Luo Wusheng hooked the corner of his mouth imperceptibly.

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As someone who had read the script, he was well aware of why his junior sister had come to him for the Blood Spirit Jade.

Hmm, it was for the wild woman she kept outside… Ahem, it was for a deal that she had previously made with the protagonist from the original work.

He vaguely remembered that in the original story, the protagonist’s master was in grave danger and needed the spirit essence from the Blood Spirit Jade to save her life, so she made a deal with the Holy Maiden.

The protagonist had to do three things that did not go against her own conscience, and in exchange, Bai Xiaoyao promised to obtain the Blood Spirit Jade from her senior brother’s collection.

This segment also marked the first appearance of Luo Wusheng, the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint, in the book.

Through this segment, the author portrayed Luo Wusheng as someone with unparalleled talent, but who was also a foolish and naive Demon Sect Holy Saint, who didn’t even realize that his treasured jade had been swapped.

Although there were many accidents during the jade swapping, the original Luo Wusheng remained oblivious, allowing his junior sister to successfully obtain the Blood Spirit Jade for the protagonist, and fulfill her promise.

Based on the later plot, it was clear that this Demon Sect Holy Saint was only a simple tool to deliver the jade, allowing his junior sister to fulfill the three promises made to the protagonist.

As for those three promises…they naturally involved the rapid development of feelings between Bai Xiaoyao and the protagonist, followed by her being taken into her harem.

Bah, disgusting!

As the victim in the original work, Luo Wusheng strongly condemned this

“Why do you say that?”

Bai Xiaoyao felt a little uneasy, and even dared not look directly at Luo Wusheng.
She was worried that her secretive senior brother might have already known something.

“Because that thing is not suitable for you.” Luo Wusheng had long thought about what he should say, and he had a smile on his face.
“Although Blood Spirit Jade is a rare and precious stone left by a spirit beast after its death, it contains more of the lingering spirit of the Blood Spirit Sparrow.
Furthermore, it is suffused with blood energy and is not suitable to accompany you.”


Bai Xiaoyao was slightly taken aback.
She had never expected her senior brother to come up with such a strange reason.

However, she also breathed a sigh of relief.
It seemed that her senior brother did not know that she had brought an outsider to the Three Thousand Demon Domain.

After confirming this, she adjusted her mindset and blinked her big watery eyes.
Her inner seductress personality unconsciously surfaced.

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“Senior Brother Holy Saint is truly amazing.
You even figured out something like this.” Bai Xiaoyao’s face showed a clever smile.
“Indeed, the Blood Spirit Jade was requested by a close friend of mine… However, in Senior Brother Holy Saint’s opinion, what kind of strange stone would be suitable for me?”

She was teasing Luo Wusheng for no particular reason, but she found it interesting.

At the same time, she also wanted to know what kind of reaction this Senior Brother, who usually acted like a block of wood, would make to her question.

Bai Xiaoyao was very curious.

Luo Wusheng pretended to ponder for a moment before he lifted his hand.

In the midst of the various treasures in the room, a stream of light flew out from a gem and landed in his hand.

It was a moon-white gem, dotted with sparkling crystal-like spots, resembling stars in the sky and making the gem appear dreamy and misty.

“Well… this one suits you.”

Luo Wusheng smiled as he displayed the jade in his hand.


Bai Xiaoyao’s gaze was completely absorbed by the gemstone, covering her mouth and unwilling to look away.

She had always known that Luo Wusheng collected rare stones from around the world, but she had never paid attention to which fairy stones and jade her senior brother had, and this gemstone before her was the first time she had seen it.

Before seeing this gemstone, she had never imagined that there could be such a beautiful jade in the world.

“This object is called the Star Moon Jade,” Luo Wusheng said, “When the ancient heavenly gate was opened a year ago, I went to the Moon Palace to collect some moonlight spirit liquid, and then used the power of the stars in the heavenly observatory to condense this small piece.
If nothing unexpected happens, it should be the only one in this world.”

The last sentence was a lie.

As a fanatical lover of rare stones in this world’s past, he had at least gotten hold of 3 dozens of these Star Moon Jades of this size.

But saying it was the only one at this time made it seem more precious.

Listening to Luo Wusheng’s words, Bai Xiaoyao rarely took her gaze off the Star Moon Jade, and looked at her senior brother with a slightly strange expression.

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Everyone went to the ancient heavenly ruins to find breakthrough opportunities, but her senior brother was thinking about making jade.

He really lived up to his reputation.

However, this Star Moon Jade was really beautiful…

“Do you want it?” Watching his junior sister who had completely fallen, Luo Wusheng asked softly.

“I do…” Bai Xiaoyao instinctively responded, but soon realized that her thoughts were inappropriate, and her pretty face blushed slightly.

(Excellent, she took the bait.)

