ion, it’s because you are the first person to attract Heavenly Tribulation in the Royal city.
And as a Master Artificer capable of refining middle-grade artifacts, you are equally valued by the Immortal Nations as a Nascent Soul cultivator.
If nothing unexpected happens, you will also receive a notice from the Imperial Palace in a few days.”

Since the enactment of the self-reliance law in the Royal City, no artificer has ever been able to craft an artifact that is strong enough to attract a weapon calamity, because such a weapon is not something that can be easily crafted.
Generally, craftsmen must find a blessed land with abundant spiritual energy and set up multiple crossing tribulation formations before carefully and cautiously beginning the crafting process.

Of course, someone like Luo Wusheng, who is still new to the craft, does not know this.

“The imperial palace has issued a notice? Can I see the empress?”

Luo Wusheng’s eyes lit up when he heard Miss Kirin’s words.

The empress of the Immortal Nation, one of the future members of protagonist Lu Yuliu’s harem.

According to the original work, she is also one of the country peerless beauty, After Lu Yuliu resolves the chaos that engulfed the Royal City, she develops a strong fondness for the protagonist, and they eventually become intimate with each other, making her one of the members of the protagonist’s harem.

Luo Wusheng also wants to see this peerless empress in person.

It’s not that he wants to try to woo her, he doesn’t have the capacity to fight against the main characters.

He just wants to increase his favorability rating with the empress and become closer to the protagonist’s faction.

This crafting experience has already given him a taste of the sweetness of working with the protagonist’s team.

He feels that he should strive for more.

“It’s hard to say.
If you can make the Demon Artifact Pavilion rise again in these seven days… Maybe the empress will consider seeing you.” Despite saying such words, Miss Kirin still has that cold and detached look.

“I see… Thank you for reminding me, Miss Kirin.”

Luo Wusheng bows, his eyes shimmering.

It seems that he is not yet qualified to meet the empress voluntarily.

“Well, if I have the time in seven days, I will come and watch as well.” Miss Kirin said.

Night Crow looked at his colleague with some surprise.

(It seems that Kirin is very interested in this guy.
She usually doesn’t like to get involved in these kinds of things, and she has that annoying case on her hands… But it’s understandable, even that person would be curious about this guy who deviates greatly from the information that the spy gathered…)

With this in mind, Night Crow also said, “I will also come in seven days.
I hope that Lord Luo will not disappoint me.”

“Then, I will welcome you both and invite you to the best seats to witness the rise of my Demon Artifact Pavilion.”

Luo Wusheng smiles and clasps his hands together.

The two golden-ranked members of the Six Gate Bureau nodded their heads, then disappeared.

Luo Wusheng finally breathes a sigh of relief after seeing off these two bigwigs leaves  and looks at the people behind him.

“I know you have a lot of questions, but let’s go back to the pavilion first, I have tasks to assign to you all.”

“Yes, Your Holiness!”

Hearing the Holy Saint words, the four of them straighten up.

“Don’t be so nervous, just relax.
And since we’re not in the Demon Sect right now, you don’t have to call me Your Holiness, I don’t like such formal titles.” Luo Wusheng said.

However, the four officers still have that nervous look, feeling a bit unsure.

Luo Wusheng quickly understood the reason behind their nervousness and shook his head with a wry smile, “Forget it, you can call me whatever you like.”

It was Bai Xiaoyao who chuckled lightly.

Without any sense of unfamiliarity, she approached Luo Wusheng and coquettishly pulled on the young man’s sleeve.

“Senior Brother Wusheng, we haven’t seen each other in half a month.
Have you missed your beloved junior sister?”


The 4 officers of the Demon Artifact Pavillion gasped in shock, as if they had discovered some incredible secret, and are starting to wonder whether they will be silenced due to this or not.

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