A-Ning could not wake up his young master who was pretending to be asleep, so he had to do the work for both of them, running around like a spinning top.
When Liu Xian’an saw this, he was very puzzled and asked him, why are you the only one shuttling back and forth when nobody else is busy?


His doubt sounded so sincere, making A-Ning want to both sulk and laugh.
Liu Xian’an stretched out his hand to call this person to his side, wiped off his sweat, and grabbed a cold fruit from the ‘altar.’ “How long are we going to be here?”

“One month, ba.” A-Ning had never participated in this sort of thing before, and only knew what he had heard from other people.
“Second Master seems to be going to a few nearby villages to give free medical treatment to the elderly, and some of the disciples will be taken away.
By then, there will be fewer people here, and the Young Master can no longer be lazy.”

Liu Xian’an lay back and reconsidered.

The disciples of Baihe Mountain Village were already used to their Second Young Master’s style.
After all, he was a lazy person that the village master beat with a stick.
He hadn’t repented even when he couldn’t marry a princess, and still lay down wherever he went.
It could be seen that this was a natural laziness and did not count as playing tricks to avoid responsibility.
Some of the disciples even wondered if this was some kind of rare disease.
Drowsiness, overthinking, absent-mindedness, plus nonsense and gibberish, the more one thought about it, the more this seemed to be the case, ah! Thus, they treated the Second Young Master with more tolerance and pity, and sometimes helped him peel fruit and then cut it into small pieces that were easy to eat.

A-Ning: “You all, don’t become so accustomed to it!”

As a result, no one listened.

Second Young Master Liu’s life as a sleeping immortal had always been pleasant.
He had nothing to do, so he drew a map of Baihe City over and over in his mind to further refine the travel route.
Everything was ready, only His Royal Highness Xiao Wang was missing.
In addition, if it was hard to find the perfect place, he felt that there should be another pagoda in the south of the city.
It didn’t have to be too high, just nine floors, so it was convenient to climb high and look into the distance to view the sunset and enjoy the lights.
On the coldest days, there might also be a little snow on top of the tower.

“Young Master, Young Master!” A-Ning waved his hand in front of his eyes.

Liu Xian’an came back to his senses: “En?”

“Young Master.” A-Ning pointed to an empty chair on the other side.
“Second Master took people to the village and will not return for three to five days.
There is also a need for a doctor here, but no one can handle it for the time being.
Why don’t you go, Young Master?”

After speaking, without waiting for Liu Xian’an to agree, he forcibly pulled him up and pressed him firmly into the chair.
The series of movements flowed smoothly, and it could be seen that he must have rehearsed it many times in his heart.
He was excited and proud that he finally had an opportunity to show others his young master’s medical skills, and couldn’t wait to find a gong to beat so that everyone from all over the world could witness it well.

But aside from him, the others on the scene were each more calm than the other.
Liu Xian’an sat down, but it was nothing more than sitting down while continuing to build his nine-story white pagoda in another place.
And when the other disciples saw that the Second Young Master was sitting in the doctor’s seat, they only thought that he was probably tired from lying down.
If he wanted to sit for a while, then just sit, ba.
In any case, the Second Master was not here and the seat was empty.

Then they continued to be busy.

Liu Xian’an propped up his head with one hand, closed his eyes halfway, and under the scorching sun, he listened to the faint sound of the wind on the mountain road.

“Hey!” Someone suddenly exclaimed in front of him after an unknown amount of time, “Are you a doctor of Baihe Mountain Village? I just heard them call you Young Master.”

Liu Xian’an opened his eyes and saw that the person interrogating him was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy.
His eyebrows were sharp and distinct, and he was dressed in blue with his hair braided in the same color decorations.
He also wore a jeweled dagger at his waist.
Dressed exquisitely and luxuriously, he didn’t look like a native of the Central Plains, but rather a wayward young master from a wealthy foreign family.

Liu Xian’an paid no mind to his rudeness, and said with a nod: “I’m a doctor.”

“My uncle is injured and can’t walk, but isn’t far ahead.” The boy continued, “Can you go take a look at him?”

“How was he hurt?”

“A fall.”

