She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner! 11

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Pipi & Loretta (2)

“And so… that’s what happened!”
“I’m so jealous, Claire-sama! To think you had the opportunity to hear Sein-sama’s lyre!”
“If only I could have been there too…”

It was after school and Lene, Pipi, Loretta, and I… as well as the commoner, were at the usual gazebo.
Recently, it was almost routine for the five of us to gather here for tea.
The nobles sat at the table while Lene and the commoner stood close by ready to serve.
On the table were fragrant teas and a lineup of various sweets, all of which had been personally selected from the kingdom’s most prominent diner, Blume.
Needless to say, Pipi and Loretta were both ecstatic.

We discussed various topics as they had come up, but the comments just now had been in regard to my chance encounter with Sein-sama the other day.

“Myself aside, Pipi, Loretta, do you both agree that Sein-sama’s lyre is exquisite?”
“Of course!”

Pipi and Loretta both had a much deeper understanding of music than I did.
Pipi took pride in her violin and Loretta in her piano.
They were both exceptionally proficient at their respective instruments, each laying claim to awards from many prestigious musical competitions.

“Come to think of it, music served as the cue to our friendship, didn’t it?”

When I brought the topic up, Loretta’s expression stiffened.

“Ah… Even just thinking about those events makes me feel so embarrassed that I could die…”

In direct contrast to Loretta, whose face turned red as she shrunk back, Pipi said,

“There’s no need to feel embarrassed over it, Loretta.
I mean you grew from that experience to become a top class musician!”

To try and encourage her.
It appeared that their relationship had not changed at all from when they had first met.

Perhaps because the topic had come up, my memories of our meeting began playing in the back of my mind.


Having struck the final note, voices of awe filled the space around me.

“Wonderful, Claire-sama, you played marvellously.”
“I’m honored, Carole-sama.”

I thanked Mrs.
Achard who was our acting instructor and returned to my seat.

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We were currently in the music room of the Royal Academy’s Middle School and that had been my very first piano lesson since enrollment.
As a noble, music was an essential part of our Social Studies, and among the instruments, piano was the basic of the basics.
Having received strict instruction from a very young age, it was obvious that such a simple etude would present no challenge.

“Just as I would expect from Claire-sama!”
“What a wonderful performance!”
“That was nothing, I’m sure any of you could do just the same.”

That was by no means modesty, it was but the truth.
Most of the students gathered here would have received instruction from private tutors similar to my own.
If someone here were to stumble over a simple etude like this, it would surely be quite the blow to their dignity.
That said, in recent years the number of commoners attending the academy has increased.
It should go without saying that it would be impossible for any commoner to mimic my performance.

“Next up is Loretta-san.
Please step forward.”

With a gentle smile, Mrs.
Achard―Carole-sama―called the next student forward.
A young girl with short black hair and black eyes stood and stepped forward.
With beautiful form in each stride, she made it clear that her household had deep ties to traditional martial arts.
Her freckled face held such a huge smile that I couldn’t help but wonder what she was so happy about.

“There’s no need to feel nervous.
Go on and play.”

Urged on by Carole-sama, the girl, Loretta, took a deep breath and put her hands to the keys.
The performance really wasn’t something that could be praised.
Among several mistakes, her performance felt stiff and rigid, making it clear that she did not possess the required technique.

“Absolutely awful.
That girl, isn’t she meant to be a noble?”
“I doubt she received proper education, the poor soul.”

Some of the students listening had begun to snicker and sneer.
While it was true that her performance was by no means laudable, I was not fond of those who talked behind others’ backs.
Bearing through my discomfort, I truly hoped that their words had not reached Loretta.

Fortunately, Loretta appeared to be having the time of her life and that their jeers had fallen on deaf ears.
Though she lacked the technique, it was clear that she had a passion for the keys.
It was practically written on her face―“This is what I have always wanted.”

Making her reluctance apparent, Loretta lifted her fingers from the keys.

“Well done.
You lack technique, but you love the piano very much don’t you?”
“Yes, absolutely!”
“That’s wonderful.
Those feelings are what is most important.
However, that etude is too advanced for your current level.
Consider practicing with something simpler.”
“I understand!”

With a deep bow, Loretta returned to her seat.

“Next up is Pipi-san.
Please step forward.”

From then on, I kept my gaze fixed on Loretta.
Even as the next student stepped forward and began playing, one thought occupied my mind―was playing piano… really something so fun?

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“Hey, you! Don’t you feel embarrassed about that performance?”
“Absolutely awful.
Especially right after Claire-sama’s… it was quite the fall from grace.”

