ndured the feeling of pressure, heaving a big breath.
No matter how much Koutarou wanted Shuuji, he’d never held him when he was the only one who wanted it.
A bulge big enough to lift the clone’s pants crossed Shuuji’s line of sight, and his expression was twisted in distress.
“That… much…”
The clone didn’t miss even that tiny voice.
His hand stopped moving and he drew his face close to hear Shuuji better.
“You don’t have to be so timid… It’s okay.”
“No it’s not.
I’m not going to be able to stop myself, I’m trying to hold back.”
“Yeah, stop doing that.”
Shuuji wasn’t looking for more intensity, he just wanted to feel the clone with his entire body sooner, even one second sooner.
It wasn’t just Shuuji’s words that were heated either, his body got warm again, and urged the clone on.
The overly delicate movement of the clone’s fingers slowed down and spread wide inside him.
Adding more and more saliva, the clone eventually settled three fingers inside him.
“Enough… I’m good…”
Shuuji wanted more of the clone, even as somewhere in his heart, he was ashamed of it, but he put his lusty demands into words.
The clone didn’t have any more restraint, and couldn’t ignore the request.
In place of the clone’s withdrawn fingers, something larger was pressed into Shuuji’s rear opening.
“Uugh… Aaah…”
Ravished by the clone’s towering stiffness, Shuuji let out a lusty moan that was almost a scream.
There was some pressure too, but he was overjoyed to feel that heat again.
“Quick… Move…”
Not interested in trying to wait for his body to get used to it like usual, Shuuji wrapped his hands around the clone’s neck and pulled his body close, tightening around the clone’s erection, trying to make up for all that time the clone hadn’t been there.
The clone pulled his hips back slowly, and then pressed his erection in all at once.

“Ah– Haa… Aa…”
He repeated the motion, and Shuuji couldn’t hold back the gasps flowing out of him.
The rougher he demanded it, the more the clone felt alive.
He could feel the clone’s desire to pour even more love into him, in place of the Koutarou who’d passed on.
He’d already cum once, but he’d never experienced this intensity before, and it hounded him.
In the space between them, Shuuji’s erection was about to burst.
“Please– Together…”
“Yeah, I wanna cum together too–”
Fulfilling Shuuji’s wish, the clone wrapped his fingers around Shuuji’s taught erection, still moving his hips.
The instant he ejaculated, Shuuji let out a wordless shout, and the clone moaned in a deep tone.
The heat released from the clone’s body spread inside of Shuuji.
It had been a long time since he’d kept going and ejaculated a second time, and it was the first time Koutarou had ever been so rough.
Even after they’d finished, Shuuji just laid there absentmindedly on his back.
“Are you alright?” the clone asked, laying a blanket over him.
He must have brought it in from the bedroom while Shuuji was momentarily unconscious.
“I’m fine already.
It’s just been a while, huh,” Shuuji said, trying to explain why he still couldn’t sit up.
He wanted to, but he really didn’t have the strength to.
“Plus, I didn’t know you could be that rough, Koutarou.”
Vivid memories lingered on Shuuji’s body, and his cheeks reddened.
“It’s your first time with me.
Of course you wouldn’t know.”
“I see.
I guess that is true.”
The man who was right here, right now, wasn’t the Koutarou who’d held him so many times, it was a new Koutarou.
No wonder there was an unknown side to him.
“Besides, that was my first experience in general.
I hope you’ll teach me more.”
“Teach you, like what?”
“All the right places to touch you.”
His suggestive smile brought out Shuuji’s bashfulness.
He was so embarrassed he ducked under the blanket.
“I’ll be even better next time, Shuuji, I’ll fill you up with pleasure.”
The inviting lines overtook Shuuji’s embarrassment and brought out a joy in him.
Shuuji poked his head out from under the blankets, and the clone met his eyes with a whole-face smile.
“Yeah?” The clone, sitting on the floor, locked eyes with Shuuji, still lying on his back.

“Thank you for falling in love with me again.”
Shuuji put his heart-felt feelings of gratitude into words.
Shuuji was so happy he’d chosen him again, even after he’d become the clone.
He’d inherited the other Koutarou’s memories, but it was always possible his way of thinking would change after experiencing his own death.
Even so, the clone had inherited more than just his feelings for Shuuji.
“I’m the one who should be grateful.
You love me even as a clone.”
At last, they’d communicated their feelings to each other.
No matter how much they wanted to understand everything about each other, there were some things you couldn’t convey if you didn’t put it into words.
Now that Koutarou had been born again as the clone, they’d both realized it.

– – –

“This is a nice apartment, huh?”
That was how the clone evaluated the place the first time he saw it.
Shuuji was relieved too, they’d finally found a suitable apartment, after a month of searching.
After they’d decided to leave Koutarou’s vacation house together, Shuuji had run around searching through listings in between jobs.
They were just two guys, not even brothers, and their requirements were quite modest, but one of them was a man who shouldn’t be in this world, so the places they could move into were quite limited.
And what was more, they had to make do with just Shuuji’s income for a while, so their rent budget was quite low.
“It’s a pretty old building, is that alright?”
“Is it a problem?”
Eventually, they ended up in a big apartment building that had been built in the Showa era,1 but the clone didn’t seem worried at all.
Rather, he looked excited to imagine the new life they would start here.
“No, I’m glad you like it.
Try opening the windows.” Shuuji prompted him to go further in, and the clone approached the window, just as he’d been told.
Shuuji followed just behind him.
“Oh, you can see the ocean?” the clone said, a little surprised, and then opened the window and leaned outside.
“You’ve got to come up the hill, and there are a lot of stairs, so getting here is a pain, but it’s got a great view, huh?”
“It certainly does.
But I didn’t know you liked the ocean that much, Shuuji.”
“I don’t know if I especially like it, but I never saw the ocean with Koutarou.”
When the real estate agent had led them here and they’d first seen it, he’d suddenly realized that fact, and it had boosted his decision to stay here.
He was making more and more new memories with the clone.
He wanted to make their first new home together a totally different environment than anywhere they’d been before.
Besides, up here, there was no one who knew either of them.
They’d probably have to worry about prying eyes wherever they were.
There wasn’t even any guarantee that the clone was a complete person.
Maybe some new flaw would make itself apparent tomorrow.
But even so, Shuuji had chosen to be with him.
There was no meaning to living in a world with no Koutarou.
He’d realized that when he’d almost lost Koutarou for the second time.
So they’d never be separated again.
Shuuji vowed to the Koutarou who was gone that he would love the clone who’d been born for his sake, even if he wasn’t the same as the original.

1926-1989, often used as shorthand for “old” in japan

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