She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner! 5

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Exams (1)

“You, you’re a bit too cheeky for a commoner!”
“Yes! I definitely am, so please, don’t stop there!”

Once again, the commoner’s advances began early in the morning.
It had been like this every day since our enrollment, and it had already been a week.

Her inhuman persistence had already silenced both Pipi and Loretta, they now simply ignored her.
I’d honestly like to do the same… but when I tried just that,

“Ah, Claire-sama, you’ve finally surrendered? Then it’s my victory, right? Well then, I suppose I’ll help myself to the spoils! Perhaps I’ll start with a passionate baiser―”

Her advances just became all the more troublesome leaving me with no other choice.

Now then, a lot had happened and I had been on my back foot for most of it, but this morning would be different.

“… Do you really think that I’d let you have your way time after time?”

Showing her my dauntless smile, I continued.

“We have early term exams tomorrow, right?”
“Yes, we do.”

The academy’s examinations were broadly divided into three subjects.
Social Studies, Etiquette, and Magical Aptitude.
The grades from tomorrow’s exams would be compiled into rankings and displayed publicly.

“Let’s compete over them.
If I win, I’ll have you leave the academy.”

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This was a brilliant idea if I did say so myself.
I had to do something like this to break her spirit or she’d just continue her rampage.


“Eh? I mean I’d rather not?”
“Couldn’t you at least consider it!?”

In the face of her immediate rejection, I stomped my feet.

“Do you, as the valedictorian of the transfer students, intend to just run?”
“But, if I’m forced to leave the academy, then I couldn’t play Claire-sama anymore!”
“Didn’t I tell you to at least say that you’re playing ‘with’ me!?”
“Hahaha, what a silly thing for you to say.”
“Me!? I’m the silly one!?

Whenever I dealt with her, I would strangely begin to feel that I was the weird one and I hated that.

“But none of that matters right now.
Just accept the bet!”
“Hmm… okay, how about this? Claire-sama, if you don’t win, you must do one thing I ask of you.”
“Haah? And why would I have to agree to something like that?”
“Hm? What happened to your earlier confidence? Are you going to run away? You? As the valedictorian of the noble students?

I felt blood rushing to my head.
My, my, she sure can speak.

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The Royal Academy offers campuses providing education from kindergarten all the way through to post-secondary.
Ever since I had enrolled into the kindergarten, I had only ever conceded the spot at the top to the princes.
There was absolutely no chance that I’d lose to some commoner!

“Is that meant to be an attempt to provoke me? Very well, I’ll bite.”
“Fufu, thank you.”
“What are you thanking me for? I recommend that you pack your bags.”
“Yes! Thank you for the fierce encouragement!”
“But I’ve done nothing of the sort!? Jeez… Misha!”
“What is it?”

I called out to Misha who would have otherwise likely remained a bystander.

“Could I ask you to be our witness? If I do better on the upcoming exams, this commoner is to immediately leave the academy.
If I don’t, then I must do any one thing she asks of me.”
“It is ultimately the King who defines what criteria a student must uphold to maintain enrollment.
I don’t believe that it is prudent to dangle it in the balance of a personal conflict.”
“This isn’t a personal conflict.
I will make this commoner painfully aware of her lack of ability and she will flee from the academy in her shame.”

That’s right, this is in no way personal.
Have I made that clear?

“Rei, are you sure that you’re okay with that?”
“There you have it.
I’d be out of options if she chose to deny that this entire exchange happened, so I want you to act as a witness.
I don’t imagine there are any other objections?”
“Not at all! Just thinking of all of the things that I might have Claire-sama do has me so excited!”
“As if I’d lose! Alright, I swear by The Spirit!”
“I swear by The Spirit!”

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“… I’ll bear witness to the result.”

There was a grave significance in making an oath by The Spirit within our Kingdom.
Agreements made and sworn by The Spirit were no longer simple verbal agreements, but held a lot of weight.
Any party that violated such an agreement, whether they be noble or commoner, would surely become the subject of public scorn.
As a noble, I had my family’s status and pride on the line, so there was no way that I could afford to go back on my word.

That being said, I had plenty of reasons to be confident.


On the day of the exams I made sure to come in top form.

First was the Social Studies exam.
This test would primarily cover knowledge of Bauer’s history, culture, and literature.
On average, only around 40% of commoners were even literate, so Social Studies was a subject dominated by the nobility.
Simply put, I had the overwhelming advantage.
Additionally, the results of this exam would account for one third of our total scores, so I already held the overall advantage as well.

“Fufu, struggle to your heart’s content.”

I was brimming with confidence as I composed a traditional poem.

Next would be Etiquette.
This exam would test exactly what the name suggests.
In this specific instance, we would be judged on our etiquette during meals.
The examiners would observe us as we ate and evaluate us on proper table manners.

But to me, this exam was but a part of my everyday life.
Proper etiquette had been drilled into me from as early as I could remember.
Before my mind had the chance to even consider the question, my body moved to offer the correct answer.
While I had no intention of letting my guard down, I knew that I’d be fine so long as I behaved as I would for any other meal.

When I spared a moment to check on that commoner, I found her just staring at me with sparkles in her eyes.
W-What was she doing?

With that, two thirds of the overall score had been decided.
It should go without saying that nobles had the advantage in Etiquette as well, so no matter how I looked at it, there was no way that the commoner could best me.

It had come time for the Magical Aptitude Test.
If the commoner was going to take a subject, it would likely have to be this one.

King Rousseau’s new policies favoring ability and competency were effectively made to prioritize Magical Aptitude.
Magic was quite the potent force, so I could understand why His Majesty would want to prioritize it, but there were also many nobles that stood against this notion.
Some elements of magic were decided by one’s innate characteristics while other factors could be acquired or influenced later in life.
In the end though, there wasn’t much of a gap between the nobles and commoners when it came to raw Magical Aptitude.
Wouldn’t valuing something like that, with no relation to one’s lineage or social rank, just give the commoners a foothold to disrupt social order?

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The Magical Aptitude Test took place outside.
The test itself was split into two parts, one to assess one’s Magical Aptitude, and the other to assess one’s Magical Tool Control.

Among the nobles, it appeared there were already some who felt down after receiving low Magical Aptitude.
While magic did not make or break one’s merit as a student in this academy, it was only natural for a noble to want to reach higher.

Now then, as for myself,

“Just as I would expect from you, Claire-sama!”
“To think that you’d have a high aptitude for fire magic!”
“Ohーho, ho, ho! But of course!”

That was right.
I possessed High Magical Aptitude as well.
Discluding the very few rarities in the world who possessed Extreme Magical Aptitude, it would not be an exaggeration to say that High Magical Aptitude was, practically speaking, the highest rank.
In addition, I held that aptitude in fire magic, the element considered to hold the highest offensive potential.
If I had to guess, the commoner felt confident in her own Magical Aptitude and staked her wager hoping to win and beg for my forgiveness.
What a poor soul.

“Yes, this time, I’ll make sure to silence that commoner for good!”


Later that night.

“And so, I’ve come to get my refill!”
“… Could I ask that you leave?”

For some reason the commoner chose to cheerfully drop by my room.
Of course I promptly drove her away.

Translator Comment: Do your best, Claire!

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