If someone were able to see the expression under Miss Kirin’s mask right now, they would call it interesting.
Although previously, she had responded to Night Crow’s question, stating that she was not interested, in fact, she agreed with Night Crow’s statement in her heart.

The Holy Saint and Holy Maiden of the Demon Sect could not really have come to the Immortal Nation with the intention to revitalize the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

While she did agree with that man’s statement, the problem is that this statement conflicted with what she had previously told her subordinates, and she didn’t want to hit her own face so quickly.

However, what was happening in front of her now?

This Holy Saint of the Demon Sect was actually seriously refining an artifact? And he even refined an artifact strong enough that it could attract the Heavenly Tribulation thunder?

Did he really plan to revitalize the Demon Artifact Pavilion?

“…Could the artifact that you made be a High-grade artifact?” Miss Kirin fell silent for a moment before suddenly asking.

“I don’t think so, the aura from this thing felt quite lacking… maybe it’s a Middle-grade artifact that is one step away from High-Grade?” Luo Wusheng scratched his head, then smiled with relief.
“But since it’s my first time refining an artifact, I’m already satisfied even if it’s only at this level”

If someone is able to see Miss Kirin expression under her mask, they would find her depression more interesting than the previous one.

Did the Holy Saint really succeed in refining a high-grade artifact on his first attempt? And he is saying that he’s saying ‘only’ at that level?

Miss Kirin grabbed onto Luo Wusheng’s collar with one hand and focused her mind for a moment to use teleportation, not long after that, the both of them instantly disappear from that place.

Luo Wusheng instantly felt himself being locked on to by something, or, to be more precise, he felt that the cube in his hand was being locked on to by the Heavenly Tribulation above his head.

(It really is a Heavenly Tribulation…)

Luo Wusheng felt the celestial might coming from above and let out a breath of surprise.

Miss Kirin disappeared using her teleportation after throwing him under the Heavenly Tribulation, leaving him alone.

He even received a transmission from her in his mind: “You are the one who caused this mess, so you need to solve it yourself.
Only the person who refines the artifact can cross the tribulation with it, others cannot interfere.”

Ordinary cultivators don’t need to cross the tribulation when they are advancing to the Foundation Establishment or Golden Core realm.

It’s only those cultivators who have committed heinous crimes that may attract Heavenly Tribulation prematurely when they reach the Golden Core realm, and remembering how their previous interaction went, Luo Wusheng is clearly not one of these cultivators.

The thunderclouds in the sky were still accumulating, and the colorful lightning became even brighter, each one of the raging lightning bolts were as powerful as the attack from a Nascent Soul cultivator.

However, Luo Wusheng’s expression remained calm, without showing any sign of panic.

The Demon sect’s Holy Saint, with the cultivation of Perfection in the Golden Core realm, was a genius among geniuses.

An ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator couldn’t even cause a danger to his life, let alone a tribulation whose lighting is not at the level of a Nascent Soul strongest attack.

He casually glanced at the people standing a hundred feet away.

(Hmm… those three people next to Little Hu are probably the other three officials, but, why does one of them look out of place? Why does he look like he hasn’t been drained dry?)

(And the person next to Miss Kirin… is that another Six Doors Bureau gold-ranked catcher? What are they talking about? Are they planning to punish me? Sheesh, can’t blame them though, I would never have thought that I would attract heavenly tribulation, all of this is thanks to the blessing effect of the real protagonist…)

(Huh? Bai Xiaoyao? Why did this demoness come here? Who is that guy next to her? Isn’t he afraid of being purged by the protagonist for being so close to her harem?)

Luo Wusheng felt like he had missed something big during his closed-door cultivation.

At the same time, he also noticed that there were more people watching his tribulation than he had imagined.

The crowd a hundred feet away was visibly increasing, and more people were rushing over.

It seems that it has been many years since anyone in the capital city has gone through a heavenly tribulation.

Luo Wusheng’s eyes flickered, as if he had thought of something, but he quickly retracted his gaze.

(Anyway, I have to get through this tribulation first.
We’ll talk about other things after that.)

He made up his mind and looked up at the gathering cloud.

