Qian Dagui was concerned about whether Zhou Hanliu was faking her madness or not, and he didn't sleep for the whole night.
Early in the morning, he ordered a servant to bring a doctor over.
The doctor felt Zhou Hanliu's pulse, he frowned and sighed, which made Qian Dagui curious, “Doctor, how is she?” 

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“There are no signs of poisoning or an irregular pulse,” The doctor stood up and walked to Qian Dagui.
He glanced back at the crazy Zhou Hanliu and continued mysteriously, “But it doesn't look like the Young Madam is faking it either.” 

“Hm,” Qian Dagui nodded and gave him fifty taels of silver.
He urged, “Thank you, Doctor.
This is for you, and please keep it down,” 

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“Thank you, Old Master Qian,” the doctor took the money and understood what Qian Dagui meant.
Everyone in town knew that the Qian and Zhou families had just had an arranged marriage, it would end badly if the Zhou Family knew that Zhou Hanliu went crazy.
He took the hush money from Qian Dagui and decided to avoid trouble from both ends. 

After the doctor left, Qian Dagui ordered all the servants to leave and sighed, “Hanliu, I know you feel wronged.
Lu'er has been inconsiderate of you ever since you married him, but is it worth pushing yourself to this state? Even if you want to push the charges on Xue Fu, you have to have proof.” 

“Father, Xue Fu is the monster! She really is a monster!” Zhou Hanliu spoke clearly but with bizarre expressions.
She looked like she was smiling and crying at the same time and looked like she was truly insane as she didn't comb her hair. 

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Qian Dagui saw that he couldn't convince Zhou Hanliu and gave up.
He left the room and saw his son looking at him by the door. 

“Father, how is she?”

“Don't pretend that you care about her,” Qian Dagui glanced at his son.
If he didn't spoil Xue Fu so much, this wouldn't have happened. 

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Qian Lu considered this as well.
He wasn't being unreasonable, he just never liked Zhou Hanliu.
He replied angrily, “Father, I wasn't being willful.
Zhou Hanliu stepped across the line.
She's out shouting Xue Fu is the monster, it's obvious that she wanted everyone to keep their distance from Xue Fu so she could achieve her goal.” 

“I know,” Qian Dagui paused.
He was afraid that Zhou Hanliu could hear what they were saying and pulled Qian Lu to the side while whispering, “Lu'er, you know how much I love you.
I'm happy as long as you like Xue Fu, but Hanliu is the Zhou Family's daughter.
Since you married her, you still have to worry about the Zhou Family.
It's not a good long-term plan for you to stay with Xue Fu all day long.
If you don't seal Hanliu's mouth, the Zhou Family will know about this sooner or later, and by then, how should I report this back to them?” 

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“I understand, but…” 

“There's no 'but'.
Go to Hanliu's room when you are free, you only have to talk with her and comfort her a little.” Qian Dagui cut off his words.
He knew that Qian Lu didn't want to go to Zhou Hanliu's room, but Qian Dagui didn't have extra energy to take care of this.
The serial killer in town was enough for him to worry about, and he also had to worry whether the killer was going to aim for his family or not. 

Qian Lu pondered and replied politely, “I understand.” 

“Go now.
For now, take a break from studying business, and deal with Xue Fu and Hanliu first.
As a man has to regulate the family and rule the state, if you can't do the former, there's no point studying further,” Qian Dagui shook his head and sighed.

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