ession, the entire village criticised Han Yonglu to no end.

Since then, the two families have destroyed the bridge between them.

This was the case in the countryside.
Sometimes, no matter how great the grievances disputes were, they could be wiped away with a smile as time went by. 

But there were times where certain individuals could remember the smallest little things for a lifetime.
They wouldn’t speak to each other because of it, causing an eternal rift to form between the two families.

Liu Guifa wasn’t that hung up on the incident, but Han Yonglu refused to give up.
He insisted that Liu Guifa had evil intentions and wanted to starve his family to the brink of death in order to gain credit.

It was especially when Liu Guifa later became the Security Director that enforced Han Yonglu’s assumptions.

Coupled with a lot of matters occurring both intentionally or unintentionally later on, the two families naturally stopped talking.

Fortunately, they lived far from each other and were not under the same Production Team.
Hence, not talking wasn’t that much of a deal to them.

Still, now that Liu Xiuyun was involved in a matter of her own, Han Yonglu wasn’t going to let the chance slip by if he were to ever catch wind of it.

Lin Lan also felt that the situation was getting even more serious, “There isn’t any other way to go about it.
Let’s wait till my husband gets back and have him pressure Youth Chen into agreeing.
Then, they’ll get engaged and be married quickly.”

A divorced marriage would be better for the Liu family compared to getting pregnant before marriage.

Divorce, widowhood and pregnancy out of wedlock all have a chain of contempt attached to them.

In this era, unmarried pregnant women would be considered indiscreet and improper.
They would be branded as broken shoes(2) and perhaps even sentenced as one.

(T/N: Broken shoes are usually shoes that were worn by someone too many times before being thrown out.
In that sense, it refers to a woman who was impregnated by someone and then discarded)

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