Chapter 36: I'll turn you into a work of art

“I finally arrived at the town…
Can't stand sleeping outdoors anymore!”

Three days have passed since I left the northern city.
I was carrying a big bag as I arrived at a certain city.
‘This is the “Great Wolf Town Sirius”, one of the seven cities surrounding the royal capital…’

While looking around the town, I wore a sharp expression, but in my heart, I felt like I had come to the big town.
According to Iris-san, the seven major cities surrounding the royal capital are―

『Great Wolf Town Sirius』|『Wise Wolf Town Procyon』|『Twin Brave Town Castor』|『Twin Love Town Pollux』|『Loyal Retainer Town Capella』|『Strong Bull Town Aldebaran』|『Sky Bow Town Orion』

and they have all developed just as much as the royal capital.

That's why the ground was covered with all cobblestones.
The buildings were beautiful, and the people walking around the town were fashionable.
It's a place that's far from someone like me who grew up in the countryside.

‘If I had come in my casual clothes, I would have been laughed at.
It was good that I received the knight's uniform…’

As I walked, I glanced at my reflection in the shop window.
The white uniform jacket I was wearing was very prestigious.
First of all, I was able to get into the town without any problems just by showing my face.

Even the military police officers who are on high alert because of the emergency situation, when they see this uniform, they will say, “Are you a knight, sir? Hehe, please go ahead to the town!” and bow deeply.

A simple baggage inspection was conducted, but that was it.
The magic knights must be such amazing beings.
The town people even bow their heads to me when passing by.
And also…

Besides, this uniform has amazing functionality.
According to the researcher Hypno-san, “It's made from the thread of the giant spider monster Arachne, so it's different from normal clothes.”

And it's true.
It's sturdy, breathable, and it automatically gets rid of dirt and repairs itself a little bit even if it gets torn.
Its functionality is too much to handle.

‘Some monsters have secretions or body parts that are useful for many things.’

Compared to that, I looked at the sneaky and ruthless sword, Muramasa-kun, that was hanging on my waist.
Hey, Muramasa-kun, can I talk to you for a minute?

‘Even monsters contribute to society in their own way, but what about you, Muramasa-kun? You're always just rampaging for souls.
Don't you think that kind of life is not good?

So, let's stop the violence, Muramasa-kun.
You can do whatever you want with my body, just work steadily, you know…’

――Shut up! I, master!!! You, meat slave! No orders allowed!!!――

‘What did you say!? Who is the master and who is the slave? I'll kill you, you bastard!!!! Don't get too carried away…’

I snapped at the over-enthusiastic fucking trash sword! You son of a bitch! I was giving a serious advice to you, and you’re messing around.
I’ve decided.
Enough is enough! I’m going to stick this tyrannical sword into dog shit all over the town and start a cleaning campaign.

It will be called “The End of a Sociopath Making Town Clean.”


‘Before I’m controlled by you, I’ll make you into a work of art.’

Thus, in order to turn Muramasa into a


poop sword, I made a lightning-fast sword strike fueling my angry heart.
But in that moment…



I heard a startled voice from behind me.
I turned around to see a girl with light pink hair.

“Wait, I'm not your enemy! Put away that dangerous thing!” (Pink Girl)

She was wearing a female knight uniform, so she must have been a Magic Knight like me.
She flailed her arms and yelled, “I'm sorry I approached you so quietly!”

‘Huh, you snuck up on me? I didn't even notice,’

I was about to stab a pile of poop on the side of the road with Muramasa.
I must have given her the wrong idea.

“Sorry about that.
I didn't mean to startle you.” I sheathed my jet-black sword.
Finally, the girl seemed to calm down, and she faced me, smoothing down her chest.

for a sixth-class Knight, you're pretty perceptive.
You're Kurou, right?”

“Hmm, why do you know my name?”

“It's because you're famous.
They say a black-haired Knight who's a disciple of 'White-Bladed Iris' has appeared,” she said.

Oh, wow.
My personal information has spread around without me even knowing it.
It feels weird that people I don't know know me.
I'm so embarrassed.

――I thought to myself, feeling a bit embarrassed.
Meanwhile, the pink-haired girl pointed her finger at me.

“So, come with me, junior.
I'm Tiana, and I'll guide you to the branch headquarters!”

“Sure thing,” I said as Tiana strode off with purpose.

Her offer was one-sided, but I was grateful for her guidance.
I still didn't understand why she had approached me so quietly, but I was glad to have met such a nice person!


“――It's cheeky to become a knight without taking the exam.
I'll bully you!!!” A loud and obnoxious remark echoed through the town.

On this day, Tiana, a fifth-class knight, was furious.
It was because she had heard a certain rumor this morning.
According to the rumor, a hidden disciple of the strongest female swordsman, Iris of the White Blade, who had been training in the borderlands had become a knight.

The rumor also stated that since he was her disciple, he had joined without taking any difficult tests.
The rumor also stated that although he had made a flashy entrance, his skills weren't that high, so he started as the lowest sixth-class knight.

Furthermore, the person was a black-haired young man equipped with a black sword hilt.
The moment she heard these rumors, Tiana became determined.

“In other words, that black-haired guy got in through connections.
I, Tiana-sama, will bully and educate him.
It really makes me angry.
I failed the entrance exam three times…!”

The test to become a magic knight is extremely grueling.
It involves running tens of kilometers with weapons and fighting actual hordes of monsters, which could result in death.
Can you really ignore this hardship just because your master is famous? Give me a break.

“I've made up my mind.
I'll secretly spit on his back and hang things on it every day…” Muttering to herself in anger, Tiana headed towards the town gate.

Introducing the new heroine (a little stupid and trashy)! Please look forward to the love story with the protagonist (stupid and slightly trashy)!

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