Chapter 5: Black Demon Blade – Muramasa ①

“For God’s sake, please stop…!”

――I am being forced to run along the road to the village, not knowing that I would later have to battle with skeletal muscle man.

“Hah… Hah…!”

I was already completely out of breath.

Even though I had only been running for a few minutes, my legs are already swollen and sore.

However, my legs didn’t stop moving.

No matter how much I scream, my body keeps going at a super-fast speed comparable to that of a『warrior』, while holding a deadly weapon in my hand—the black sword.

“Ah! Is this your fault? This is your doing, right?”

I asked towards the blade.

It wasn't until I picked this guy up that my body started to go crazy.
I can't think of any reason other than this guy, that have caused my to lose control of my body.

“Controlling user’s body is definitely not a normal thing…! You're a magic weapon, aren't you!? What are you going to do with my body!? Hey! Answer me!”

I shouted desperately, but there is no reply.

It’s only natural since it doesn’t have a mouth.
However, I could feel a clear intention in my steps that moved on their own.

The proof is that my body arrived at the village in the shortest possible distance.

When I jumped inside at full speed, the sword was pointed at the villagers who seemed to be in a hurry!

‘Hey! You can’t be serious.
You’re not going to cut people down, are you?’

In my astonished heart full of confusion, someone's will was conveyed at this moment.

――I want! to kill! them! I want! to eat! their soul!――

There’s no doubt about it.

This is the will of the sword held in my right hand!

‘No! No! No! Damn it! You are a demon sword that feeds on soul!? Seriously?!’

I'm now convinced.
This jet-black sword is one of the most dangerous types of magic armament! It's a damn sword that curses its owner and makes him crazy!

――Food! Hungry! I! Eat Soul――!

‘Damn it! Eat something better!’

I scolded from the depths of my soul, but even so, it does not stop snarling.

It bends down and assumes a thrusting posture, closing in on the villagers.

Ah! No! If I cut villagers down like this… and if it spreads out that I’m cursed by this weapon… then my end is sure to be…


That’s the only thing I definitely don’t want to face.

I want to live an ordinary life, no, if possible, I want to become a little richer and get a reasonably beautiful girlfriend, live in a land where there are no monsters with peace and tranquility.

I don’t want to be executed!

So, demon sword―

“―I won’t let you!”

I put forth all my inner power and suppressed my body that was about to go on killing spree.

My scream echoed throughout the village and I could even hear the reflected sonorous sound.
That’s how desperate I was.

But my struggles ended in vain.

My possessed body steps forth with an unimaginable pressure that couldn’t be stopped at all, and the villagers were about to be killed…!

‘Damn! Stop, stop, stop!’

Just as the demon sword was about to kill the villagers, a will resounded again.

――Ah! What’s this smell! That’s more delicious! Than anything else――!?


As I was confused with what the demon sword was saying, my running trajectory deviated slightly.

Thereby, my body just barely passed through the villagers and then…



… my body stabbed the muscular skeleton man standing in the center of the village…!

My all struggles were in vain! I ended up attacking a human after all.

Ah! But, this guy isn’t dead! He managed to


defend against the demon sword with his big sword!?


No, no, no… Isn’t this guy the black mage who attacked my village?

What are you doing here?


What the hell are you doing here!?

“Wha…you are Kurou-kun!?”

Along with the man who managed to defend himself, the village chief and others looked at me.

Their bodies were dyed red with blood.
Furthermore, there was even a distorted dead body that looked like a villager lying at their feet.

‘This is…’

Connecting all the dots, I immediately understood the situation.

Apparently, this village was also in the middle of being attacked by the black mage.

So, is this the reason why the villagers were screaming and running wildly.

‘So, for some reason, the trash sword changed its target and attacked that skeleton-muscle bastard, saving village chief and his men from being killed.’

What a coincidence…

But this situation could be put to good use.

‘It’s bad enough that I attacked a black mage… Honestly, I’m scared to death and am about to cry.
But what’s done is done.
I can’t change what’s already happened.’

I’m going to use this bastard’s presence to prevent others from realizing that I’m currently being controlled by a cursed sword.

My body was overflowing with the angry (fake) aura and I made my voice as cool as possible――!

“―You wicked man.
I'll bring you to justice for destroying my village!”

With a crisp expression, I glared at the skeleton-muscle bastard――!

This is Kurou’s genius idea, ‘a strategy to make it look like he’s trying to voluntarily trying to kill the evil one by pretending to be an 『Evil Condemner』, an unforgiving absolver of evil.

The truth, though, is that he is being controlled by the demon sword to great acclaim.
I can only move the organs above the neck of my own volition.
Also, I want to run away rathe than get angry for something I don’t even care.

“Don’t spout such big words, you little shit! You know, somehow, you reming me of some thing.
Ah! I remember now.
You’re the one who saved the little kids when we attacked that village, right? Hmm… I missed out sucking those kid’s stinking blood.”

Hieh! Skeleton-Muscle is glaring at me at the moment, and as if he recognized who I was, his muscles started to bulge even more!

“Oi, goblins! It’s that bastard who reduced our food.
You can’t forgive him for that, can you?”


The horde of monsters roared, and a swarm of cunning predators, goblins, rushed forward.

They’re the ones who scratched my butt in the forest.
Damn! I’m scared right now.

“Hey, you little brat.
The source of your confidence is that blade, isn't it?”

Then the man looked at the scotch sword in my hand.

No, it’s not the source of my confidence.
Absolutely not! Instead, it’s the source of all evil.

I don't know where you found it, but you're struggling well to hold that magic armament in your hand.”

Ah, I’m not! I’d rather throw this trash quickly, if I could.

Continue in Part 2…

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