The bad things could lead to good outcomes, and the good things could cause bad outcomes.
People died one after another in Pingshan Town, but it didn't affect the construction of the imperial residence.
People stopped caring about the dead; instead, they all looked forward to the future of nothingness, and the construction proceeded smoothly with enough money on the project.
The imperial residence was completed when the Emperor arrived.
The lavish imperial residence built from the public's money made the Emperor delighted, and he completely forgot his intention of visiting the town.
He happily summoned all the investors, including Qian Dagui, the head of the construction.
Qian Dagui was extremely pleased after receiving the Emperor's compliments, he was even happier when he heard that the Emperor summoned his family to dine with him that night.

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The Zhou Family was also invited.
Qian Dagui almost used up all his brain cells to think of an excuse for explaining Zhou Hanliu's absence, and that was because she was pregnant.
Hence, Qian Dagui only brought his son, Qian Lu, and his other daughter-in-law, Xue Fu, with him.

The night arrived; the candlelights flickered next to the pond of lotus, and the sound of bamboo flutes melodiously filled the air.
After all the officials and invited guests arrived, the Emperor made his appearance slowly with the eunuch's sharp and high voice: “His Majesty has arrived!”

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“Long live our Emperor!” The officials bowed down with everyone.

The Emperor sat in his seat high up in the room and smiled, “You may all raise.
Treat this as a normal feast.
Drink well, eat well, and chat.
There's no need to be punctilious.”

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“Thank you, Your Majesty,” Everyone responded in unison and sat down at the same time.

Toasts followed flatterings, the scholars tried to show off their talent to make the Emperor smile.
The emperor was indeed pleased and made a toast with everyone that came forward.
They rose from their seats in order, Xue Fu sat next to Qian Lu and they were the last ones.
After Qian Lu finished his blessings, Xue Fu finally stood up gracefully and spoke softly, “I don't know any poetry, but may Your Majesty enjoy boundless longevity.” Then she emptied her cup of wine.

The Emperor was astonished by her beauty.
Her skin was more beautiful and more delicate than snow, a droplet of wine slid down from the corner of her lips to her chin like a tear.
The beauty in front of him looked like a fresh lotus out of the water; no, he thought she looked even more beautiful than the flower, she was a fairy.
He forgot to control his facial expression and replied in astonishment, “You may raise, Beauty.”

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“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Xue Fu didn't look around as she sat back down.
The Emperor saw the side view of her face and clenched his fist as he had never seen such a perfect woman as her before.

The Emperor did not look away from Xue Fu during the entire feast.
Her smile and her lovingness towards Qian Lu touched the Emperor's heart.
He had everything he wanted as the Emperor, yet a beauty accompanying an ordinary man like Qian Lu made him sigh and furious.
After the guests left, he laid in his imperial residence, unable to fall asleep.

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An official saw the Emperor's intention and found Qian Dagui on the second day, politely telling him the news.
Qian Dagui almost fell to the ground when he heard the official's words.
The supreme Emperor had eyes on his daughter-in-law! She was his son's favorite, what should he do? If he refused to give Xue Fu, he would infuriate the Emperor; if he gave her in, he was taking his son's life away.
After the official left, Qian Dagui locked himself in his room, beating his chest and stamping his feet.
He had no choice but to negotiate with his son and cried, “Lu'er, everything is my fault.
I shouldn't have spent money to build that residence, and I should've never let you go with me! It's all my fault.”

“No,” Qian Lu was baffled after hearing that the Emperor had his eyes on Xue Fu.

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