The girl’s eyes visibly brightened and she sent a flirtatious look towards Lu Wusheng, “If this gentleman is still feeling a little lonely after listening to the music in Miss Yao Ji’s room later, why not come to my room? I’ll definitely take good care of you…”

Lu Wusheng politely smiled and nodded.

At this point, the person who had been summoned had also come over.

“It’s this way, sir.”

The young girl in maid’s attire made a gesture of invitation to Lu Wusheng.

Lu Wusheng then looked at three remaining officers.

“Holy Saint… Boss, you don’t need to worry about us, go on ahead.”

Luo Wusheng nodded and gave them an encouraging look.

Then he turned his head to the maid next to him and handed her a few banknotes.
“Thank you for taking your time to help me miss, here, for the trouble along the way.”

“Th-thank you, young master,” said the maid, looking both grateful and surprised at Luo Wusheng’s gesture.

Watching the maid’s reaction closely, Luo Wusheng thought to himself, ‘It seems that Yaoji might really be hiding something… Maybe I hit the jackpot right away.’

As he followed the maid, who called herself Xiao Guai, up the stairs, Luo Wusheng thought about his true purpose for this mission.

That is, to verify Red Blossom Pavilion’s most mysterious courtesan, Yao Ji’s, true identity.

Near the Demon Artifact Pavilion, in the residence that Luo Wusheng and Bai Xiaoyao had bought.

The demoness held a white and black pieces in her hands, playing a game of chess that she had learned from Luo Wusheng.

Having lost to her senior brother all afternoon, she, as the Holy Maiden of the Demon Sect, was naturally not willing to accept defeat.

“…Although it’s just a simple game of chess, there are still so many variations and moves that one can make,” she said.

She didn’t know how her senior brother came up with this kind of game.

Perhaps it was because he didn’t know how to play Xianqi, so he made his own game instead.

The clever demonnes had long guessed the reason why her senior brother didn’t want to play this ‘Chess’ game with her after that last match, but she didn’t say anything nor call her senior brother out.

Bai Xiaoyao is a very understanding junior sister.

“I wonder what kind of gift my senior brother will give me this time…” While taking off the star and moon jade decoration from her hair, Bai Xiaoyao said such word with a tender smile on her face.

She had come specifically to the Royal City to help Luo Wusheng this time, otherwise, she wouldn’t have secretly made so many preparations in advance.

Just to make the other people from the Demon Sect stop making her senior brother from taking this task,, she even took on the high-profile task of becoming a staff member of the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

Truthfully, even now, she still didn’t know why she did it.

Perhaps she just wanted to give her senior brother a gift in return for the Star and Moon Jade.

As for love? The demonnes didn’t think she had reached that point with her senior brother yet.

She was just interested in her senior brother, who had been hiding away in his room and rock collection for many years and had just decided to finally show his true nature, but was still as dense as his rock collection.

Of course, if her senior brother really asked her to be his lover…

“That’s impossible.
That blockheaded senior brother of mine is not interested in women, he’s like a piece of rock.
Even if you ask him to go to a brothel, he wouldn’t be interested.”

Bai Xiaoyao even felt that her senior brother might be more suited to be a Buddhist sect member than a Demon Sect Member.

“Well…the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint who only know how to cultivate for all of his life hidden away his talent for Artifact Refining, perhaps he is still hiding something else from the world.”

“This time, it’s also the same.
I don’t know what he’s going to use to deal with the Taoist Artifact Pavilion’s dao marks and mortal weapons…”

Bai Xiaoyao felt that her senior brother must be secretly planning something big in the Demon Artifact Pavilion now.

She was so curious about what kind of genius plan that her Senior brother can come up with.

“Hmmm… How about I take a sneak peek?”

“If it’s just a glance, I don’t think Senior Brother will mind, right?”

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