complex. When the child saw him, he called ‘daddy’. 


Lu Yicheng thought it was a child’s prank until the child took out a pocket watch. 


This pocket watch is a relic of Lu Yicheng’s grandma.
Lu Yicheng clearly remembered that he had placed the pocket watch in the innermost part of a storage box at his house.
He took the child home with him and searched the whole house, but he couldn’t find the pocket watch.


From then on, Lu Yicheng realized that something was wrong. The pocket watch in the child’s hand is indeed his grandmother’s relic. It’s just that, unlike what he remembered, there was a photo embedded in this pocket watch. 


The photo is of a family of three. The man has a clear face, wears thin-rimmed glasses, and is mature and steady. 


The woman’s long hair is slightly curly, bright, and beautiful, like a red rose in full bloom.
Her eyebrows and eyes are curved, and the corners of her lips are slightly raised.
She is really gorgeous. 


The child in the middle is about three years old, with a chubby face, wearing a custom-made mini suit and a bow tie, and with bright eyes.
He is handsome and cute. 


They look like a very happy family of three. 


But here comes the problem…    


The man in the photo looks very familiar; he looks exactly like him, but without his youthfulness.    


The woman in the photo is not unfamiliar to him either.    


This five-year-old is not your usual.
He is quick-witted and clever.
Lu Yicheng managed to obtain a lot of information from him.
The child could clearly recite his parents’ names, phone numbers, workplaces, and even his ID card number. 


Ask him how he got here?    


The child also complained and said, “Dad does not know the matter; how could I know? Anyway, I played hide-and-seek with Min.
I hid secretly in my closet.
Min never found me.
I came out of the closet; I saw you, Dad!”


“No, it’s Dad without glasses.”    


“Daddy, why aren’t we home yet?”    


“Did Mom kick you out again?”    


Lu Yicheng vaguely guessed the truth of the matter.    


However, there is still a final formality to be confirmed.    


He didn’t know what was going on with him, but he believed what the little fat man said, and took some money to get a paternity test.    


The result of the paternity test reported that he and the child were really father and son.     


Who can tell him how he has a five-year-old son at the age of twenty?

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