Chapter 14 Dark Rock Incident(2)

At a certain moment, the pterosaurs in the distance suddenly cried out strangely, and with a swoosh, they spread their wings and soared into the sky!

At the same time, Qian Yue grabbed her backpack and jumped up from the ground, running away with all her might.
Her sudden movement startled a girl next to her.

“What the… Ah!”

Before she could finish her sentence, she suddenly plummeted downwards!

At the critical moment, someone suddenly pulled her, and the girl awkwardly fell to the ground.
The next second, the ground completely collapsed, and a crack was forcefully torn open at the spot where the girl was originally standing!

“Damn, it’s an earthquake!”

Someone in the crowd shouted, and the players finally snapped out of their shock and chaos ensued!

“Seriously? We’re experiencing this on the first day?”

“Isn’t this instance supposed to be about surviving under prehistoric animals? Why is there an earthquake?!”

“Why bother with so many questions? Run quickly!”

“Jump, jump, jump! This place is about to split open! I don’t want to die in a crack!”


The earth and rocks rolled, the ground split, and everything surged.

The pterosaurs in the sky cried out and circled, while more and more creatures slowly emerged on the grassland.

Some had recognizable names, some didn’t, some looked similar to certain animals in the future, and some were so ugly that they were unrecognizable…

Usually, these prehistoric animals would surely attract everyone’s attention.
But now, everyone was too busy escaping for their lives to spare a thought for the beings beside them.

Accompanied by increasingly intense tremors, long cracks carried flying sand and approached rapidly from the horizon.
The overwhelming force nearly broke people’s psychological defenses!

“Crack, crack, crack…”

The cracks seemed like ink strokes drawn by a child.
Perhaps one second they were preparing to rush past, and the next second they saw the path suddenly collapse, turning into an impassable gap.
If one wasn’t careful, they would fall directly down.

Someone couldn’t help but shout, “What the heck is going on? When will this end? It’s only the first day of the instance!”

Almost at the moment when his voice fell, there was a sudden “boom” in the sky!

Qian Yue instantly realized what had happened and reflexively turned her head to take a look.

At the end of her sight, where the grassland met the sky, a line of red light suddenly lit up, dazzlingly bright like a newly risen second sun.


The grassland tore apart, and the mountains and rivers were rewritten.

Hot magma soared into the sky, and thick, acrid smoke billowed thousands of feet high.
In that instant, the temperature changed, the world darkened, and the entire world trembled!

Earthquakes, magma, ash, and rampaging prehistoric creatures.

Less than half an hour into the beginning of the instance, chaos reigned.
Many people were already planning how to curse the game designers on the forums after they were eliminated, even before they died.

In contrast, Qian Yue remained calm and continued running forward, becoming an exception.

“Where are you planning to go?”

A panting voice came from behind her, and Qian Yue knew who it was without having to turn around.

Qian Yue clicked her tongue.
“Don’t follow me.”

Saving the person earlier was just a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Lazy as Qian Yue was, she had no intention of bringing anyone along, so she immediately let go after pulling the person.

But she didn’t expect the other person to be so capable, not only catching up but also running alongside her all the way!

But no matter how cold-hearted Qian Yue was, she could not seem to shake her off— the girl seemed to have taken her as her companion.

The girl exclaimed, “Magma! The magma is catching up!”

Qian Yue ignored her.
She had already sensed the scorching breath approaching from behind.

However, relying solely on her legs’ speed was too slow.
If she continued like this, she might not be able to escape unscathed.

Qian Yue instinctively turned her head to look and eventually caught sight of something running beside her…

A Struthiomimus?!

Qian Yue’s eyes brightened instantly.

Although the creature in front of her had the appearance of a dinosaur, its name indicated a close relationship with the ostriches of the future.

This type of dinosaur was considered the sprinting champion among the known species.
It had excellent jumping abilities and a long, blunt tail that remained rigid and straight like a wooden stick to maintain balance while running.

Most importantly, the Struthiomimus was a warm-blooded herbivore.
Even if it took someone back to its nest, there was no need to fear being eaten!

Qian Yue glanced sideways and noticed the girl still following her.

Qian Yue reminded her, “If I save you again, it’s up to you to hold on.”

The girl asked, “What?”

Qian Yue remained silent and changed her direction.
She ran towards the group of Struthiomimus.

As the magma approached from behind, one by one the Struthiomimus sprinted past Qian Yue.
She squinted her eyes and seized the opportunity to leap forward!

With a loud “thump,” Qian Yue’s forehead was knocked, but her hands firmly grasped the tail of one of the Struthiomimus!

A strong wind whistled past her ears, and the flying sand made it almost impossible to keep her eyes open.
The Struthiomimus moved swiftly, causing Qian Yue to feel quite uncomfortable from being jostled around.

Sensing something unusual on its tail, the Struthiomimus became restless.
However, in this critical moment, it dared not stop running.

Qian Yue chuckled and took this opportunity to climb up its tail.

Finally, she successfully mounted its neck!

There, Song Zeyang was running at high speed with his teammates.

Their luck was not bad as the terrain diverted the flow of magma, preventing it from chasing after them.
However, it didn’t mean they could stand still.

Teammate A said, “Damn, why is my character showing signs of poisoning!”

Song Zeyang replied, “It’s volcanic ash!”

Although this eruption seemed to be happening far away, the danger was never distant!

At the moment of a dark rock eruption, millions of cubic kilometers of hot rock fragments, dust, and magma were sent several thousand meters into the sky.
The visible forces, such as the magma and various falling rocks, were threatening but avoidable.

