After Master Liu rushed outside with his men, Su Qing'e had a bad feeling and went to look for Zhao Tianhu.
When Zhao Tianhu heard that the body was found, he was extremely surprised, “How did they find it?”

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“I don't know.
They just said they found it and I came to you.” Su Qing'e bit her lips; she had no idea what would happen to Zhao Tianhu and her if they found out that they did it.

Zhao Tianhu knew murdering was a heavy crime, let alone killing a government official; there was no way they could explain themselves.
He looked at Su Qing'e without hesitation, “Our best plan is to leave straight away.”

“Leave? But where?”

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“The world is huge, let's just get out of here first.”

“But I didn't bring anything,” Su Qing'e looked at herself; she didn't even have an extra handkerchief other than the clothes she was wearing.

Zhao Tianhu pulled her by the hand and replied, “We need to get out.
If you believe me, I won't let you starve as long as I, Zhao Tianhu, am alive.”

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“Brother Zhao…” Su Qing'e was born naturally to love pleasure, and she had never seen anyone who had genuine feelings for her.
She was used to looking at fake feelings and greedy men who wanted her for their desires.
She never heard anything good, let alone the matter of life and death.
Zhao Tianhu's words indeed touched her; and she bit her lips, “I'll go with you.”

After they had made up their mind, they didn't hesitate and ran away with some money without packing anything.
They didn't greet people they knew on the streets and headed straight to the broken wall like birds in a cage that were going to fly in the sky.
But it was still too late.
Master Liu and his men caught them as soon as they left the town.
The guards surrounded them, and Master Liu walked out from the side, asking slowly, “Zhao Tianhu, Su Qing'e, where are you two going?”

We are going out for a walk.” Zhao Tianhu doubted that they could link them to the case this soon and tried to lie.

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Master Liu looked at Su Qing'e, who was hiding behind him, and asked lazily, “I'm afraid it's not that simple.”

“Ah, Master Liu, we are both men, you know what we want to do.” Zhao Tianhu knew that Master Liu once had something with Su Qing'e and found an excuse.

Master Liu heard him, and his face changed as he roared, “Know what?! Know that you two are trying to escape after killing someone?”

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“We didn't kill anyone.” Su Qing'e panicked and quickly explained, “Master Li died by himself, we didn't kill him.”

“No more explaining.
Take them back!” Master Liu lost his patience and ordered his men to tie the two up.

After the witness and evidence were brought to court, Zhao Tianhu and Su Qing'e finally realized that someone saw them burying the body last night.
That person was Chen Er, who was in charge of announcing the hours at night.
He went past the Manhong House and saw Zhao Tianhu and Su Qing'e climbing down the window.
He followed them out of curiosity, but it was too dark, and he couldn't see clearly as they were riding a horse.
When Chen Er arrived at the burial spot, Zhao Tianhu and Su Qing'e were already heading back.
After pondering for a while, he thought they might've buried something valuable there.
He dug the hole open and jumped at Master Li's body.
He was too scared and immediately reported it to the government office.

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