Chapter 10: To the Engagement!

“Evil, perish”


Iris Zechirete, the “Magic Knight” was fascinated by the swift appearance of the dashing cool black-haired figure.

――Since her days as a village girl, she had longed for knightly tales.
King Arthur – Legendary British King, Charlemagne – Former Holy Roman Emperor, Cú Chulainn – Warrior hero and Demigod of Irish Myth.*

How brave they were, wielding their blades for the sake of their people.
Iris turned the pages in her mind with shining eyes.

‘This is how I want to live.’

Young Iris strongly wished to live not as a beloved princess, but as a knight like them.

Twenty years have passed since then and Iris also made her dream come true.

She swung a wooden sword among the village boys, apologized to her weeping parents, who sobbed and cried urging her to behave like a proper girl, and ran away.

She trained under a master during her travels and finally obtained the position of an official Knight “Magic Knight”.

Now that she had become a knight, she was determined to work hard for the people and continued to fight relentlessly.

She voluntarily took on countless missions, went from place to place, fought to make the world a better place, and fought so much that she was eventually criticized by her colleagues as “throwing away her happiness as a woman” and as a “knight who partake duty as her lover”.

However, she fought even harder, as if to show that “this is the way I want to live.”

And then, at this very moment, she was easily defeated.

After disposing of a large number of demons, she was caught off guard by a Minotaur when she was tired.
She received so much fatal injury that she couldn't move at the usual pace at the moment.

‘I-I've failed…’

It was one in a million mistake.
But on the other hand, if she fought a million battles, it was a failure that would inevitably come.

The female knight who kept fighting had finally encountered a blunder that was the very threat to her life now.
She was about to die.


The Minotaur raised its powerful fist to strike the finishing blow.

Iris remembered.
No matter what kind of knight they were in tales or legends, they all perished in the end.

It is a fact that those who spread death on the battlefield would eventually receive death from someone else.

Is this as far as I go…!?”

Is this where her knightly path, her life…and when she thought about it, it was a life with too few enjoyment and no romance.
Would it all end here?

‘Ah…if only I had fallen in love once…or something…’

She had a foolish delusion of herself being in a pure white wedding dress, in love, becoming a lover, and living happily.

Even though she knew that there was no “someone” who would turn back to look at a woman who only knew how to fight at such age.

‘I really don't want to die alone!’

The regret surged up within her.
Her body trembled with fear of death.
And at that moment, as she was about to meet her end…



It felt as if time had stopped.

A young man with black hair dazzling like a shine with jet black blade appeared out of no where and cut through the fate of death that was about to strangle her to death.

Her eyes glued at the presence of this man.

‘This person…!’

Iris looked up in dismay as the dashing appearance that seemed like the real knight she dreamed of as a child reflected on her dazed and somewhat curious eyes.

‘Who the hell is he…?’

Soon, time began to move.

The severed head fell on the ground make a impactful sound, spewing fresh blood.
Following that, with a dull sound, the giant body of the Minotaur collapsed to the ground.

The young man landed between the beast and herself.
Then, he glared at the Minotaur with stern eyes and said, “Scatter to the sword of judgement.
On behalf of God, I shall deliver the judgement on you evil being for harming the lady with beauty compared to that of a pure white flower here.”

What!? What!? What!? Beautiful as pure white flowers!? Who is… that!?’

Iris's brain boiled instantly.
She panicked at the sudden, seductive line and her thoughts came out naturally from her mouth.

Ah, how embarrassing.

Even though he was speaking seriously, Iris was angry that he was teasing an older woman like her.

‘…Pure white…

Iris grinned involuntarily.

Her heart was pounding so much that she even forgot about the crisis that befall on her just moments ago.
And thus, Kurou’s impulsive words hit her heart like a critical hit.

Without even realizing it, he became the first love of Iris, the deputy commander of the Imperial Magic Knights, Iris of the White Sword…!

◆ ◇ ◆

So, Kurou-kun’s village was


destroyed leading you to embark on a journey to protect people from evil…”


“Yes (I’m crying so hard…)”

Several minutes have passed since then.
I was taking a break with the magic knight lady named Iris.

We were in the forest, but the possibility of monsters approaching was low because Iris had put up protective talismans all around us.

Thanks to the magical power of this era, even the fake talismans that looked like counterfeits from a thousand years ago had gained real power.

“So, Iris-san, about using the magic armament without permission…”

“You don't have to be formal.
And call me by my name.”

“Uh, okay…”

This is not okay at all! She's older than me, and apparently a really high-ranking member of the Knights, too.

Ah, but if I refuse her request to be friendly, will she get angry?

If that happens, there's zero chance she'll overlook me.
I've made up my mind…

“Alright, Iris.
Is that good?”

“Hmm, that's good!” Iris smiled brightly.

It seemed like it was the right answer.The lady knight who suddenly made me nervous, went even further with her next words.

“Now, Kurou-kun.
Using the magic armament without permission is a crime.
Even if you haven't hurt anyone, it's a serious offense.”

“As I thought…(Ah, I knew it was going to be like this…)”

I almost cried behind my calm face.
Now, I no longer a refugee, but a real criminal.

My dream of become a little rich and getting a beautiful wife while living in peace has now become infinitely more distant.

And if I'm thrown into prison and can't hunt monsters anymore, I'm screwed!

With that Muramasa around, he'll just control me when it gets hungry and force me to break through the prison.

And if I escape and start cutting down civilians, I'll become an enemy of the whole nation…



There's no way I can act cool now!

So, as I was about to stop this silly “Evil Condemner” move and cry out “I didn't mean it, please forgive me!”, Iris suddenly said, “However…
there are cases where civilians are not charged with a crime even if they use magic weapons.
That is, if they are a disciple of a magic knight.”


I was taken aback.
What was she talking about?

“As long as you have your master's permission, there's no problem.
Otherwise, you won't be able to train to use them.”

“No, Iris? There's no way I can be a magic knight's disciple…”

That's when I realized something.
Could it be that she…
“Do you mean…
you'll protect me…!?”

“Huh? I don't know what you're talking about, Kurou-kun.
You've always been my disciple, right?”


I couldn't help but take her hand! Iris was startled by my sudden action.


It must be scary for her to be touched by a gloomy criminal like me, but I'm sorry.
I really thought it was all over for me.
I never thought someone I didn't know would protect me.

Oh, I'm grateful.

This is the first time I've ever felt so grateful…! I firmly grasped her white hand and stared into her beautiful eyes.

“Thank you…
thank you, Iris…! I will never forget this kindness.
I swear to repay you, even if it takes my whole life…”

“Your whole life!?”

Iris began to tremble.

Oops, that was too heavy to say that I'll repay her for the rest of my life.
It's natural for her to be surprised.
But I'm so touched that I can't help but say it…

“A-Ah, Kurou-kun, your hand…
it's so strong…
this is what a man's…!”

“Sorry, I didn't know I was getting carried away because I met such a good person like you.”

“A good person!?”

“I got excited and…
well, that's why I got stronger…”

“Excited!? With me!?”

This time, Iris let out a “Myaa!” sound.
She looks very embarrassed, maybe because she's not used to being praised so much.
If she's such a good person, I'd praise her every day.

“I'm really glad I met you, Iris…!”


――And so, thanks to her, I was able to avoid punishment.
Oh, what a relief…

For a while, I had almost visited King Yama in hell, just from the fright alone.
However, now I’m glad I won’t be executed.

This settles the case once and for all! Hahahahahaha!

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