The disappearance of Master Li became an uproar by noon on the following day.
The Manhong House was the first investigation location, making all the still resting girls wake up.
Officials and soldiers surrounded the place, and the brothel keeper was busy with flattering them. 

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“Master Liu, please go easy on us.
We still need to open our business at night.” 

“Give us Master Li if you want your business to open,” Master Liu swayed his fan slowly, and his glances fixed on the girls.
All the glamorous girls looked exhausted, far from the energy they showed at night. 

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The Madam was experienced and smiled, “It's true that Master Li came here yesterday, but how could you blame his vanishing on us? We always open our door for business; the guests come and go as they wish, and we never ask a thing.
Isn't it too subjective to say that we kidnapped Master Li only because he visited here yesterday?” 

“Sharp tongue, but it doesn't matter what you say.
We will seal your door if you don't give him back!” Master Li was Master Liu's teacher; he was the most powerful in status other than Master Li. 

However, he didn't know that every brothel had prominent characters supporting them behind their backs.
The owner of the brothel was reliable, even the guests here were powerful enough for the Madam to speak confidently.
She pondered for a while and asked, “And how will you investigate if we don't have him?” 

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“If so, tell us when he came last night and when he left?” Master Liu turned around and looked at the Madam, she wore all sorts of gold and silver jewelry.
Although her face was thick with makeup and lost the beauty of youth, she still looked slightly younger than most women of her age. 

The Madam smiled and pointed at the hall, “We had the Oiran gathering last night; it was already full and crowded by sunset.
Almost all the guests were here for the Oiran, and of course, Master Li was no exception.
He was here even earlier than the others, and he sat right here.” The Madam pointed at a table towards the front. 

Master Liu glanced over and asked, “And?” 

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“And, Master Li was waiting for the Oiran to throw the ball of ribbons just like all the other guests.
It was a shame that the Oiran didn't take a liking to him and gave the ball to a handsome, wealthy young master.” The Madam recalled Master Li's loneliness and wanted to laugh at him.
Although many people had the same expression, she only found his face to be exceptionally funny.
It wasn't strange, too; he often rode over others in town, and suddenly a rival defeated him.
It was as funny as it could be.
The Madam laughed because she didn't dare to do so on that day. 

“In other words, Master Li wasn't the one who spent the night with the Oiran?”

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If that's the case, why didn't he come back for the whole night?” 

“Master, did you think we only have one girl in the Manhong House? Why couldn't Master Li pick another girl he likes?” The Madam pushed Master Li to Su Qing'e intentionally because she was pretty and the only one out of all the girls who could make men faint from happiness.
Although Master Li wasn't picked for the Oiran's first night, the Madam was smart, and she didn't want to offend him because of this.

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