Liu Xian’an picked up a medicine box from the side: “Okay, let’s go, ba.”

The boy probably didn’t expect him to be so easy-going, so he was slightly taken aback.
When he came back to his senses, he hurried to catch up and walked side by side with him, asking with a smile: “Doctor, your medical skills should be good, right?”


“That’s great.
Hey, my name is Yun You.
Cloud Yun (云), leisurely You (悠).”

He said that it was not far ahead, but in fact, it took a long time to walk there.
It was not an official road, and the more they walked, the more deserted and overgrown with weeds it became.

Liu Xian’an wondered: “Is the patient —”

Before he could finish speaking, the bejeweled dagger hovered brightly at his throat, cutting a thin line of blood.


At the same time, another group reached the other side of the mountain.

“Your Highness.” Cheng Suyue sent someone to clean up the tea shed.
“Let’s rest here for a while.”

Gao Lin put the horses and the team in order, and when he returned, he asked in bewilderment: “Why is it that when the pedestrians and caravans come and go, everyone smells of cool ointment? Is there any plague of snakes or insects in these mountains to drive away?”

“That isn’t the case,” the proprietress of the tea shed said as she worked.
“The ointment is used to cool down the heat.
I also have two boxes here.
If the guests have a need, please feel free to use it.
The disciples of Baihe Mountain Village are giving it out for free on the mountain now to anyone who wants it.
If you have a headache or fever, you can ask them to take a look.”

“So it’s Baihe Mountain Village,” Cheng Suyue said with a smile.
“We happen to have reason to visit Second Young Master Liu, but he shouldn’t have anything to do with these trivial matters, right?”

“Village Master Liu didn’t come, but the Second Master did.
There was also a young master, but I don’t know which one,” the proprietress said.
“It is said that he is tired and sick, lying there all day long. Ai, my heart hurts for him.”

The corners of Liang Shu’s mouth rose.

Cheng Suyue also guessed that it was Liu Xian’an, so she immediately tugged her sleeves flat.
After tugging, she was worried that her elder brother and the prince would make fun of her, so she glanced over calmly, only to find that the prince had already strode out of the tea shed.
She hurriedly followed: “The tea hasn’t been served yet, are we leaving now?”

“What are you doing, come back!” Gao Lin blocked his sister.
“The prince wants to change clothes.”

Cheng Suyue was extremely puzzled.
What kind of clothes should he change into in broad daylight?

But Gao Lin thought this was very reasonable, because just now, the proprietress of the tea shed said that the people of Baihe Mountain VIllage were distributing medicine on the mountain, and the Second Master was also there.
The prince naturally had to appear in splendid attire, so that he could best demonstrate his sincerity in asking Third Young Lady Liu to marry him.

Cheng Suyue lowered her voice: “But the prince doesn’t intend to marry her.”

Gao Lin pointed back at the group of strong men from the Imperial court.
Our prince may not intend to marry, but must we not show our sincerity to the emperor’s people? All right, hurry up and drink your tea.

Cheng Suyue: “Oh.”

Liang Shu’s attire this time was really very grand.
If he was an ordinary man, the clothes would likely overshadow the man himself.
As he walked like a steamer of gold and jade, Cheng Suyue watched with emotion.
When the prince was not killing people or getting covered in blood, he was really good-looking, noble and handsome.
It would be simply priceless were he to stand with Second Young Master Liu, a feast on earth.

Gao Lin patted her on the head: “I see you have a problem with making accurate descriptions.
Go back and study a little more, and stop trying to be eloquent.
Let’s go.”

The team got back on the road.
His Royal Highness Xiao Wang was riding a horse in gold and precious jade, attracting everyone’s attention.
Anyone who came and went had to turn around and take a second look.
Nobody knew his identity, so some enthusiastic and good-natured merchants laughed loudly: “This young master is so neatly dressed, is he going to propose marriage or just meet his sweetheart?”

Liang Shu smiled: “Going to drink with two friends.”

“We don’t believe you would wear such attire just for a drink.”

“That’s right, when I got married, my husband wasn’t even so well-dressed.”

“Come on, ba, how can your husband compare with others?”

