Chapter 6 Arctic World(6)


Fang Nan rolled up his sleeves, ready to rage, but he didn’t expect Qian Yue to be even faster!

Fang Nan was startled!

In this day and age, fighting consumes stamina, so Fang Nan was just putting on a show and didn’t plan on getting serious.
It was Qian Yue who acted swiftly and decisively.

Oh no, could it be that she’s serious?

Instinctively, Fang Nan took a step back—

Qian Yue, “…Why are you running? Weren’t you going to ask me a question?”

“Hmm?” Fang Nan looked at her warily and then realized that she had just reached out a hand toward him.

Qian Yue casually said, “You can ask questions, but you must give me something to eat first.”

“…” Fang Nan was taken aback.

A false alarm.

Fang Nan immediately regained his composure and sarcastically retorted, repeating Qian Yue’s words, “Begging for food is begging for food, is this your begging attitude?”

Qian Yue glanced at him, leaned back, skillfully covering the backpack behind her, closed her eyes, and ignored whatever Fang Nan and his group said.

The team members looked at each other in confusion, “Fang ge…”

If they don’t chase after them now, they’ll have run far away!


Fang Nan turned his head and looked around.
The onlookers immediately lowered their heads, pretending to be busy.
Ultimately, he gritted his teeth, took out a hard bread, and threw it at Qian Yue.

She remained unmoved.


Qian Yue opened her eyes, “What did you call me?”


“Think again.”

For some reason, the image of Qian Yue calling herself “daddy” flashed through Fang Nan’s mind.
His face immediately darkened, and he gritted his teeth as he warned, “Don’t take advantage of me.”

Qian Yue raised an eyebrow, lazily picked up the hard bread and put it in her pocket, then continued reaching out her hand.

Fang Nan, “Give it to her.”

The person behind him took out another hard piece of bread and handed it over.

Qian Yue accepted it as usual and then continued reaching out her hand.

Fang Nan, “…”

As the third hard bread was about to be handed over, Qian Yue still showed no intention of speaking.
Fang Nan suddenly got angry, “I warn you, once, twice, thrice—”

“Over there.”

Fang Nan’s sleeve-rolling action came to a halt.

There is no such thing as a free lunch when you’ve received something from someone else, naturally, you should help them in return.
But then Qian Yue raised her hand and pointed in a completely opposite direction.

“There, go over there.”

Others, “Fang ge, isn’t that wrong? I remember that kid running in the opposite direction!”

Qian Yue immediately had a sullen face and sneered, “I pointed out the way, believe it or not.
If you keep dawdling, he’ll probably be gone.”

Accusing others of wrongdoing and expecting her help? Dream on!
Getting a few hard breads from him is already considered good enough.

She got the bread, pointed out the way, and staying here any longer would make it easy for someone to snatch it away.
Qian Yue seized the opportunity while Fang Nan was getting angry and stood up without hesitation, bending down to pick up the broken bowl.

Without a change in her expression, she swiftly slung the backpack, symbolizing the player’s identity, over her shoulder and, as she left, she rudely bumped into Fang Nan, saying, “Move!”

Her cunning and unscrupulous appearance, perfectly portraying the role of a ruffian, was so well done that no one around noticed anything amiss.

Fang Nan shouted in pain and was actually pushed back two steps.
The others quickly went to help him.

“Brother Fang, are you okay?”

“This brat deserves a beating!”

“It’s okay, ah… She’s quite strong.
Forget about her, hurry and chase after the sword!”


The group hurriedly chased after the direction Qian Yue had indicated earlier.

Fang Nan stood in place, rubbing his shoulder in pain, but couldn’t help but turn his head to look back.

For some reason, the backpack felt somewhat familiar.

He instinctively wanted to take a closer look, but when he turned around, he realized that in just a few seconds, the person had disappeared right in front of his eyes!

Fang Nan’s heart sank, as a bad realization sunk in.

Just then, someone passed by in front of him, and Fang Nan’s gaze fell on that overly familiar backpack—

“Duck, that person is carrying a player’s backpack!”

His intelligence urgently kicked in at this critical moment.
Fang Nan quickly opened his own backpack to check and discovered that the special food recipe he had obtained with great difficulty was actually gone!

“You bastard!”

He immediately stopped the others and said, “Don’t worry about that knife! Let’s go find that beggar from earlier! She’s not just any beggar, she’s THE beggar!!!”

Team members, “…What’s the difference?”

However, by this time, Fang Nan had already chased after her, leaving behind several bewildered team members who hadn’t yet figured out the situation.


On the snowy plain, many people were hurrying along.

Qian Yue held the freshly obtained “Secret Recipe Food – Braised Pig’s Elbow” from Fang Nan’s backpack and took a deep breath of its aroma.
Reluctantly, she placed it in her storage.

She had used up all the stolen hard bread to restore her stats, but good stuff like the “Braised Pig’s Elbow” had to be saved for a moment of relaxation to fully enjoy its happiness.

And now, she was on her way to find a new place to settle.

“Little girl, if you keep going, you’ll go too far!”

Someone shouted from the side, and Qian Yue turned around to see an old man wearing a straw raincoat and carrying a bucket.

Qian Yue nodded at him and continued walking.

