She’s so Cheeky for a Commoner! 7

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A Distinguished Noble’s Daughter


On one particular morning I just lay idle on my bed.
I needed to hurry and prepare, but there was something on my mind.

Until very recently, only the children of noble families could attend the Royal Academy.
As such, the academy allowed for each student to be accompanied by up to two personal attendants.
While commoners surely couldn’t afford such a luxury, I was the daughter of House François.
It was natural that I’d have outstanding attendants by my side.

“Good morning, Claire-sama.”
“Morning, Lene.”
“Claire-sama, is there something on your mind?”

Lene, my personal maid, entered the room.
Her beige hair and hazel eyes gave a very calming impression.
When she saw me still lazing about, she gave me a look that said, “You need me to do everything, don’t you?”, before moving to retrieve today’s garments from my wardrobe.

“Ah, Claire-sama, one of your buttons is loose.”
“Come on, it’s just on my pajamas… It’s not like anyone will see it.”
“That won’t do.
It may start with those innocent little leniencies, but it’s a very slippery slope.”
“Mm, is that really how it goes?”

I reluctantly fixed the top button on my pajamas.

“So? Claire-sama, what were you thinking about?”
“Yes, well, just about a little thorn in my side…”

Today was a holiday, so I had returned to the François manor.
Normally, I would spend my days off at academy dorms, but there was something important that I needed to take care of.

“Is it the fault of that Rei girl you mentioned?”
“Yes, exactly.
That commoner… She told me that she’d come by today to attend the interviews.
What absolute nonsense…”

That’s right.
Today the François manor was holding interviews to determine which attendants would accompany me to the academy.
Of course one of the two had to be Lene, but the other would be decided through today’s selections.
While I didn’t expect anyone to be able to perform at Lene’s level, as this individual would serve me at the academy,, they needed to be more than capable.

It should go without saying, but that commoner was out of the question.

“Kh, fufu… To think that even Claire-sama has trouble handling that girl.”

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“Stop it.
If there was someone out there who could just shrug all of that off, I’d have to doubt their sensibilities.
You should know that I’m sensitive!”
“That’s true, Claire-sama is very sensitive.
That kind of girl does seem too erratic to deal with.”
“Exactly right.”

Even as she talked, Lene continued to dress me.
As expected of a maid who had served me since my childhood, there was not even a trace of hesitation in her actions.

“Claire-sama, which brooch would you prefer today?”

Lene gestured toward an accessory stand.

“Lene, which one do you think would suit me?”
“Hmm… Considering that you’ll be sitting in on formal interviews, it would be good to choose one that gives the appropriate impression.
What do you say to something like this?”

Lene pointed at a silver brooch adorned by a flower carved from a jet gemstone and garnished with a pearl.
Her selection fit my mood for the day perfectly.

“Yes, that will do.”

Yes, this is what a maid needs to be capable of.
Lene served me flawlessly, as though our hearts beat as one.
I felt a deep appreciation toward her.


“Your application has been denied.”
“Come on, can’t you do something about that?”
“I said that you’ve been denied!”

It appeared that the thorn in my side had firmly taken root.
The commoner had actually applied to become one of my attendants, and, as if that weren’t already enough, she had actually made it to the final interview as well.

Where do you find fault in this applicant? During the interview process, she has proven herself a cut above the rest.

The head maid pointed out that the applicant had displayed a fair understanding of etiquette and a refined understanding for culture which far surpassed the average commoner.
Furthermore, she had displayed a high proficiency in magic proving herself suitable as a bodyguard.
In short, though it was frustrating to admit, if we were to judge solely off of her capabilities… She was absolutely astounding.


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“Don’t you see that there’s a huge problem with her character!? If I kept a maid like her with me around the clock, I would never be able to let my guard down!”
“But she also seems to be extremely loyal.”
“Head maid, this is not loyalty, this is love.”
“There’s no way that I could leave a maid that says such things by my side!”

Argh, I need my solace―someone, call Lene to my side!

“What’s with the ruckus.”
“Master François…”

Having overheard the commotion from our manor’s lobby, my father came to check in.
He wore his first-class suit to perfection and propped himself up with an ivory rosewood cane.
He momentarily looked at me before pointing his sharp gaze at the commoner.
In the face of my father’s stare that caused even the most cunning nobles to tremble, the commoner held her ground.
Did she really perceive herself to be some sort of bigshot, or was she just dense?

