Snow Fox stood by the gate, and as she watched Parrot walking away, she heard Mr.
Wangchuan calling her name from the inside, “Snow Fox.”

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“Yes, Mr.
Wangchuan?” Snow Fox walked into the Wangchuan Residence slowly and saw Mr.
Wangchuan leaning on the tea table with a tight frown.
Even so, Mr.
Wangchuan was a rare beauty in the world.
His eyes were as bright as the torch, his nose was like a tall mountain, and his expressions were solemn like rivers and mountains.
When Snow Fox indulged in his beauty, Mr.
Wangchuan looked up at her earnestly.

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“I'm planning to go to the human world.”

“Sir, you are going to the human world?” Snow Fox had never seen Mr.
Wangchuan step foot outside the Shore, and she was curious about the reason that made him make this decision, “Why?”

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“A patient,” Mr.
Wangchuan picked up the scroll on the table and threw it to her.

Snow Fox knew it was the scroll that recorded down all the patients' stories and asked, “Sir?”

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“You are in charge of looking after the Wangchuan Residence while I'm gone.
If anyone comes, tell them to record their names down according to my rules and tell them to come back after a year,” Mr.
Wangchuan finished speaking and felt worried, “And you must keep an eye on Parrot, don't let her cause trouble.
We have to be careful so we don't nurture a tiger.”

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“I understand,” Snow Fox wasn't surprised to hear what Mr.
Wangchuan said.
Wangchuan was a powerful man, there was no way he didn't know what Parrot did.
He probably knew Parrot was freeing all those souls, but he just didn't stop her.

In a blink of an eye, Mr.
Wangchuan returned to his room.
His room was on the left side of the Wangchuan Residence, and Snow Fox and Parrot's rooms were on the right side.
Snow Fox sighed in relief after Mr.
Wangchuan left and sat down by the table while opening the scroll.
The scroll wasn't an ordinary object; it wasn't heavy, but it recorded so many wonders of the world.
Snow Fox had nothing to do and started scrolling through the stories.
Then she saw one story and she couldn't skip it.
Wangchuang drew a red circle with cinnabar ink around it, this symbol usually meant that the patient was not fully recovered.
What kind of illness even Mr.
Wangchuan couldn't cure? Snow Fox was curious and read it closely.

It was a story about the Yab-Yum.
The so-called Yab-Yum was a Yidam in Vajrayana of Tibetan Buddhism.
It was also known as the Yu Tian and Ai Shen, representing a man and a woman.
The man represented the active force, and the woman represented wisdom.
The sexual embrace represented the primordial union of wisdom and compassion.
It is often known as the method of a man and woman cultivating together in the mundane world.
The protagonist's name in his first life was Zhao Tianhu, a local famous evil tyrant.
He looked ominous and only did evil, he bullied the weak and was afraid of no one.
However, Zhao Tianhu was different on the inside.
Although he looked fierce that no one dared to offend him, he desired something deep inside his heart.
He did not know what he wanted until one day, he met a prostitute named Su Qing'e.
He planned to have a one-night-stand with her, but it didn't end as he expected.
After that night, he felt like he was thinking about Su Qing'e during the days and nights, but he didn't believe it was love even if someone put a knife against his throat.
Su Qing'e was the most famous lewd prostitute there.
Other girls were either forced or had no choice but to become a prostitute, but she was different.
It seemed like she was born naturally, and she even respected her job excessively.
Whether those men were rich or poor, officials or homeless, they could go into her room as long as she wanted.
They even exaggerated that because Su Qing'e was so obsessed with making love, she had to change a new wooden bed every year, Zhao Tianhu thought there was no way he'd fall in love with a woman like this.

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