In the middle of a dark night, an uninvited guest came to the Qian Residence and pushed the door slightly.
Qian Dagui looked up and widened his mouth, “You…”

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“I'm still alive, Father…” The woman smiled brightly and looked at Qian Dagui as if he was the biggest joke in the world, “But your son is dead.
What a shame.”

It wasn't the Xue Fu he once knew.
Qian Dagui shook his head and asked, “You are not Xue Fu.
Who are you?”

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“How am I not Xue Fu? I am Xue Fu, your daughter-in-law.” The woman did not look kindly at all, her face was full of fox's fierceness as if she was going to swallow someone alive.

Qian Dagui smelt blood on her and cried in alarm, “You killed those people in town?”

“That's right,” Xue Fu smiled and walked closer to Qian Dagui, “After Qian Lu fell asleep, I would go out once every three nights to kill them.
Of course, I didn't only kill them, I ate all their hearts and lungs…”

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“Why would you do that?” Qian Dagui couldn't understand why Xue Fu did such a thing, was she really like what Zhou Hanliu accused her as…
“Are you really the monster?”

“Hahahaha,” The woman laughed loudly and waved her hands, “It's too late that you found out just now.
But it wouldn't be fun if you had known earlier.
You'll be like that woman shouting that I'm a monster to everyone.
I pity you; your baby boy wouldn't believe you even if you said I'm a monster.”

Lu'er loved you so much, and the Qian Family treated you well.
You shouldn't have got him killed even if you are a monster! Don't you have any feelings at all?” Qian Dagui was shaking from fury.
He forgot that he was scared and pointed a finger at Xue Fu.

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The woman mumbled to herself after he reminded her of it, “You are right.
I shouldn't have done that.
I shouldn't have seduced the Emperor, and I shouldn't have enjoyed my time with the Emperor every night.
I shouldn't have let your precious son think that I suffered so much humiliation because of him that I sacrificed myself to protect the Qian Family.
If I didn't do that, he wouldn't have died.

“You monster!” Qian Dagui was furious at the thought of his son's death.
He raised an arm and wanted to hit Xue Fu.
When his hand was about to touch Xue Fu, he was sent flying in the air.
Qian Dagui finally felt the terror and curled up in a corner as he saw the crimson light glistening in Xue Fu's eyes; it was the symbol of a devil.
He saw a snow-white fox tail stretching out from under her dress, it was as tall as a man.
Xue Fu's emotions fluctuated more as her tail swayed more, she eventually growled, “It's all your fault! I wanted to kill everyone in town and let you die in terror, but you just had to build that imperial residence! I simply acted on the chances you gave me, or your son wouldn't have died so early! Because I wanted to play until the last moment, I want you to be scared, I want you to feel pains, I want to torture you more!”

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We have no grudges, why are you doing this to me?” Qian Dagui knew he was going to die, yet he still wanted to know why Xue Fu did this.

Xue Fu smiled and squatted down next to Qian Dagui.
She touched his chest with her paw, “It looks like you forget things easily.
Did you forget how much you wanted me? Did you forget the farmer who lived on the mountain?”

“Farmer?” Qian Dagui tried his best to recall.
The farmer on the mountain, the farmer he killed more than twenty years ago.
Qian Dagui only wanted the farmer's white fox, but the farmer would rather die than give it to him.
At that time, Qian Dagui searched around the area himself, but he couldn't find the fox anywhere.
He finally understood everything, “You are the white fox?!”

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