She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner! 6

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Exams (2)

Three days had passed since our exams and today was the day the results would be posted.

“My! Aren’t those quite the shadows lining your eyes?”

After school, I saw the commoner out in the hallway waiting and called out to her.
Normally, I’d never go out of my way to talk to a commoner, yet I couldn’t help but tease her after seeing those thick shadows under her eyes.
This was but appropriate payback for her usual conduct.

“Yeah, honestly I couldn’t sleep a wink…”
“Ohーho, ho, ho! You poor soul, but an oath is an oath, you know?”

Surely today would become the last day the commoner would set foot into the academy.
Just as that thought flashed through my mind,

“Yes, I got lost thinking about what I’d have you do, and it was suddenly morning!”
“That’s what kept you up!?”

Th-this commoner, does she really believe that she has a chance here!?

“You really think that you can best me? Just a bundle of joy, aren’t we?”

Placing my hand near my mouth I gave a piercing laugh.
As I’ve already detailed, she has absolutely no chance.

“Well I mean, we won’t know until we look at the results, right?”
“The results are already as clear as day.”

Unable to stand the commoner’s cheeky composure, I sent her a fierce glare.
As I did so,

“Fufu, you two really get along well.”

Yuu-sama came to join us.
With his usual gentle smile, he asked Rei,

“So Rei, how are your prospects?”
“Well, good enough.”
“Fufu, I’m looking forward to it.
How about you, Misha?”
“I put my best foot forward.”

Misha’s expression remained clouded even after Yuu-sama called out to her.
I could understand.
Putting the commoner’s jests aside, it did seem that Misha still held Yuu-sama dear, but the societal gap between them couldn’t be any wider.
There was no way that her love would be fulfilled.
I was sure that it was precisely because Misha understood this that she maintained an appropriate distance.

“So, who’s going to claim second?”

Rodd-sama was here as well, his absolute confidence obvious in his expression.
In his case however, he actually had the skill and talent to back that confidence up.
Befitting his status as the first prince, he was fundamentally different from the rest.
His confidence was leagues away from that commoner’s forced optimism.


We stood right in front of the bulletin board waiting for the results.
In other words, we were at the very front of the crowd.
Looking behind us, I could see Sein-sama was waiting at the very back.
His expression appeared even darker than it normally was.
It wasn’t as though Sein-sama wasn’t a capable individual, in fact, compared to the general standard he was outstanding.
Unfortunately, the standard he was measured against was none other than Rodd-sama and Yuu-sama―both of whom were bonafide prodigies.
I truly believe that anyone would feel miffed if they had to be compared to those two on the regular.

“Oh, here they are.”

Misha’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts and I could see one of the academy’s staff approaching with large sheets of paper.

“Have you made up your resolve?”
“To savor my time with you? Long ago.”

Keep talking.
I turned to look at the results for the Social Studies exam,

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And went completely speechless.

 ・Social Studies―――――――
 1st: Rodd Bauer (100 Points)
 2nd: Yuu Bauer (98 Points)
 2nd: Rei Taylor (98 Points)
 4th: Claire François (95 Points)
 7th: Misha Yule (90 Points)
 10th: Sein Bauer (87 Points)


The commoner placed second!? She placed higher than me!?

“Oh? It was obvious that both I and Yuu would take the one two, but you didn’t do too bad yourself, Rei.”
“Wow Rei, nicely done.”
“Thank you.”

Having received praise from the two princes, the commoner looked at me as though she had already won.
I was filled with a deep sense of humiliation.

I… as the heiress of a household representing the pinnacle of nobility, lost to this commoner in Social Studies…? I clenched my fists tight enough to turn them white and trembled.

But the truth remained.

“C-Claire-sama, keep yourself steady!”
“Yes! I’m sure that this is some sort of mistake!”
“O-Of course…”

Though Pipi and Loretta both offered words of comfort, I just couldn’t seem to settle myself.

Next, the results for the Etiquette exam were posted.

 1st: Yuu Bauer (100 Points)
 2nd: Rodd Bauer (98 Points)
 3nd: Claire François (97 Points)
 4th: Sein Bauer (95 Points)
 8th: Misha Yule (90 Points)

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 22nd: Rei Taylor (75 Points)

The results of the Social Studies exam had turned me pale, but the Etiquette exam results brought that color along with my energy back.

“~~ I’ve done it!”
“Congratulations, Claire-sama!”
“Just as I’d expect!”
“Yes, thank you.”

This time I properly accepted Pipi and Loretta’s words.
Yes, I was sure they were right.
Surely there had been some sort of mistake in the Social Studies exam results.

