Liu Hengchang ran to the waterside pavilion for two days in a row, and only then did he understand the thick pile of medical records written by Liu Xian’an.
He comprehended it with great difficulty, and regarded his family’s Second Young Master as an immortal doctor in his heart.
He thought to himself, how can there be such a free and unrestrained person? Dissolute and informal by nature, he never formed secular friendships, but had a secret friendship with the supreme commander of the entire dynasty.

He judged that His Royal Highness Xiao Wang also admired the young master very much, otherwise he would not have sat in the waterside courtyard for an entire afternoon, closing his eyes to listen to the sounds of nature, his expression smoothing out in relaxation.
Didn’t that just happen to be the rumored, “Every time a song is played, Zhong Ziqi always enjoys it?”[1] A-Chang insisted on picking out a bit of bosom friendship from it, and felt very moved.

With the cooperation of Liu Hengchang and Master Liu, the plan went smoothly.
At first, people only found that A-Chang had suddenly disappeared.
It didn’t seem as if he was taken away temporarily, and left a lot of work without anyone to take care of it.
They all ran to ask after Young Master Feng, but the answers they received were all very vague and secretive.
With worldly affairs, sometimes it was worse to cover them up than to spread the word.
The more it was covered up, the more people were incited to investigate, so there was soon word that A-Chang had embezzled a lot of money for himself through purchasing medicinal materials in the past few years.
This time, the matter of the wild black dates was discovered, so he was exiled.

Everyone sighed.
How could such an obviously hard-working young man be so short-sighted?

But once they had sighed, it was over.
It was time to keep busy.
Patients from all over the country were still waiting to see a doctor, and for the disciples of Baihe Mountain Village, even life and death were just a fleeting moment, let alone which people stayed or left.

Liu Hengchang, carrying a pack on his back, left Baihe City alone on a horse.

Black clouds roiled in the distance, full of thunder.


Compared to letting A-Chang go, the Master of the Village appeared to be much more entangled by the fact that His Royal Highness Xiao Wang wanted to take away his second son.
It seemed like a lot of trouble, and Liu-furen did not want to agree.
She had wanted him to be more active previously, but this time he was almost killed by kidnappers when he went out.
What parents could rest assured?

Going to Wangcheng, not to mention the long journey, he might have to see the princess again after going there.
Liu-furen was full of worries: “You and I are both clear on Xian’an’s temperament.
If the princess wants to marry him, he will most likely say “that’s also fine,” but how can he be an Imperial son-in-law? There are so many rules in the royal family, who would allow him to lie down all day long?”

And the Master of the Village was also very perplexed.
There was nobody in the country who didn’t know that His Royal Highness Xiao Wang was busy with military affairs, so he should have no time to travel around the jianghu – to be honest, he might even need a sedan chair to carry his son while traveling the jianghu, so why did he insist on taking him along?

The couple discussed for a long time without uncovering the reason, but the result of the discussion was that it was best for him not to go to Wangcheng.

So Liu-furen personally went to the waterside pavilion, wanting to instruct her son to pretend to be sick.
However, upon entering the door, she saw several drawings of carriages laid out on the table, each of which looked more luxurious than the other.
A-Ning was busy making a luggage list, which was so long that it looked like he intended to empty the waterside pavilion of all belongings.

Liu Xian’an had a piece of dried fruit in his mouth.
He had talked so much with A-Chang a few days ago and his throat was a bit uncomfortable, but from Liu-furen’s point of view, this posture of lying on the bed and eating fruit was truly too lazy for words.
She was so anxious that she sat on the edge of the bed and held his hand with worry and care, saying: “I should have arranged a wife for you earlier.”

Liu Xian’an replied: “That’s also fine, ba.”

Liu-furen laughed angrily: “Anyone would be fine?”

Liu Xian’an licked the plum pit with the tip of his tongue: “Anyone is fine.”

Liang Shu’s footsteps stopped outside the gate of the water pavilion.

“If you want to marry a wife, you have to be diligent, otherwise wouldn’t it be a disaster for other families’ girls?” 

Liu-furen asked A-Ning to bring a cushion and put it behind his waist.

Liu Xian’an explained: “It’s not that I want to marry a wife, it’s that I can marry a wife, but I don’t want to.”

Ignoring his nonsense, Liu-furen continued to ask: “After getting married, will you just lie down like this?”

Liu Xian’an replied, we can also lie down together.

Liu-furen imagined such a scene and her brain nearly burst.
In fact, when she sought out her son, she had already prepared a few good marriages and wanted to discuss them with him so as to save him from being wanted by others.
Although Second Young Master Liu was renowned for his laziness, it couldn’t be helped that he looked really good.
His character was not too twisted or distorted, and there was still Baihe Mountain Village, so there were many well-matched ladies who were willing to marry him. 

But now, Liu-furen thought it was better to forget it, ba.
A son who couldn’t control himself well, how could his wife be expected to control him? She feared that in the end, there would only be resentment, so she just said: “For what reason does the prince want to take you to the royal city this time?”

“It’s not a big deal,” Liu Xian’an said.
“It’s just that I always had a headache a few days ago, and staying with the prince will make me feel much more comfortable.”

Liu-furen gave him a swat: “Nonsense, why didn’t you tell your father about your headaches? The prince is not a doctor, how could he heal your illness?”

Liu Xian’an sat up a little, and originally wanted to explain, but when he thought that to explain, he would have to reopen that vast and folding world in his mind and then describe it in a way that ordinary people could understand, he immediately felt very tired, ah. It was really too tiring, and completely unnecessary, so he lay back down again and gave a perfunctory: “En.”

Liu-furen asked: “How does the prince heal your illness?”

Liu Xian’an replied: “He makes me talk a lot.”