To be honest, the speed at which these tribulation clouds were condensing was really slow.

“Should I just go for it?”

Luo Wusheng muttered to himself.

Then this thought lingered in his mind.

‘Hmm, since there are so many people watching here, I can test the power of this thing I just created! It would make great publicity for the Demon Artifact Pavillion while allowing me to see how strong it is, it’s killing 2 birds in one stone.’

After making up his mind, Luo Wusheng threw the block in his hand up.

In an instant, the block shattered, turned into a boiling liquid that shimmered, and then gradually twisted and changed into a tube, and after solidifying into a fixed shape, it quickly cooled and crystallized.

What comes out is the kind of people that the people from this era have never seen before.

It was a cannon.

The grotesque, dark red crystal-like cannon was now pointed towards the sky, which was covered in a sea of thundering clouds.


The shape of this magical Artifact and Luo Wusheng movements undoubtedly attracted the curiosity and confusion of the onlookers who were a hundred feet away.

“What is that? Have you seen such a magical Artifact before?”

“What is he doing? Hasn’t the Heavenly Tribulation not yet fallen? Could that be a defensive magical Artifact?”

“It seems the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect is nothing special after all.
He’s already relying on magical Artifacts for defense even before the Nascent Soul Heavenly Tribulation has arrived.”

Compared to them, the two golden-ranked catcher who already knew the truth were much quieter.

“You said that artifact is close to High-Grade?” Night Crow’s voice trembled slightly.

“Mm.” Miss Kirin nodded.

“It’s his first time?”


“And he’s using the Heavenly Tribulation to test his newly made artifact?”


The expression under Night Crow’s mask was extremely conflicted.

With their Nascent Soul cultivation realm, even if they were so far apart from the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect, they could still hear what Luo Wusheng was muttering.

“Have you seen that type of Artifact before? Do you know what it’s for?”

Night Crow looked at the grotesque cannon in Luo Wusheng’s hand and asked his companion.

Miss Kirin shook her head.

Her gaze was also locked onto Luo Wusheng.

For artifact, a Mid-grade or higher ranked artifact has the potential to attract Heavenly Tribulation, and the better the quality of the artifact that is being made, the higher the probability of attracting Heavenly Tribulation is.

And for techniques like the Demonic Path of Refining, which rely on the power of Heaven and Earth to refine artifacts, any artifact refined to mid-grade or higher will definitely attract Heavenly Tribulation

“Maybe we’ll know what that artifact does soon…”

After saying so, Miss Kirin could feel a power no less than her own gathering in the tubular object.


A thunder explosion sound echoed.

But it wasn’t the sound coming from heavenly tribulation.

It was a terrifying beam of light spraying out from the barrel in Luo Wusheng’s hand.

To the disbelief of everyone present, the beam of light penetrated the thunder clouds above them and caused them to billow up.

Then, an even more terrifying explosion rang out, the sound of the explosion was so loud that it’s able to be spread throughout the entire royal city.

A huge mushroom cloud appeared above the Pavillion (AN: Imagine the clouds from a nuclear bomb)

And as for the Heavenly Tribulation thunder cloud itself?

They had long since shattered and become part of the mushroom cloud.

This terrifying scene was destined to be deeply imprinted in the memories of the witnesses and would not soon be forgotten.

The grotesque-looking barrel liquefied again after being fired once, returning to its cubic shape, floating idly in Luo Wusheng’s hand.

Luo Wusheng was quite satisfied with its power.

And much to his surprise, using this Artifact was much easier than he had imagined.

There were two main conditions for using it, the first one was that the more people who witnessed it, the more powerful the shots of this Artifact were.

Just like at this moment, being in the gaze of almost the entire royal city made it able to perform at almost it full strength.

The other condition was more subtle.

After each use, he must give a gift to a person who is the opposite sex of him, and he must have a close relationship with that person, and the person who got the gift must be happy with what they got.

Regarding these two conditions, Luo Wusheng only wanted to say two things.

Thanks a lot to Miss sword fairy for the protagonist’s lucky blessing!

And… My dearest Demoness Junior Sister, you came just at the perfect moment!

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