However, the old man approached her and loudly reminded her, “Miss, there’s no village ahead! You’re going too far!”

Qian Yue was stopped by him and could only pause her steps, saying helplessly, “Sir, don’t worry, I’m not going to steal your fish.”

The old man’s expression stiffened, and he quickly became embarrassed, looking like someone whose secret had been exposed.

But after Qian Yue finished speaking, she bypassed him and continued forward.

During the rest of the journey, the two remained silent.

Qian Yue picked up a long tree branch from the roadside and used it to probe the snow, the sound of the branch piercing through the snow become the only sound in the surrounding.

After walking for about ten minutes, the snowy scenery gradually changed, revealing a frozen lake.

In the morning, when Qian Yue was squatting by the roadside, she heard that there was a lake east of the village.
During the early stages of the snow disaster, many people tried to fish in the lake, but due to the thin ice and the large number of people, many accidents occurred, resulting in deaths and conflicts.

Later, as the weather became colder and the lake was far from the village with little else around, fewer people came.

At this moment, there were only a few scattered individuals on the entire lake.

At first glance, there didn’t seem to be anything special, but upon closer inspection, Qian Yue noticed that several of them were players.

Most of them didn’t have any tools and could only watch from the side.

The old man carried his belongings and walked towards the nearest ice cave, while Qian Yue didn’t stop but continued walking along the edge of the lake.

Finally, she found a small hill adjacent to the lake that was sheltered from the wind.

Qian Yue used the tree branch to test the thickness of the snow, and her eyes lit up, “The snow is quite thick.”

Originally, she planned to build an ice house by the lake and was just worried about how to obtain ice.
But now, it seemed like digging a snow cave would also be a good idea.

In real life, Qian Yue had also been to extremely cold regions.
Those places lacked vegetation and sediment, so most of the time, it was just ice and snow.

Back then, they often had to camp in the wilderness to track the movements of animals, and Qian Yue had honed her skills in chiseling ice and digging holes.

But before she could dig the snow cave, she needed to find tools.
—Those people on the lake who were chiseling ice and fishing must have those tools.

Qian Yue turned around and walked towards the lake, and as she turned her head, she happened to see the old man, who had just come the same way as her, vigorously wielding a shovel to chip the ice.

Whether it was a coincidence or not, at that moment when Qian Yue looked over, the old man straightened up and rubbed his waist.

Their eyes met.

The old man instantly became vigilant!


“I really didn’t come to steal fish!”

A few minutes later, Qian Yue exchanged a piece of hard bread for the right to use the shovel, and before leaving, she helped the old man shovel open an ice hole.

As the ice cracked, many fish jumped out eagerly, and Qian Yue couldn’t help but feel envious of the scene.

The old man’s gaze toward her changed, and while scooping fish into his bucket, he reminded her, “We made a deal, remember!”

Qian Yue was speechless.

If she had any ulterior motives, would she need to offer bread and help him with the labor?

However, on second thought, she chose to live by the lake precisely to take advantage of the fish in the lake.

But before that, she had to dig out the snow cave.

Over two hours later, she crawled into the snow cave she had just dug and let out a long sigh of relief.

Although a snow cave was called a cave, it was different from the caves humans traditionally lived in.

In fact, the inspiration for a snow cave came from the dens of animals that needed to hibernate.

To better insulate and defend against enemies, Qian Yue first dug a narrow passageway downwards and then dug a living chamber upwards.

Due to limited time, the space she dug was not large, making it difficult even to sit up, but it didn’t prevent the temperature inside the cave from slowly rising.

Qian Yue carefully scraped the accumulated snow in the cave with the shovel until she reached a tree branch, and then she stopped.

The branch was inserted from outside before she entered the cave, and it was used to measure the thickness of the snow.

The walls of the snow cave couldn’t be too thick, but if they were too thin, it would be prone to collapse.
So Qian Yue stopped digging after finding the branch.

Qian Yue put the shovel back into her backpack and took out some straw she had collected to lay on the floor.

Due to the limited space, there was even an extra bundle of straw left over, which could be used as a blanket.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have any lighting tools with her, and the cave was pitch black, with only a faint light coming from the passageway below.

She reached out and tried to check the attributes by pressing against the wall, but perhaps due to being a non-game item, there was no prompt displayed even after two seconds.

“Forget it.”

Qian Yue had confidence in her skills.
At least she wouldn’t experience a situation where the cave collapsed while she was sleeping.

After tidying up everything, Qian Yue went out and returned the shovel to the old man.
Although he was wary of her trying to take the fish, when they said goodbye, he suddenly pointed to the side and said, “Look, I don’t know who dropped the fish there when they passed by.
Old man, I, had good luck today and didn’t fancy those few ounces of meat, so I’ll give them to you for cheap.”

Using the excuse of passing by was so ridiculous.
But how could anyone in this day and age reject extra food?

Seeing someone looking in that direction, Qian Yue quickly walked up and picked up the fish only after everyone had shifted their gaze away.

Three portions of fish meat instantly appeared in her backpack.

“Thank you.”

The old man mumbled a vague response as he put on his cloak, lifted his small bucket, and walked away, avoiding the crowd.

Unbeknownst to Qian Yue, shortly after she left, several players rushed forward and surround the ice hole Qian Yue opened for the old man.

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