She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner! 19

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Pipi and Lambert

“In that case, we’ll use these and―”
“No, that will prove difficult.
Instead, using paper enhances―”

With the lectures over for the day, we once again made our way toward the Order’s designated hall and found an unusual pair.

“Oh, Pipi? Lambert too, what are you two doing?”
“My, Claire-sama, good day.
I’m just taking care of a task my family entrusted to me…”

As Pipi noticed us and returned my greeting, Lambert gave a deep bow.

“Pipi-sama’s household… was House Barlier, yeah?”
“Hmph, that’s not a name that a commoner should speak so lightly!”

When the commoner spoke from the top of her head, Pipi gave a visceral reaction.
As the commoner had constantly lumped her in with Loretta as one of my groupies, Pipi’s impression of the commoner was absolutely terrible.
It was obvious that she wouldn’t respond kindly to such a person―a commoner at that―referring to her household so casually.

Unfortunately for her, the commoner wasn’t one to be particularly sensitive to that.

“Pipi-sama’s father was… Patrice-sama, right?”
“Wh-What’s your problem? Don’t address my father so ca―”
“While he can appear unreliable, he shows his true colors when he’s cornered.
Once he’s settled his resolve, he instantly turns the tables with aggressive action and grit.
He’s very popular among his crowd.”
“My, so you do understand!!”

Though the commoner should never have had the chance to directly meet Baron Patrice’s acquaintance, when she smoothly described him in great detail, Pipi excitedly took hold of her hands.
Pipi… Aren’t you a little too easy? Perhaps surprised by Pipi’s sudden one-eighty, Relaire wobbled atop of the commoner’s head.

“Pipi-sama, you really love your father don’t you.”
“Yes, of course.
He’s the best father I could ever hope for.”
“You’re a bit of a fathercon aren’t you?”
“Why yes! …Hey, what do you mean by that?”
“Oh nothing.”

Putting how the conversation had developed aside, Pipi seemed to have opened up to the commoner just a little.
Just as the commoner stated, Baron Patrice was Pipi’s weak point.

“Good day, Claire-sama, Rei.
How is my sister doing?”
“Yes, good day to you too, Lambert.
Lene is doing well and efficiently handles her tasks, unlike this commoner here.”
“Ehehe, I’ve been praised!”

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“That wasn’t praise!”
“Haha… you two really do get along.”

He had such a calm and gentle laugh, they truly were siblings.

“I hope that you’ll continue to treat my sister well.
She can be a bit of a strange one when her switch gets flipped, but she’s a good person at heart.”
“Yes, of course.
But, returning to the matter at hand, what were you discussing with Pipi?”
“Pipi-sama came to consult me, asking if there was any way to use magic tools to make administrative work more efficient.”

While Lambert was still young, he was one of the leading experts in the kingdom’s study of magic tools.
As a result, he has often received similar consultations from others as well.

“Administrative work uses a lot of paper, right? Paper is precious and can be bulky when it stacks up.
I thought there might be a way to simplify that, or change it for something else.”

Pipi continued where Lambert had trailed off.
I see, Pipi certainly had a point.
Administrative work would likely always involve documents, but if we were able to replace valuable paper with something else, that would be quite the innovation.

“Are any of your ideas showing promise?”

The commoner, who normally never showed any interest in Pipi, uncharacteristically dove into this topic head first.

“How unexpected.
To think that the commoner would take an interest in Pipi’s affairs.”
“Well I mean, I’ve had my fair share of troubles trying to make administrative work paperless as… ah, ahem.
Ignore that.”

As usual, I couldn’t seem to grasp what the commoner was trying to say.

“I’m not sure what the commoner was saying, but even from Lambert’s perspective, it appears that such a feat would prove difficult.”
“Paper truly is convenient.
It’s thin, light but also relatively durable considering those qualities.
As a medium to preserve information, it’s unparalleled.
I believe that finding a suitable alternative would be near impossible.”

According to Lambert, within the long history of mediums used to preserve information, since its invention, paper had reigned supreme.
It wouldn’t be simple to find something to replace it.

“I really thought that I was onto something though…”
“Yes, I believe that you’ve set your eyes on a wonderful aspiration, Pipi-sama.”

Lambert offered words of support to Pipi who felt down.

“Pipi, do you normally think about these sorts of things?”
“Eh? Ah, uhm….
I will likely one day be wed into another household, so it’s not as though I will be the one to inherit House Barlier… But the only reason I’m able to thrive in this freedom right now is because of my family’s laissez-faire​ policies.
That’s why, before I marry, I’d like to be able to repay my parents in some form.”
“That’s very admirable of you, PIpi.”

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It recently came to my attention that the number of nobles who thought like Pipi were decreasing.
Rarely did they consider the family that raised them, instead, they abandoned themselves to their desires.
I’ve heard that many such nobles have already led their own houses to ruin.
What did they think belonging to an established Bauan noble lineage meant?