After school that day, I needed to return to the classroom to pick up something that I had forgotten.
There, I found several people surrounding two female students.
One of them was Loretta who cowered on the ground as another girl stood in front to protect her.
If my memory was correct, the other girl’s name was Pipi.

“What’s with you all! Ganging up on her! Loretta will one day become the kingdom’s number one pianist…! Just watch!”

She tried to intimidate them like a cat with its hair standing on end, but she was too desperate.

“Ahahaha! Hey, did you hear that? The kingdom’s number one pianist!”
“The girl that couldn’t even play that etude earlier?”
“Get real! That girl has absolutely no talent!”
“Shut it, shut it, shut it!”

The crowd around them hurled insults at Loretta one after another.
Though Pipi was doing her best, tears had begun to form within the corner of Loretta’s eyes.

It appeared that I had stumbled upon the two being bullied.
In the closed, elitist world of nobility, bullying was rather common.
I personally though, made no hobby of banding together in a mob to tyrannize the few.

“My, my.
Pinning everything onto talent, are we? How shallow.
Do none of you have any concept for the words effort and growth?”

When I entered the classroom the bullies shrunk back.
I did not relent.

“House Cugletto is famed for its history in the martial arts.
You lot make light of her piano, but if you were to stand on her stage, surely she’d make light work of you.”

It was at that point that they finally realized the position they were in.
The academy’s curriculum of course also involved mock battles for training.

“And most importantly, the comment that she has no talent is complete rubbish.
Don’t you see? She has the most important talent that anyone could hope to have.”

Loretta looked at me as though she couldn’t comprehend what I had just said.
She was even more perplexed than the bullies that stood around her.

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“Didn’t Carole-sensei say it herself? You love the piano, don’t you? Out of all of the students that played the piano today, I have no doubt that you were the one who had the most fun.”
“Or were those words simply lip service?”
“No! I… I… really do love the piano!”

Loretta shook her head so aggressively I thought her neck might snap.

“B-But, Claire-sama! Loving the piano and being able to play it are―”
“Are you aware of the saying that effort burns out before passion?”
“N-No, I’ve never heard that.”

It stood to reason.
Otherwise they would not be here saying such rubbish.

“Effort describes when one puts up with something unpleasant in order to achieve an end.
This is of course important, but how can a forced effort overcome a passion that drives one to constantly do something because it brings them joy?”
“Claire-sama, you claim that this girl has that?”
“That is up to Loretta, but wouldn’t it be quite the rush if things turned out that way?”

In response to my words, the bullies exchanged awkward glances and then,

“Uhm, we should get going.”

People left one by one and before long, the mob dispersed.

“Claire-sama… thank you.”
“I simply stated the truth, nothing more.
That aside, you, you really did well standing up to that large mob.”
“Loretta is my best friend so…”

According to Pipi, the two were childhood friends.
Perhaps they had something akin to the relationship I shared with Catherine.

“Treasure that friendship.
Connections are important within noble society, a firm bond can go a long way.”

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“I, Claire François, went out of my way and made some big claims.
I ask that you don’t turn me into a liar.”
“Of course not!”
“Very good.”

Helping Loretta onto her feet, I addressed the two,

“You two show a lot of promise.
From today forward I ask that you entrust yourselves to me.


“To think the girl that got bullied that day is now the number one pianist in our generation…”
“I mean Pipi, you were selected as the soloist for the upcoming concert! You’re just as amazing.”

I felt pride as I watched the two praise one another.

“Well, it appears I may have quite the eye for people after all.”

When I expressed my content,

“In other words, Claire-sama, you believe that I too hold promise…?”
“I have never approved of you, not even once!”

In response to the commoner’s jests, I made sure to give my firm denial.

“But Claire-sama, I really am grateful for what you’ve done.
If you hadn’t come at that time, I don’t think that I could’ve persevered.”
“Yes, thank you so much, Claire-sama.”

Pipi and Loretta expressed their gratitude anew.
They really didn’t need to.
Something had upset me, so I made that clear.
I took a liking to them, so on that whim I claimed them as my own.
That was all there was to it.

“Come now you two, no need to be so formal about it.”
“Yes, that’s exactly right! We all go way back, don’t we?”
“““Why do you think that you can just casually join in on this!?”””

Really, I wondered when I’d have the opportunity to rid myself of this commoner.

Translator Comment: It’s nice to get to know more about Pipi and Loretta.
It looks like they’ve… calmed down a bit, haha.

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