Luo Wusheng secretly laughed in his heart, but he remained calm on the surface.

He lightly snapped his fingers.

The golden pill in his dantian rotated, and the half-step Nascent Soul level spiritual energy surged out, covering the Star Moon Jade in his hand.

The storage bag at his waist opened under the influence of spiritual energy, and several things flew out, grinding in the rich spiritual energy and forming a beautiful shape.

The Star Moon Jade in his hand became even more round and bright under the grinding of spiritual energy, and the ground-down part was also gathered by Luo Wusheng’s spiritual energy, forming a small dark bead that looked like a black little star, emitting a faint light.

Finally, these things were gathered together by Luo Wusheng’s spiritual energy, slowly combining into a beautiful hair accessory that was set with two extraordinary gemstones.

Holding it in his hand, Luo Wusheng placed it on Bai Xiaoyao’s sideburns.

“As I thought, it suits you very well,” he said, satisfied, watching Bai Xiaoyao wearing the Star Moon Jade accessory, “The stars and moon are beautiful, but only you can complement their beauty… Perhaps only you can handle this beauty of the Star Moon.”

She truly deserves to be the protagonist harem member, even without any dressing up, she was already a peerless beauty in the mortal world, and now with the Star Moon Jade accessory, she had reached a level of causing chaos and disaster for the country and the people.

Bai Xiaoyao pursed her small mouth and carefully touched the jade ornament on her head with her white jade hands, feeling a little confused.

Did Senior Brother Holy Saint really give herself the Star Moon Jade? And even made it into a hair accessory? Why?

It was already unreasonable for him to give her the priceless Blood Spirit Jade, which he had painstakingly made in the ancient Heavenly Court.
Why would he be so good to her as to give her the Star Moon Jade as well?

In White Bai Xiaoyao’s heart, there was a suspicion that she dared not believe.

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“Senior Brother Holy Saint…”

“That title is a bit too formal, don’t you think?” Lu Wusheng interrupted White Bai Xiaoyao’s hesitation.

Hmm, it does sound more intimate to just call him Senior Brother.

White Bai Xiaoyao nodded, blushing.

As expected, Senior Brother likes her.

She was well aware of how attractive she was.
It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that she could topple nations and cities with her beauty.
Even among the disciples of the Demon Sect that she managed, there were many who secretly admired her.

And she had been going to Senior Brother’s place every day this month… Even though Senior Brother always acted like a wooden block and drove her away, it wasn’t impossible for him to develop feelings for her during this process.

If Senior Brother really wanted to pursue her, what should she do?

Bai Xiaoyao secretly glanced at Lu Wusheng’s handsome and extraordinary face.

Ahem, even if Senior Brother offered the entire Three Thousand Demon Domain as a gift, she wouldn’t… Well, maybe she could consider dating Senior Brother and see how it goes?

Feeling her face getting hotter, the demoness quickly used her cultivation technique to calm her inner turmoil.

“Wusheng… Senior Brother Wusheng…”

What was she doing? She was the Demon Sect’s Holy Maiden, a renowned demoness in the world.
Why was she stuttering even when changing her title for Senior Brother?

Bai Xiaoyao tried hard to find her usual composure.

“Well, if you encounter any difficulties in the future, you can come to me for help, and the black jade in your jade ornament contains my spiritual power, which can withstand the full strength strike of an ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator once during a crisis.
The Star Moon Jade can gather the power of the stars and moon in the sky, and when you wear it during cultivation, the speed of gathering spiritual energy will be slightly faster than usual.”

Luo Wusheng said, but he was a bit disappointed.

(It seems that I haven’t progressed to the point where she can call me senior brother directly… but there is still some progress.)

The road ahead is long and winding, but the Holy Saint Luo Wusheng will never give up.

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Bai Xiaoyao touched the black jade on her head, feeling the surging spiritual power inside, and her eyes trembled slightly, but she felt warm in her heart.

Senior brother actually cared so much about her…

Perhaps trying to get along with senior brother is not a bad thing?

A smile spread across the demoness’s face.

“Hehe, does Senior Brother Luo Wusheng treat me so well because you like me?” She said half-jokingly.

As a result, she got a hit on the head.

“Silly girl, I’m good to you because you’re my junior sister.
How could I like you?”

Compete with the protagonist for the harem girl?

Luo Wusheng felt that unless he wanted to die faster, he would never do such a thing.

And these demonesses couldn’t possibly like him, so why bother looking for trouble?

He thought his response was flawless.

But the expression on Bai Xiaoyao’s face suddenly turned cold.

“Senior Brother…”


“I hate that you’re so dense!”

The demoness turned into a white shadow and disappeared, leaving Luo Wusheng in the room at a loss.

Luo Wusheng scratched his head.

He thought his response was fine, so why did she suddenly turn angry at him?

Sigh, a demoness is a demoness, truly unpredictable…

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