ucated them, “That’s why I want you to study hard.
Knowledge is power; knowledge is wealth! Everything you want can come from your knowledge,” Towards the end of her speech, she waved her fist to strengthen her momentum.

Erwang and Maisui admired her very much.
Their mother never went to school, but after learning bits and pieces from them, she was able to handle the hygiene promotional work for the Commune members.

How amazing that was.

“Mom, you’re so cool, you’re really very cool!” The two children said excitedly, holding Lin Lan’s hand.

Lin Lan proudly said, “That’s right.
Don’t you realise that I’m studying harder than certain students? If you are educated enough, you can earn more money even without needing to work hard.”

She gave Dawang a sideways look.

Dawang, who was targeted despite not saying a thing, “…”

Sanwang giggled, “Mom is educated, father is strong and I can swim.”

Xiaowang came in, alternating his blowing on the first two notes of the harmonica, “I can play the harmonica for mom.”

Lin Lan patted his head, “Xiaowang is amazing.
We can go and publicise your skills for performances in the future.
Then, Xiaowang will play the harmonica with Teacher Huo.
When I have the time, we will go talk to Teacher Huo and ask her to teach you some techniques.”

Xiaowang looked up at Lin Lan with his beautiful big eyes, as if there were stars living in them.

Lin Lan reminded the other children, “You father won’t be coming back for dinner, so we can all start eating.
After that, do your homework.”

Han Qingsong was quite busy recently so he hardly came back for dinner.
Hence, they didn’t have to wait for him to start eating.

When the children heard that their father was not going to come home soon, most of them were relieved as they dared to chatter away while eating.

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