athed a sigh of relief and smiled, “This thing is called the Star Moon Jade.
It is made from the essence of the Moon Palace and the spirit of the stars.
There is only one of its kind in the world.”

“Do you want it? If you want it, then be a good girl and get off me, and sit on the bed.”

He coaxed her with a gentle voice.

After what seemed like a mental struggle, the little girl slowly nodded, loosened her hands and feet wrapped around Luo Wusheng, and obediently sat on the nearby bed.

Throughout the process, her gaze remained locked onto the Star Moon Jade in Luo Wusheng’s hand, afraid that it would disappear with a blink of an eye.

Luo Wusheng looked at the obedient little girl and nodded in satisfaction.

Then, just like when he made a headdress for Bai Xiaoyao, he patted his storage bag, took out a few things, and began to polish and polish them with spiritual power.

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Finally, with a press of his palm, these things were combined together and turned into a necklace hanging the Star Moon Jade, dotted with star diamonds.

“Come, let me help you put it on.”

Luo Wusheng said softly, and his gaze met with Lu Yu Lian, gesturing for her to tuck her hair near her neck.

Although the Miss Sword Immortal had regressed mentally, she quickly understood Luo Wusheng’s meaning at this moment and revealed her pure white neck.

Until Luo Wusheng hung the Star Moon Jade pendant on her chest, she carefully put down her green hair, looking somewhat apprehensive at Luo Wusheng.

“Is it… is it pretty?”

Luo Wusheng nodded with a smile.

To be honest, it was still a bit awkward, because the Miss Sword Immortal, after her disguise, was not a beauty of great beauty.
In this case, wearing the Star Moon Jade always had a somewhat inexplicable sense of disconnection, unlike the feeling of perfect control over it by Bai Xiaoyao.

However, the little girl was clearly happier after receiving Luo Wusheng’s response, playing with the jade pendant hanging on her chest and emitting a foolish laugh.

Suddenly, she seemed to remember something and glanced at her own palm.

Then she gently took off a ring that was worn on her ring finger.

“Is this…is it prettier like this?” The girl asked with a slightly shy voice.

Facing the girl’s appearance, which was plain and unremarkable, Luo Wusheng opened his mouth but couldn’t say a word.

His mind couldn’t keep up with the scene before him.

In an instant, the plain-looking girl disappeared from his sight.

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Instead, a beautiful girl appeared before him with hair like a waterfall, skin like condensed fat, and a face as exquisite as a fairy in a painting.

Her eyebrows were like autumn water, and her jade-like skin accompanied the clear breeze.

The attire of the Demon Sect disciple clearly no longer fit her, and her huge ‘cultivation base’ made her robe bulge out.
The star moon jade pendant fell perfectly on it, blending perfectly with her cultivation base.

Luo Wusheng, who thought he had developed resistance to beauty after encountering Bai Xiaoyao, was immediately defenseless.

After all, a good-looking girl who could gather people’s hearts and even make “yiyi” sounds… he couldn’t resist.

If the other party had removed the disguise from the beginning, he probably wouldn’t let her go from his side, right?

It’s a pity, she was a lesbian and even had a harem full of girls.

After realizing this, Luo Wusheng clearly felt that his resistance to beauty had increased even more.

“Well, although the star moon is beautiful, it can only highlight your beauty…” Luo Wusheng sincerely exclaimed, “The only star moon jade in this world is indeed prepared for you.”

“N-No, don’t praise me like that.” The little girl was a bit embarrassed.
“Shall we continue playing chess? I think I can win the next round!”

But Luo Wusheng shook his head.

What’s the point of torturing a mentally challenged little girl? If I really start playing chess, I’m afraid the little girl I just coaxed will start crying again.
Although the scene of a beautiful girl crying is quite pleasing to the eye, Luo Wusheng is afraid that the protagonist will bear grudges against him in the future… After all, he has placed some hope of getting through the demon purge on this girl.

The beautiful miss sword immortal’s eyes began to show some disappointment, but the next sentence from Luo Wusheng made her eyes light up.

“Let’s not play chess anymore, instead, i’ll tell you a few stories.”

Luo Wusheng’s lips curled up.

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