People chattered and laughed one after another.
Cheng Suyue laughed too, then couldn’t help but think, this was all within the territory of Dayan, but there was a huge difference between traveling the road to Baihe City and the road to Wanli Escort Bureau.
One was like a rich and stable man marrying a daughter-in-law, and the other was like living and starving in exile.

When could everyone be happy?

While she was absent-minded, a group of people came running from up ahead.
The servant at the head looked very familiar, and Cheng Suyue’s eyes lit up: “A-Ning!”

“Cheng-guniang, Cheng-guniang, Your Highness!” A-Ning seemed to have seen a savior, and ran over, panting.
“My family’s young master is lost!”

Liang Shu’s eyebrows twitched: “Lost?”

“Yes, ah, everyone is looking for him now.” A-Ning seemed to have already cried anxiously once.
“We went to fetch some medicine, and when we returned, the young master had disappeared.
We don’t know if he got lost on the mountain or something else happened.
All the disciples have gone to find him, and there is also enthusiastic help from some merchants, but it has been almost two hours and there is still no news.”

“Go and mobilize the nearby troops.” Liang Shu didn’t waste time asking more questions, turning around to tell Gao Lin, “Seal all the exits.”


Cheng Suyue paused.
Closing the mountain……the prince suspected that Second Young Master Liu was kidnapped?

He was indeed kidnapped.

Liu Xian’an was blindfolded and stuffed into a cramped carriage that creaked along for an unknown amount of time.
Finally, he saw light again, but it turned out to be a cave with a very narrow entrance and a very spacious inside.

There was a thin mattress on the floor, upon which sat a man in a silver mask.
Only his pale lips could be clearly seen.

Liu Xian’an asked: “Is this the patient?”

“Yes.” Yun You turned the dagger in his hand.
“He is my little uncle.
Because he did not practice properly in his early years, he hurt his body.
If you can cure him, those jewels and gold in the corner will be yours.
If you cannot, I will kill you.”

Liu Xian’an said: “That is also fine.”

Yun You didn’t understand: “What do you mean by ‘also fine?’”

Liu Xian’an didn’t answer, because he was too lazy to answer, and just felt the man’s pulse.
It was chaotic and disordered, so he said: “I can give it a try, but his pulse is not quite the same as what is written in the books.
I have never treated this kind of disease before, so I can’t guarantee it will be effective.”

“No matter, I believe in the skills of Baihe Mountain Village.” Yun You sat beside him.
“You just treat him as if it is your own life on the line.
Anyway, if you can’t cure him, you really will die.”

Liu Xian’an felt his pulse again, and it was still very chaotic.
He frowned and thought hard.

Perhaps because he had been thinking for too long, the masked man who had been silent all this time finally said: “Is it very difficult?”

“It’s hard to say.” Liu Xian’an rolled up his sleeves.
“I’ll give it a try.”

“Wait!” Yun You stopped him.
“Tell me first, can you diagnose my little uncle’s illness?”

Liu Xian’an replied: “I can’t.
His pulse is extremely complicated, and I can’t find any clues at all.”

“Then how can you give it a try!” Yun You angrily pointed the dagger at him.
“Don’t put on an act, Baihe Mountain Village can even save the dead, I know your level of skill! What is your name, is it Liu Xianche?”

“Liu Xianche is my older brother.”

“Then you……” Hearing the words ‘older brother,’ the boy suddenly had an ominous premonition.

“Liu Xian’an.”

This ignorant and incompetent name was too shocking.
Yun You’s vision almost went dark, and he stood up and looked at him in disbelief: “Don’t you sleep at home all day long? Why did you run out?”

Liu Xian’an replied: “I really didn’t want to come out either, but my dad insisted.”

Yun You was short of breath.
He knew that this person would rather jump into a lake than read a book and couldn’t cure a fart.
No wonder it took so much effort to read a pulse, and he dared to treat someone without knowing the disease!

Liu Xian’an reminded him: “Your little uncle is seriously ill and needs to be treated as soon as possible.”

“You shut up!” Yun You’s face was full of murderous intent.
“Since you’re useless, I can’t be bothered to listen to your nonsense.
It’s better to kill you!”

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