Qian Dagui saw Zhou Hanliu presenting herself alone and knew what happened last night, but he was an elder and was in no position to comment on it.
He took out a jade bracelet that had been passed down to the family for generations.

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“Hanliu, this is the jade bracelet that passed down in our family for generations, only the Qian Family's daughter-in-law is worthy of wearing it.
I will give it to you today.” Qian Dagui used this to bribe her as he didn't want her to cause any problems or cry to her family.

Zhou Hanliu took it with both hands and replied softly and maturely, “Thank you, Father.”

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“You must've had a tiring night.
You don't have to wake up so early on the regular days, you can go back and rest now.
Tell Lai Fu if you need anything, he will arrange it for you,” Qian Dagui drank another mouthful of the tea Zhou Hanliu served him and eyed Butler Lai Fu.

Lai Fu quickly approached Zhou Hanliu and flattered, “Young Madam, please give me orders if you ever need anything in the future.
I will definitely arrange everything for you properly.”

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“Thank you, Butler.” Zhou Hanliu bent her knee slightly in a bow.
It was the manner of a lady from a wealthy family, they would always be polite no matter what situation they were facing.

Lai Fu wasn't in the position to accept a bow from his master and quickly said, “Young Madam, you are reducing my luck by bowing to me!”

Zhou Hanliu smiled throughout the entire process of serving tea, but no one knew what she was thinking.
Since she went back to her room, no one saw her step out of it before noon.
Old Master Qian also ordered the servants not to disturb her if she didn't want to come out.
In fact, Qian Dagui saw the exhaustion on her face and knew that she didn't sleep for the whole night.
The servants didn't urge the other side either as they were both young madams, and anyone with eyes could see that the Young Master favored Madam Xue Fu more.

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The servants all talked behind Zhou Hanliu's back about how she must have been feeling, yet only she knew how it felt like.
She laid in her room, but she couldn't sleep; Qian Lu and Xue Fu's lovingness would appear in her head every single time she closed her eyes.
The more she thought of it, the more painful it became.
It felt like a knife twisting in her heart, and hatred was born from jealousy.
Zhou Hanliu clenched her fist.
Even the daughter of a wealthy family couldn't avoid the fate of fighting for love with another woman; thus, she decided to fight against fate.
She called a servant girl who was watering the flowers and bestowed her some silvers before asking, “I heard that the other Young Madam is also a beauty?”

“Yes, Young Madam.” The little servant replied quickly at the sight of money.
Yet, she felt it inappropriate to answer so fast, and quickly added, “Madam Hanliu, you are a beauty too.”

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“Who's prettier? Her? Or me?” It was a silly question, but all women in the world still asked about it.
Even Zhou Hanliu couldn't run away from this vulgar question.

The little servant trembled and dropped the silvers on the ground.
She immediately picked them up and replied shakingly, “Of course, you are prettier, Madam Hanliu.
You are the daughter of a wealthy family, how could she compare to you?”

Zhou Hanliu smiled.
Of course, she knew it was a lie.
Before marrying into the Qian Family, she had already heard that Qian Lu brought back an extremely enchanting woman.
Still, she just couldn't give him up.
From the day she knew that her future husband would be Qian Lu, she tried everything to get her hands on Qian Lu's portrait and asked her servants to follow and collect information about Qian Lu.
She confirmed that this man wasn't only good-looking but also morally good, so she made up her mind to marry him.
At that time, Zhou Hanliu had already put Qian Lu in her heart, although she had not met him yet.
And it was under her request that the Zhou Family insisted on the marriage.
If she couldn't marry Qian Lu and be his wife, she would lose all her purpose in life.

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