“The results earlier must’ve been some sort of coincidence.
We’ll finally be able to see you for who you really are.”
“Yes, I’m sure.”

As I gloated over my victory, the commoner simply smiled and offered affirmation.
Hmph, she could bluff all she wanted to, but internally, she was surely fraught with frustration.

And finally, the Magical Aptitude Test results were posted.

 ・Magical Aptitude――――――
 1st: Rei Taylor (IMMEASURABLE)
 2nd: Misha Yule (98 Points)
 6th: Claire François (92 Points)
 8th: Sein Bauer (90 Points)
 9th: Rodd Bauer (88 Points)
 9th: Yuu Bauer (88 Points)

“What… just what…?”

I was once again at a loss for words.
Immeasurable? Was something like that even possible?

“Hey, commoner! Explain the meaning of this!”
“Well hmm, I wonder what it means?”

The commoner just played it off with a smile.
Why you…!

And so the overall results―

 1st: Rodd Bauer (286 Points)
 1st: Yuu Bauer(286 Points)
 3rd: Claire François (284 Points)

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 5th: Misha Yule (278 Points)
 10th: Sein Bauer (272 Points)
 ※As Rei Taylor’s cumulative grade is indeterminable,
  she will be considered separately for this ranking.
  The Academy will re-examine its grading criteria
  in preparation for future examinations.

Had turned out in such a way.

“I cannot accept this…”

Even though I had gone into the exams with absolute confidence, the truth had been so far from my expectations.
I had intended to win with a large margin… and yet the commoner had displayed so much power that the system was unable to properly evaluate her? Was there actually… more to this girl than I had thought…?

“But look! You’ve placed third, right after two of the princes! Isn’t that amazing?”
“Yes, absolutely! Just as I’d expect from Claire-sama!”
“… Y-Yes… You’re right”

Put into perspective, it was just as the two said.
Though it wasn’t a flawless victory, it wasn’t a loss.
I suppose I’d just have to settle for that.

The very moment that relief had begun to settle,


The commoner approached, smiling ear to ear.

“Oh? What was that? You sound like you just saw a ghost!”
“I did no such thing.
So, what is it? As you can see our competition is null and void.”
“What are you saying? Claire-sama, don’t you realize? You didn’t win.”

I had no idea what this commoner was trying to say.

“Don’t you remember the agreement we swore to? Claire-sama, if you won, I would leave the academy.
But if you didn’t, you would do any one thing I asked of you.”
“Just as I said, our competition didn’t reach a valid conclusion.”
“Exactly, Claire-sama.
Simply put, you didn’t win.”
“… Ah.”

S-So that was her ploy! I had agreed to do any one thing the commoner asked of me not “if she won”, but “if I didn’t win.” The latter included this case where there was no clear winner.

“H-How cowardly!”
“Yes, that was my plan from the very start!”
“No, that clearly makes this whole agreement void!”

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“Oh? You’re trying to go against our agreement? Even though we swore to The Spirit?”

It became clear that I had been wrapped around her finger the entire time.
In the end, our oath was still an oath.
Unlike the commoner, there was much more at stake for me should I break it, so I must fulfill my end of the promise.

“… What is your demand…”
“Ah, so you’re willing to listen! Just as I’d expect from Claire-sama! I love you!”
“Enough with that, just hurry and make your demand!”

Considering what I knew of her, I had no doubt that she would say something both ridiculous and unreasonable.
In response to my brave front, the commoner’s expression suddenly softened.

“Please don’t give up.”
“No matter how harsh or how cruel the situation, please, don’t give up until the very end.”

I just stared at her vacantly.
Don’t give up? … Was that it?

“… Are you sure you’re okay with something like that?”
“… I was sure that you’d say something more unreasonable.”
“Oh? Is that what you want?”
“No, I’m fine with this!”

If I let this go on any longer, there was no telling what she’d demand.
I decided to hurry and fulfill the oath.

“By The Spirit’s name, I vow that I will not give up.
No matter the situation, I’ll hold hope in my heart and struggle to the very last moment.”
“Yes, Claire-sama, that was perfect.”

The commoner applauded loudly.

“… I won’t lose next time.”

I would not allow something like this to happen a second time.
Renewing that conviction, I tried to leave.

“Ah, Claire-sama!”
“… Was there something else?”
“I love you!”
“And I absolutely abhor you!”

Goodness! Just what is with that girl.

But as a result of this incident, I came to realize that I would need to re-evaluate the assumptions I had made about the commoner’s capabilities.

Translator Comment: I just have the little segments in Machikado Mazoku in mind.

Don’t think this means that you’ve won!
Do your best Claire, become a noble that won’t lose to this commoner.

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