“No, not at all! I’m only doing what I believe to be proper, Claire-sama.”

Having received my praise, Pipi smiled happily.

“Come to think of it, is Loretta-sama not with you today, Pipi-sama?”

The commoner asked as though she herself had just realized it.”

“You… Are you really under the impression that Loretta and I are always together?”
“Eh? Why yes I am?”
“… Claire-samaa…”
“Pipi, there’s no reason to give her any of your attention.
It’s only wasted on her.”
“Okay… Hic”

With a, there there, I gently pat Pipi’s head.

“No fair, Claire-sama! Me too!”
“Can’t you keep quiet!?”

Lambert laughed with a wry smile.
Even though they were both commoners, what was it that made them so different?

“Loretta is taking piano lessons.
As you know, the Founder’s Festival is just around the corner.”
“Ah… So that’s why…”
“? What do you mean?”

Though I immediately understood what Pipi was trying to say, the commoner was slower to catch on.
Relaire too appeared to have a question mark above her head.

“Loretta will be performing at the Founder’s Festival.”
“But well, I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to understand the value behind that!”
“Ohh, is that so?”

The commoner seemed to have already lost interest.
Goodness, how could this girl’s interests be so lopsided?

“So, going back to what we were talking about before…”

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“? What was that specifically?”
“The one about making administrative work more efficient.”

The commoner suddenly returned us to our previous topic.

“Was there something you had left to say?”
“If I recall correctly, there should be a magic tool that allows one to store information as voice data, wasn’t there? Despite its compact size, it can hold quite a bit of data, if we make good use of that it might lead to higher efficiency.”
“? But I’ve never heard of such a magic tool…?”
“I haven’t either, but does such a magic tool really exist? Commoner, explain in more detail.”
“Uhm… I can’t say that I know the details either…”
“… Is that so.”

Pipi’s shoulders slumped in disappointment.

“Ah, no, such a magic tool does indeed exist.
It’s just that it’s also a very rare item, so it’s no surprise that neither Claire-sama nor Pipi-sama are aware of it.”

According to Lambert, the magic tool that the commoner referred to existed as one that only King Rousseau, Salas-sama and my father, essentially the upper echelon of the kingdom’s nobility, had access to.

“Why would you, a mere commoner, have knowledge about something like that!?”
“Just a little something that I happened to overhear…”
“… Really now.”

The commoner came off as suspicious as ever.

“So, how about it? Lambert-sama, could we somehow make use of that?”
“I believe that would be difficult.
That magic tool was only created as a crystallization of the kingdom’s purest talents in magic engineering and produced under very special order.
We’re far from mass production, and in its current state, it’s too expensive to be used for administrative work.”
“I see, then that won’t do.”
“I’ve heard a rumor that inferior imitations are secretly in circulation, but I’m sure those are just rumors.
After all, not even the Naa Empire’s advanced magic engineers can make it.”
“That so?”

The commoner once again suddenly lost interest.

“Lambert, could you spare some time?”
“What for?”

Pipi however, seemed to have taken an interest.

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“Could I ask that you compile information regarding that magic tool and submit it to my father? It is a tool that has the potential to completely change how administrative affairs are handled across the kingdom, so my father should be aware.”
“I don’t mind.
I’ll take care of it within the next couple of days.”
“Thank you.”

I doubt that she took the commoner’s words at face value, but even then, sensing the potential, Pipi made an arrangement with Lambert.

“But really… Lambert, shouldn’t we be concerned of a potential leak? Isn’t it strange that this commoner would know of something like that?”
“… You’re exactly right.
I’ll make sure to alert the involved departments and urge caution.”

With that, Lambert left the area.

“I too will return to my room.
I’m sure the members of the Order are on their way here as well.”
“My, it’s not as though this room is a restricted area, you know?”
“Yes, I’m aware.
However, it’ll also soon be time for my violin lessons.”
“Can’t allow Loretta to get too far ahead, now can you?”

Her dream was to one day perform alongside Loretta after all.

“Well then Claire-sama, oh and to you too, au revoir.”
“Au revoir, Pipi.”
“Au revoir, Pipi-sama.”

Pipi left.

“Commoner, have you finally decided to rethink belittling Pipi?”
“Well, maybe a little.”
“I’ll have you know, those two are my dear friends.
Know that if you slander them, you also slander me.”
“Is that so? Then, simply put, they’re my rivals, aren’t they!”
“How do you even begin to draw that comparison!?”

Shortly after, beginning with the three princes the rest of the members of the Order gathered and the conversation settled to the usual.
However, looking back now, at this point it would not have been strange for me to notice that there was something strange about the knowledge that this commoner possessed.

And yet, my vision remained entirely clouded to a lot of other things, of course, including that.

Translator Comment: I can’t believe Claire called someone else easy…!

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