“We’re holding interviews to decide on the maid who will attend to my lady’s needs at the academy, but my lady is not pleased by my choice.”
“I see.
Seeing as the head maid chose her, I’m sure that she’s more than capable… Claire, what do you have against her?”
“There are far too many faults in her character.
For one, she constantly teases me…”
Proper respect for one’s master is an essential quality for any maid.
Head maid, don’t you find such behavior to be unsuitable?”

As I would expect from my father.
There was more to a servant than their capabilities.
A servant also needed a heart attuned to service and real loyalty―my father understood this well.

“I’ve witnessed nothing of the sort.
The applicant claims that the entire reason she applied was because she wanted to attend to my lady.
This alone distinguishes her from those who applied chasing the money.”
“She can claim whatever she likes.”
“When I asked her how she intended to serve if she were to be employed, she offered an answer that was both devout and detailed.
I do not believe it to be lip service.”

With a, “Hm”, my father seemed to briefly consider the situation.

“In the end, isn’t it the candidate’s compatibility with Claire that matters the most? If Claire is firmly against this candidate, then I don’t believe that we should employ her.”
“That’s… certainly true.”
“I just knew that father would understand!”

With this, I’ve been freed from the nightmare of having this commoner become my personal maid!

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“Your Grace François.
I am aware that I speak out of line, but I ask for the chance to speak.”

Completely ignoring the joy that filled my face, the commoner called out to my father.
As to be expected, my father furrowed his brow.

“That a lowly commoner would dare to speak without waiting to be addressed… and not just to any noble, but me, the Kingdom’s Minister of Finance! There are limits to how rude―”
“Irvine Manuel.”

The very moment that name left the commoner’s mouth, my father’s expression froze over.
While he continued to contort his mouth into a sneer, his eyes were not smiling.

“Who might that be?”
“March 3rd, five hundred thousand gold.”

Though I had no idea what she could be referring to, the commoner’s words had forced my father into silence.

“Claire, head maid, I ask that you give me some time alone with this individual.”
“No, I can’t do that! At least keep a guard―”
“This is an order.”

Father’s words rang resolute.
With that sort of tone, the head maid had no choice but to back down.

“You won’t allow me to stay either?”
“I’m sorry Claire… I just have something that I need to confirm.
I ask that you understand.”

He spoke so gently that I couldn’t bring myself to double down.
I promptly followed the head maid out of the room.


“We will employ this individual as Claire’s maid.”

After approximately thirty minutes had passed from the start of their conversation, my father invited both I and the head maid back into the room.
I simply could not believe the words that had come out of my father’s mouth.

“But why!?”

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“I have confirmed that she is trustworthy and more than suitable to serve as Claire’s maid.”
“I won’t accept this! You! Just what did you say to my father!?”
“Nothing special.
But if you must know, I simply confessed my love for you.”
“Could you be serious about this!?”

I simply couldn’t understand.
What words, what trickery could she have used to win my father over!? Could she have sold her body… no, father wasn’t the type of person to be led astray by something like that.
But then… how?

“Father, you want me to keep someone that says something like that by my side!?”
“We talked one on one, Claire.
I guarantee that her loyalty toward you is genuine.”
“Even if it is genuine, her goals are clearly impure! I’m sure all she wants to do is tease me for her own entertainment!”

My father lowered his tone of voice.
The low echoes made it clear… I had no say in the matter.

“It is simple to surround yourself with people who will simply obey.
If you pride yourself as House François’ only daughter, show me that you can hold this girl’s reins.”

Even if I did not assume my family’s official post, one day, as a noble’s wife, I would surely need to take charge of many.
“How do you intend to do that if you can’t even manage this one individual? If you are truly House François’ only daughter, show me that you can see this through.” That’s what my father was saying.

“So you intend to employ her… no matter what I say?”
“… I understand.”

What my father said did make sense.
It was neither noble nor elegant of me to continue and object solely based on my emotions.
Taking a deep breath, I turned to the commoner.

“If you intend to serve me as my maid, know that my word is absolute! Do you understand!? I hope you’re prepared!”
“Thank you so much! I’ll do my best!”

And so, the commoner had found a way to secure her position as my maid.
But really, I couldn’t help but wonder how she had won over my father.

Translator Comment: We didn’t get to see it very much in Rei’s perspective, but Claire really is quite unguarded when it’s just her and Lene.
How cute~

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