Instead, it was the dust and ashes suspended in the air that posed the true invisible threat to life!

Teammate B exclaimed, “Use the antidote! Use the antidote!”

Teammate A panicked, “I’m out of antidotes!”

It wasn’t just about using antidotes; at this moment, as they raced for their lives, their stamina and mental points were rapidly declining!

Gritting his teeth, Song Zeyang said, “Stop talking! Hold on! The game can’t be this hard!”

Even if the game was truly this difficult, there should be others suffering more than them.
At least they were lucky enough to choose the right direction…

Just as he was consoling himself, dozens of long-legged dinosaurs whizzed past him.

Song Zeyang also didn’t recognize the ostrich-like dinosaur and only felt that this creature had long legs and was fast.
But upon closer inspection, two of the dinosaurs seemed different from the others.

They had people on them!

The girl behind tightly clung to the dinosaur’s neck, looking as if she had lost her soul.

And on the other dinosaur—

Unaware that they were being watched, Qian Yue took out a piece of hard bread and leisurely gnawed on it while leaning against the

dinosaur’s back.

As they passed by, Qian Yue probably didn’t realize who they were.
Without even sparing a glance, she blinked, and the group of long-legged dinosaurs had already run far away with the girls on their backs.

Song Zeyang, “…”

Teammates A and B, who also witnessed the scene, “…”

A and B exchanged glances, “Is it still possible for us to join the boss’s team now?”

Song Zeyang: Don’t ask, asking will only lead to regrets.


The dark rock volcano erupted for nearly two hours, and the players ran for almost two hours along with it.
Perhaps the game planning team still had a bit of conscience and didn’t completely replicate the power of the dark rock volcanoes in history.

Finally, as the players distanced themselves from the volcano, the farce gradually came to an end.

Near the Struthiomimus camp.

Qi Yeyun, the girl who had ridden the dragon with Qian Yue before, was now lying on a rock, looking dazed.

She sighed, “I actually rode a dinosaur!”

Qian Yue, “Step aside.”

“Hey, okay!” Qi Yeyun immediately got up upon hearing the words, and
Qian Yue, without saying a word, bent down and put the rock into her backpack.

Qi Yeyun looked at her actions curiously and couldn’t help but ask, “Boss, why do you seem completely unexcited?”

Qian Yue ignored her and walked in another direction.

Qi Yeyun immediately followed, asking with great interest, “And, and how did you come up with the idea of riding a dinosaur? It’s so cool—”

Qian Yue stood up straight, turned her head without expression, and looked at her, saying, “Do I need to remind you that this is the fifth time you’ve brought up this topic within these ten minutes?”

Qian Yue impatiently said, “Just because I didn’t answer doesn’t mean I’m in a good mood.
People’s patience has its limits.”

Qi Yeyun instantly realized that the other party was truly annoyed.

She quickly put away her playful demeanor and apologetically said, “I’m sorry.
I’m just too excited.
Thank you, once again, for saving me.”

Qian Yue with a cold face, “It’s not my business.
I just reminded you of this possibility; the decision was yours.”

Qi Yeyun, seeing that she responded in her own way, felt somewhat relieved.
She immediately smiled and said, “But the method was thought of by you boss! Boss is amazing!”

Qian Yue, “…”

She paused for a moment, “You reminded me.
Three pieces of bread for the method, and don’t call me boss.”

Qi Yeyun was taken aback and quickly took out five pieces of hard bread.

“Plus two more to thank you for helping me out!”

“…No need to thank me.”

Qi Yeyun surprised Qian Yue with her generosity.
Her offer of three portions actually left room for negotiation, but she didn’t expect the other person to agree so readily.

Qi Yeyun quickly tried to get closer, “What’s your name?”

“Qian Yue.”

As the saying goes, don’t hit the smiling guy’s face.
The other person had a sincere look, hence Qian Yue couldn’t say anything else and could only pretend to be aloof while silently marveling at how different people could be.

Deep inside, Qian Yue regretted giving up the shopping opportunity earlier.
After collecting the bread, she turned around and continued to search for stones.

Qi Yeyun saw this and immediately followed, eagerly asking, “Are you looking for stones, Boss? Let me help you! How about this one?”

Qian Yue glanced at the stone mentioned.
Although it was big, it wasn’t the type she was looking for.

“No, thanks.
Don’t follow me,” Qian Yue replied.

Qi Yeyun paused upon hearing this, feeling conflicted.

From Qi Yeyun’s perspective, although she had physical fitness and wilderness survival knowledge, most things in this instance touched on her areas of ignorance.
It would be difficult for her to pass through successfully on her own.

But Qian Yue’s intention was already clear—she had no intention of teaming up.
If Qi Yeyun insisted on tagging along, it would likely become annoying.

Just when Qi Yeyun didn’t know what to do, Qian Yue’s voice suddenly came from the side.

“Struthiomimus are herbivorous and warm-blooded animals, but be careful not to disturb their eggs.”

That’s right! We could also stay in the dinosaur nests!

Qi Yeyun’s eyes brightened instantly.
However, when she looked up,

Qian Yue was still digging stones, as if it was just a casual remark.

Qi Yeyun was moved and said, “Thank—”

Qian Yue interrupted her directly and straightforwardly said, “I’ll exchange this information for three portions of Vitamin C.”

Qi Yeyun promptly paid!

Not to mention three portions of Vitamin C, to be able to establish a good relationship with the boss, even thirty portions… well, let’s forget about thirty, three portions is enough.


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