This sort of therapy would be unbelievable when a normal person heard it, and Liu-furen was even more disbelieving.
She decided that her son was too lazy to speak and was talking nonsense.
Liu Xian’an also didn’t make any excuses.
He was originally just being lazy, so he pulled the blanket over his head and straightforwardly pretended to be asleep.
He had often used this trick as a child, and it was still effective now.
Liu-furen laughed angrily: “How old are you? If your father saw this, he would beat you again.”

Second Young Master Liu thought to himself, then I will want to go to Wangcheng even more.

Liu-furen tried hard to persuade her son for a long time, but failed in the end.
Instead, she grew tired of hearing him say a bunch of nonsense.
She still wanted to say a few more words, but A-Ning warned her in a low voice: “Madam, the prince is here.”

Liang Shu stepped through the courtyard gate.
Liu-furen stood up and saluted, and her chest felt even tighter when she looked at this ancestor who was still lying down.
With this sort of courtesy, how could he go to the royal city?

She simply expressed to the prince herself that she hoped to keep her son in Baihe Mountain Village.
In order to make all this more reasonable, she was forced to find a job for him, so she only said that her eldest son was short of manpower and she had to send the younger son to help.

Before Liang Shu could express his opinion, Liu Xian’an began to have a headache when hearing this.
This was mainly because his eldest brother was so serious that he rarely smiled.
Standing there, he looked like a big statue of Buddha, his whole being filled with the mission to save the world’s common people.
Liang Shu felt that Liu Xian’an could become an immortal anytime and anywhere, but in the eyes of the rest of Dayan’s population, the real immoral of Baihe Mountain Village should be Liu Xianche.
Everyone respected and adored him very much.
The most outrageous rumor was that a chair touched by the First Young Master could cure diseases.

When he was growing up, Liu Xian’an received a lot of blows from his older brother.
He could take a life-or-death situation lightly, and felt that it was better than being beaten or eating a few meals less.
Fortunately, Liang Shu did not intend to leave him here to marry anyone casually.
He found a far-fetched excuse of “we were like old friends at first sight,” and insisted on taking him into his own hands.

Liu-furen was greatly distressed, and upon returning to her own residence, she released half a year’s worth of sighs to her husband.
This…..there was an enormous difference between the two people.
From temperament to attitude, there was nothing that could match.
How did they suddenly become “old friends?” Where did “friends” come from, what kind of “friends?”

There was nothing Liu Fushu could do. 

Liu Xian’an, however, was happy.
A-Ning was also happy, not because he was going out to play, but because he felt that when his young master was staying in the village, everyone regarded him as a lazy rice weevil.
Although there were many people who loved and took care of him, that was not the real young master, ah! On the contrary, when he was with the prince, although he was a little tired, the young master always shined as a doctor.
Everyone also respected him and relied on him from the bottom of their hearts, as was right.

Liu Xian’an did not quite agree with this view, and felt that the “him” everywhere was the real “him.” Thus, he patted the boy’s head and carefully taught him the functions of “useful” and “useless.” On A-Ning’s side, he gave a noncommittal “En, en, yes, yes,” while lying by the carriage window and enjoying the outside breeze.

His Royal Highness Xiao Wang had sent someone to buy this new carriage, and it was really big, ah.

It was so big that Second Young Master Liu could lie down either sideways or upright, and sometimes the prince would come in and lie down with him.
At such times, A-Ning would run out and sit next to the coachman, and drive together for a while.

Then the boy discovered that the farther they were from Baihe City, the more frequently he would drive.

Liu Xian’an asked: “How is it on A-Chang’s end?”

“Yun You hasn’t come to the door yet, but we have already released the news.
For them, A-Chang is currently their only option – a wandering doctor from Baihe Mountain Village is like fatty meat in the eyes of a pack of wolves.
There is no reason for them to let him go.” Liang Shu said, “Once there is movement, A-Yue will send news back as soon as possible.”

Liu Xian’an nodded.
Although autumn had recently come, the weather was still hot, especially during the daytime.
The sun made people feel drowsy, and he started to doze off without saying a word.

Liang Shu picked up a piece of dried fruit, thought for a moment, and then swallowed it himself and tapped the other party with his fingers: “You have nothing to do, are you not ready to rebuild your world?”

Liu Xian’an made excuses and dawdled: “Headache.”

“I’ll call you out if you have a headache,” Liang Shu said.
“Otherwise, if you keep it locked up without touching it, those old white-bearded men will all starve to death —” Having said that, he felt that them starving to death would be less of a hassle and could be considered a happy event, so he changed the analogy, “If you keep them locked up, those white-bearded old men will go crazy and start running around, and I can’t help you catch them.” Therefore, it was better to get it organized early, and stuff them into magnificent buildings and palaces one by one.

Liu Xian’an forced himself to sit up, and after thinking for a while, he began to frown.
Liang Shu sat closer to him, and the sandalwood fragrance on his body was heavy and fragrant, with similar effects to tranquilizing medicine. 

“It’s not urgent, take your time.”

This voice reached the ears of Second Young Master Liu, and in a daze, he saw His Royal Highness Xiao Wang in another world.

Holding his long sword and leaning against a magnificent palace, he impatiently commanded all the ancient sages to line up neatly.
No one was allowed to run around.
Raising his eyes to watch from a distance, everything was neat and proper in all directions, even more orderly than the army in the desert.

Liu Xian’an thought in shock, so amazing, ah!

[1] This is taken from the story of a friendship between two ancient people, Zhong Ziqi and Bo Ya.
It was said that their friendship was so great that every time Bo Ya played his zither, Zhong Ziqi immediately grasped the meaning he was trying to convey with the tune. ⮐

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