absolutely disgraceful that the likes of commoners be allowed to line their desks and learn alongside us nobles! I, as the finance minister’s very own daughter, must protect order within this academy.

Just as I was about to offer more harsh advice,

“Heck yeah!”

Inexplicably, the commoner expressed joy.
That was certainly an odd reaction.

“Could I ask that you refrain from suddenly spouting nonsense? Not to mention such vulgar language! This is why commoners are…”

As exemplified here, there was a large rift between nobles and commoners, even in something as simple as the way that we speak.
Should commoners continue to enroll, I was certain that the Royal Academy’s influence would plummet.

“While I respect the King, I simply cannot bring myself to agree with these new policies.”
“It’s just as you say, Claire-sama.”

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“Yes, absolutely!”

Pipi and Loretta expressed their sympathy.
The academy was meant to be a garden for nobility, certainly not a place where commoners should tread.

If I was able to teach the top scorer her proper place, I’m sure the other commoners would follow suit.
With that in min

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