The deeper the love was, the happier and more painful it was to recall the memories.
Snow Fox recalled what happened in the past again, she smiled through her tears, and two droplets of red tears slid down her face and fell on the flowers.
Parrot was also upset at Snow Fox’s sadness.
She whispered, “Sister Snow Fox, I finally understand why you watch the Wangchuan River every day and do nothing else.”

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“Although it’s painful, I've lived in happiness for thousands of years now.” Snow Fox wiped away her tears and smiled beautifully.
She spent a thousand years trying to understand what love was, and Qian Lu’s love for her was already planted deep in her heart.

Parrot nodded, half understanding what she meant.
She suddenly widened her mouth when she spotted Mr.
Wangchuan standing behind Snow Fox without a smile, “Sir…”

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“You should help me if you have the time to chat around,” Mr.
Wangchuan had no expression on his face, and before he left, he glanced at Parrot and Snow Fox, who sat on the grass.

Parrot hummed naughtily and complained unhappily, “Sir must’ve had another cheater, that’s why he’s in a bad mood.”

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“Let’s go, or he will be angry at us,” Snow Fox stood up, held Parrot’s hand, and headed to the Wangquan Residence together.
After a few steps, they saw a half rotten python shamelessly staying at the Wangquan Residence.
The python curled its tail on the bamboo pole and mourned with its large, bloody mouth, “Help me, I’m begging you, help me!”

Snow Fox sighed and tried to convince him, “You should just leave, Mr.
Wangchuan won’t help you.”

“She’s right.
You asked Mr.
Wangchuan to save you, but you didn’t tell the truth.
He’s already mad.
If you don’t leave, Sister Snow Fox and I will have to throw you into the Wangchuan River.” Parrot pouted.
This had happened many times over the years; there were always souls who wanted to seek help but lied about their life stories.
Perhaps they did too many bad things, and perhaps they tried to be cunning, but Mr.
Wangchuan was too clever to be cheated on.
Wangchuan usually reminded them to tell the truth, and he only gave up on curing them when they refused to be treated.

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The rotten python looked at the two weak-looking girls and didn’t take them seriously.
It roared, “What? You two?”

“Are you thinking that we can’t make you leave?” Snow Fox smiled.
Some ignorant and stupid souls always thought so, but they didn’t know that the Shore had powers.
The Earth and Heaven were immense, but nothing could be as immensely powerful as Mr.
Wangchuan’s spiritual power.
In the Underworld, no matter how fierce the souls were, how good they were at sorcery, or how powerless they were, no one could match Snow Fox and Parrot as Mr.
Wangchuan taught and trained the two himself.

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The python nudged and smiled viciously, “By all means, give it a try.”

Snow Fox didn’t speak nor move, and Parrot skipped towards the giant snake.
Although the python was rotten and disgusting, luckily, she was already used to it.
She grabbed the python’s tail without using any strength and dragged it lightly before the python yelped and let go of the bamboo pole in pain.
Parrot dragged the python towards the Wangchuan River, not forgetting to turn around and smile at Snow Fox, “Sister Snow Fox, leave the stupid big snake to me.”

“Mhm,” Snow Fox nodded and smiled.
She had spent many years with Parrot and knew that Parrot was a kind girl.
Although Mr.
Wangchuan ordered her to throw all the souls who lied to him into the Wangchuan River, Parrot was too kind and didn’t do it.
When she handled these souls alone, she always sent them back to the other side where the Three-Life Stone lay so that the other messengers would take them instead, extremely painful punishments would be better than suffering in the Wangchuan River for eternity.

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