Zhao Tianhu had a hard time hiding under the bed.
He heard Su Qing'e moaning, and the bed started to shake with the sounds of their enjoyment.
It made Zhao Tianhu's heart itch, wanting to kill Master Li.
But he could only dare to think about it; there was no way he could kill Master Li at the Manhong House.
He had no choice but to tolerate it.
It went on for half of the night.
Zhao Tianhu almost closed his eyes in drowsiness, and then he suddenly heard Su Qing's tender call, “Master Li? Master Li?” There was no reply.
Zhao Tianhu felt Su Qing'e panicking as her voice trembled, “Wake up, Master Li!”

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Zhao Tianhu smiled coldly.
He thought this damned Master Li was probably exhausted and faint from pleasure.
After a while, Su Qing'e parted the bed curtain and whispered to Zhao Tianhu, “Master Li is dead!”

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“What?” A clap of thunder struck his head.
Although he cursed Master Li and wished him to die early, no one would expect him to die in Su Qing'e's room.
Plus he was in the room, too; he wouldn't be able to get away if the news spread out.
He quickly climbed out and felt Master Li's breathing, it was completely stopped.
The room suddenly felt much colder, and goosebumps quickly covered his body.
The almighty Master Li was lying naked on the bed like a dead pig.

“What do we do, Brother Zhao?” Su Qing'e wore only undergarments, and her face turned ash gray.

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Zhao Tianhu dusted his hand and replied while looking at her, “What else can we do? He died in your room, and it will be a death sentence if they find out.”

“Brother Zhao, I don't want to die, you have to save me,” Su Qing'e cried.

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Her voice was too loud; Zhao Tianhu quickly covered her mouth while warning her, “Stop crying if you want to live.”

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Su Qing'e looked at Zhao Tianhu and nodded in tears.
After discussing, they decided to sneak the body out of the room and bury it in a desolated area out of town.
Zhao Tianhu's martial arts and skills came into use at a time like this.
He used the bedsheets to wrap Master Li, then tied a rope to Su Qing'e's waist.
He slowly dropped Su Qing'e down the window carrying Master Li's clothes and after she landed, she untied the rope and he dropped Master Li's body down.
Finally, he leaped out from the window.
He stole two fast horses for convenience; one horse had Master Li's body tied on its back while he and Su Qing'e rode the same horse and guided the other.

The trotting of the hoofs became distant.
An hour later, they arrived at an area far from the town.
Zhao Tianhu dug a deep hole and buried Master Li's clothes and his corpse  under the moonlight; he carefully covered it with some fallen leaves so others wouldn't notice that someone had dug through here.

On the way back, Zhao Tianhu and Su Qing'e unified their statements, and they didn't rush back to the Manhong House.
They wandered around the area; after making sure that there was no more ruckus there, Zhao Tianhu helped Su Qing'e get through the window again.
Perhaps Heaven was helping them.
Zhao Tianhu was thankful that a part of the city wall was broken.
If it weren't for the huge hole, he wouldn't be able to get past the soldiers at the wall, no matter how skillful he was.

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